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Enouement- 6

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 1441

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, maybe language and violence?

Author’s Note: Man.

Master   Part 5

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Bucky inhaled sharply, the cold night air permeating his lungs. He ached, his ribcage too tight around his heart as he slowly, reluctantly, made his way from the street, the headlights of his Tahoe flickering off, toward the front door. It was ominous, the tiny glass pane showing that the lights inside were off. He stopped in front of it, staring at the smooth white wood. His throat was thick with regret and he slid the key into the lock, eyes closing as the sound of the tumblers turning seemed to resonate down the whole street.

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Clarity (Damian)

Requested by @frostbite883 (I hope you like it!)

Summary: Damian needs to get away to think about things, so he goes to the first place he can think of.

Warning(s): A Very Small Dash of Angst, Very Slight Comic Spoilers

The cool night air whipped through his locks while the whirring of the motorbike helped drown out the adolescent’s overactive mind. Although it didn’t help for long - the racing thoughts screamed at him over the outside noise.  The traffic light ahead of him changed yellow, then red. Usually Damian would race through without a second thought, yet he found himself stopped, staring ahead blankly as the stream of cars that had been waiting at the perpendicular crossings buzzed to their destinations.

Family. In the traditional sense, he had no idea what it meant, but during his time in Gotham he came to mold the word into his own definition. To him, it meant a small - very small - group of people that he trusted and expected them to trust him as well. Apparently those ideals didn’t hold true for those he considered family - specifically his father. Damian couldn’t fathom how withholding facts from his son, his partner, could be beneficial in any conceivable way.

Did his father merely think he, or the rest of the family members, couldn’t be of any assistance? Was it yet another fruitless attempt to keep the people he “cared” about safe? As if that ever actually worked.

Five or more heads were better than one, even if Drake’s was included in that count as well. Not to mention the family deserved the right to know what was going on in Gotham. Especially if it concerned that the Joker may have cracked all of their true identities. Of course the possibility was always in the back of everyone’s mind - wondering if the manic knew or not. But now, now that evidence was suggesting so, they deserved to know right away, primarily the ones that didn’t reside in the mansion.

However, it was obvious living in the mansion did nothing, meant nothing, in regards to protection and security. Each and every one of them were so easily persuaded when their father lied boldly straight to their faces. Maybe if Batman had just admitted for once that he required help… Damian paused in his thoughts, would he have asked for help in that situation? He shook his head, of course he would have, especially if Pennyworth’s life, and his sibling’s lives, depended on it, considering then maybe they would have all been anticipating their captures.

A car behind him beeped obnoxiously, forcing Damian to momentarily snap out of his deep trance. His head lifted up and sure enough the light was green once more. Before he could even press on the gas the car honked again, causing a grumble to fall from his mouth. Without further hesitation he whizzed off, his BatCycle practically driving itself to the all-too-familiar location as his mind wandered back into his thoughts.

Deep down he knew those weren’t the only reason he was upset. For once, he just wished someone viewed him as an equal. Rather than being a subordinate, a puppet to order around to do the dirty work, or someone who had to be supervised because he was considered “a loose cannon.” For a while, he obeyed quickly, accomplishing his task above and beyond expectations, but it never got him anywhere.

The only time he felt somewhat equal was when working with his adoptive siblings. They all seemed to have a mutual understanding as to what cause they were fighting for and how it felt to work under the Batman. Though, even they felt he had to be watched and heavily restricted in order to prevent him from overstepping any moral boundary the Batman already instilled into them. Nevertheless, if he wanted to seek one of his siblings out to work side by side with them, they all were debatably equal in anger with Damian over their father that it would make for an unproductive duo.

Instead, he took himself, rather subconsciously, to the only other place he could think of - the Titan’s Tower. The motorbike’s noise slowly died down while Damian decelerated once inside the garage on Titan’s Island. He kicked the kickstand into place before grabbing the small backpack holding his belongings.

Making his way across the parking lot he raked a hand through his wind tossed hair, thoughts of his father creeping into his psyche yet again. Damian’s convinced Bruce only does it for the adrenaline rush, to make sure he feels something. Why else would he keep his most deadly and dangerous foes alive? Simply all for the challenges they pose for him. The Batman just likes to be challenged. Racing against the clock, trying to figure puzzles out, all while his family and loved one’s lives are on the line. And if one of them happen to die? Well, it was all part of the challenge, all part of the game.

Except this wasn’t a game to everyone else. This was real life, Damian’s life, Drake’s life, Todd’s [second] life, and so on. But they were all just pawns. Batman didn’t need a “sidekick.” Why else would he not ask any of the several he’s had for help? They simply added to the challenge, making it harder and tougher for Bruce to solve the cases while he was training them. Well, Damian refused to be apart of his stupid game anymore. He wasn’t going to stand around and wait to be kidnapped again while Batman waits to go on another date with the Joker.

The door to the main room slid open and immediately all eyes were on Robin. His usual scowl on his face faded as the reason for his arrival reminded him that he needed this - needed to stay here. A slight awkwardness fell over them all before smiles spread across a few of the faces around the room.

“I,” He paused, mulling over how he wanted to word everything, “I would like to stay here for a while… If that’s alright with all of you…” He held his breath for a moment before he was greeted with a chorus of “Yes!” and “Of course.” from the more outgoing members while the others nodded in approval. Damian nodded curtly in thanks, turning to head for the room designated for him, before Cassie gently placed a hand on his shoulder.

He turned to the Wonder Girl with a raised eyebrow, “Is everything alright?” She questioned softly, not wanting to push him.

“I’m infuriated at father, I don’t want to see him for the foreseeable future. And maybe beyond that.” Damian explained simply, his plain expression slightly tugging into a scowl against his wishes at the thought of the circumstances.

Cassie frowned slightly as Damian made his way up to his room. All the Titan’s could in some way relate to the feelings they assumed Damian was feeling. Each of them, in some form or other, had to deal with parental relationship strain at one point in their lives, especially considering the certain “extracurricular” activities they chose to participate in. Though none of them ever expected that the son of Batman would be showing up there asking to stay. Out of all the Titans, save for a couple, they assumed Damian was the one who had the best relationship with his father.

The next morning everyone was unusually lively as the group of young superheroes used their array of powers to gather their materials for breakfast. Wonder Girl flew over the other’s heads as she grabbed the cereal from the cabinet, Impulse whizzed around the others for the milk carton. Raven possessed objects to float over to her while Beast Boy slithered around them in the form of a snake.

Damian watched from where he sat eating next to Ravager, who had the foresight [pun intended] to avoid the bustle around the cabinets and fridge. The more awake members gathered their breakfasts firsts and joined the two at the quaint table. Superboy stood in front of the stove, mindlessly waiting for his scrambled eggs to slowly cook before Bart suddenly appeared next to him, leaning his back onto the counter next to the stove.

“So, Conner,” Bart started before he lowered his voice to a whisper, a faint smirk of curiosity on his face, “What do you think would make Damian this angry at Bruce?”

Conner looked to Bart from the corner of his eyes and heaved a sigh before shrugging, “I don’t know. But must be pretty bad…” He looked back to his eggs, pushing the white and yellow substance around, a pang of familiarity hitting him as he thought to how distraught Damian looked the previous night, relating it to his own parental issues, or lack thereof.

The Field by Gimmie

[1625w | General]

When he turned back to the field, he zoned in on the sudden appearance of Derek Hale, being led by the hand toward the meadow. He looked hesitant, but the girl was smiling with her head tilted and persuading him, pulling him along. Stiles stopped eating, stopped breathing, and stared as the older boy that he always noticed, as if he had a radar that could detect his presence, was finally led onto the field. The delay was not for lack of trying by the human girls of Beacon Hills High.

Stiles had been dreading this day for years.

Note: Here’s my first rec that’s over the set limit (just over 700 kudos), but I just love this one so fucking much, okay? TvT (It’s actually the one I had in mind when I made the ‘I may, occasionally, rec something over the limit’ caveat.)

It involves a mating run at school where werewolves chase the person they want to be their mate, but only if the person decides to step onto ‘the field’ of their own accord. And maybe, just maybe, Derek’s waiting for a certain someone to gather the courage ;^) Fluffy goodness!

ok listen literally im gonna be a mess the first time i have sex bc like…..i probably won’t be able to stop staring for a really long time like catch my ass freezing bc holy cow a beautiful girl is naked in front of me like there won’t be enough time in the world for me to be able to take that in

Distance Disturbs Me--scifell

idk what else to call it. and I thought it was a lot shorter than it is, and I haven’t re read it,,,,,and its just a buncha events with no huge climax. mmmm yes good.

I kinda just wanted to write a long distance relationship fic

warning: minor angst

Before you read, consider this: its the future and lame general technology cameras are much better. That is all.

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Dating Björn would include:
His perspective:
- Being constantly worried about you.
- Forbidding you to go on a raid with him because he is afraid of losing you.
- Praying to the gods he’ll have you forever.
- Loving you for your body but most for your soul.
- Being detached to you in public because he has to radiate authority.
- But making it up to you when you are alone.
- Can’t stop staring at you even when you’re on the other side of the room.
- Secretly being very proud of you being his.
- Not to mention how protective he is towards you.
- Making love to eachother on the most exciting places.

Your perspective:
- You braiding his hair and wrapping his tail because he can’t do it himself.
- Always feeling protected when he is nearby.
- Missing him tremendous when he’s on a raid.
- Receiving a small, swift kiss on your hair when he passes you in public.
- Taking care of him when he’s aching about all the people he lost.
- Reassure him you’ll be his forever and he won’t lose you.
- Taking long baths together and making love in the water.
- Sleeping with his clothes when he’s gone and you miss him.
- Everyone respecting you because you’re the SO from Ragnar Lothbrok’s son.
- Other men will stay out of your vicinage out of fear what Björn will do to them.

Some more MMPR 2017 headcanons and you cannot fucking stop me.

Some headcanon discussions i’ve had with @waltersandmurdock

  • As well as being 5′0, Trini has teeny hands and the team love to tease her about it, calling her ‘kitten-hands’ which leads to them being thrown to the ground. 
  • Surprisingly, Kim is the worst when it comes to swearing. Girl has a very bad mouth. 
  • She’s also taken her master Queen Bee shit-talking skills and applied it to her ranger duties. She made Rita cry.
  • Alternatively, Jason does not swear. Like, at all.
  • He grew up in a very christian house-hold so swearing was off limits. He says things like ‘Gosh Darn it.’ and ‘That just boils my parsnips!’
  • When he does swear, everyone will stop and stare at him, mouths gaping open.
  • Billy: You know you fucked up when Jason says a swear word.
  • The team are really, really protective of Trini? Not only is she the youngest (only by a couple months), but they know Rita targets her constantly because she’s deemed Trini the weakest link. 
  • So whenever Rita targets Trini, they immediately form the safety sphere around her because no green crystal candy alien bitch is ever hurting Trini and getting the fuck away with it. 
  • Sometimes hours before they’re dropped into battle in their zords, The team will just lounge in the cockpits of their zords, doing their nails, reading magazines stashed away under the seats.
  • Or in billy’s case, do his god damn homework like the nerd he is.
  • Billy manages to set up a mini radio station that plays music through the zords so sometimes during battle in the zords very fitting battle music will play.
  • Sometimes the team get to pick what they listen to. Someone picks Avril Lavigne (Spoilers, it’s Zack)
  • Jason and Trini are tied for most cuddliest in the team and Billy is designated little spoon. 
  • For someone who axed her hair with a pair of school scissors, Kim is weirdly good with giving undercuts.

Destiel + Prolonged Eye Contact

Bonus (the longest eye contact to ever happen):


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.