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I really don't get why some people don't want malec sex I mean they're both adults in a relationship and they can do what they want, this isn't just a one night stand they're endgame but even if they weren't what is the problem?and alec maybe innocent because he is a virgin but we all saw the thirst and attraction he feels for magnus ever since their first meeting people really need to stop thinking he is some sort of pure child beacuse new flas alec is wild as hell and has sexual desires too

Say it louder for the people in the back, Anon.

Preference "How they react to you being oblivious to sex noises coming from the other room"

(Yay for our fave thinking we’re innocent :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :) Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d burst out into laughter uncontrollably and just wonder if you’re being serious. He wouldn’t believe how oblivious you could be and scoot closer to ask questions that would slowly make you realize what was happening in the next room, only to smirk once you’d catch on and suggest some plans.

Daryl-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d at first not understand the situation as well, only to laugh as he’d catch on. He’d laugh so genuinely, you wouldn’t understand as to what you had said was funny but just smile to hear him that way. As he’d turn to catch you smiling, he’d ruffle your hair and just pull you in a tight hug, teasing you for being so clueless.

Rick-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d chuckle and just find the situation to be a rather funny one. He’d turn away to avoid laughing even more and just try to get you to go back to sleep, only for to get curious and repeat yourself, making him burst into laughter. Even more when he feels you shaking him to get him to speak.

Merle-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d think you were being sarcastic and turn to look at you in the eyes. He’d ask you to stop fooling around like that and start to jokingly accuse you of acting that way just to get his attention, only to gladly give it to you as he’d approach closer to press his lips to yours and start to touch you.

Glenn-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d be confused and would just nervously laugh. He’d wonder if you were being serious and start to ask you about it, only to let it slip up that sometimes you tend to make noises like that, making you self conscious and realize the situation.

Carl-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d realize how actually more mature he is then you and just smirk to himself. He’d then try to make you figure it out by giving you hints, only to end up getting to shy and just giving up. He’d turn away to try and get some sleep, only to end up blurting it out to you as you’d keep egging him on.

The Governor-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d give you a stern look and shake his head in disbelief. He’d bring you closer to him and whisper in your ear about how you need to stop acting so innocent with him around, as he’d gladly make you dirty. As you would still not catch on to any of it, he’d end up touching you, making you moan.

Abraham-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d clap his hands and shake his head, while laughing at you. He’d find it unbelievable that you would be this oblivious and would just be lost in his thoughts on how hilarious you were being, ignoring you as you’re shaking him to make him stop mocking you.

Eugene-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d explain to you matter a factly as to what was going on and who and who were getting it on. He’d prop himself up to look you in the eyes and just explain to you with a serious tone as to what was happening, embarrassing you rather quickly.

Ron-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d feel the same as you except he’d be rather pissed about it. He’d want you to get your proper sleep and think it was unfair for you to have to hear all of it. He’d reach to hold your hand and simply tell you to give him a moment, only to walk over and tell them to tone it down.

Jesus-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d think you were joking and get it on it with you with his comments, all while being sarcastic about it. He’d agree with you in a rather mocking tone, thinking you were saying all those comments just to have someone to talk to at night, not for once taking you seriously.

Dwight-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d think you were joking and smirk to himself, thinking he understands what you mean. He’d turn to your side of the bed and stare at you in the eyes, looking at you as if trying to make you understand the situation next door, only to end up chuckling and press his lips to yours, thinking this is what you wanted.

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Rated: Mature

You were running a late for your date with Jaewon. It just took a little longer to get ready then you thought it would. You didn’t count on you changing your outfit some many times, but you finally decided on a simple black dress. He wouldn’t tell you what he had planned and you figured that was the safest outfit.

As you reached the restaurant you saw your boyfriend impatiently looking at his phone. “Sorry I’m late” you panted a bit, after your little sprint from the train station.

He released a relieved sigh before pulling you into a hug. “It’s fine…” he pecked your lips. “You look good jagiya, I guess it was worth the wait” He led you inside as the hostess brought you to your table; Which was in a dark corner of the restaurant. Romantic, secluded, the perfect spot for your candlelit date. “If you were any later, we could have lost our reservations” He pulled your chair out for you before taking his own seat. He had a tendency of sitting next to you. It didn’t matter if you were at a cafe, or a restaurant he always sat next to you.

It was honestly a romantic notion. You could share food, cuddle up to him, even doing things as simple as sharing a menu. You two enjoyed your dinner date, catching up on your day, just loving being with one another.

There was only one little problem.

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Tom- Stop acting so innocent!


Tom- Ever since Tord came back all you’ve done is ignore me.

Tom- I always try to talk and hang with you, but you always push me off to be with Tord.

Tom- I even started this stupid ask blog to spend more time with you, but no, you had to pull Tord into this. I just wanted to do something with just us.

Tom- It’s like I don’t even matter anymore. You gave him all my stuff, you give him all your attention,

Tom- he left us, without a second thought, and now you want to drop everything to forgive that asshole.

Edd- Tom, I didn’t know-

Tom- Shut it Edd. I don’t want to hear your apology.

Tom- I don’t even want to see you. So just… don’t

I’m Not Cheating

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You’ve never seen Hyukwoo so mad as he was right now. His eyes were shooting daggers at you and he was gritting his teeth as he blocked you from entering Jay’s office.

“You can’t see him,” he hissed at you.

Until now you never realized how tall he was nor how wide his shoulders were for you could barely see the interior of Jay’s office through the small window on the door.

You adjusted the straps of your backpack and looked around to ask for help from the people who were watching you being barricaded by the usually gentle Hyukwoo, but they had such severe expressions on their faces and you felt scared for moment.

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Solomon’s Perjury // Episode 3 & 4

“i plan to stop acting so innocent. i won’t pretend to not know anything or i’ve got nothing to do with all this, or hide. we just sat here quietly, listening to the adults. we were hoping that they’d help and resolve all this. we just waited for them to do something. but look what happened! i think we have a right to know now. if no one is going to tell us, we need to find out ourselves. we need to find out what happened and how! so, let’s find out ourselves, the reason lee sowoo died.”

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honestly what bothers me most abt this fandom wank is that (most of) the mc/gen/ji shippers act like they're the victims when in reality they're the ones shitting on everyone else's ship and putting it down. Not that some mc/han/zo shippers can't be rude too but god it's like every single time I see anything mc/gen/ji they go and add shit like "je/sse deserves so much better than ha/nzo!" Like god you people are the some of the meanest people I have ever seen stop acting so special and innocent

i havent really seen that kinda stuff from mcge/nj fans but thats the kinda vibe i get from them. although i do know that some of them are nice and like both mchanz and mcgenj so thats good.

i try not to like. look at all the bad in the fandom (i fail at that most of the time i know) because i always wanna look at things positively. if both fandoms can just mind their own business that would be nice but if we coudl get along that would be a lot better

Jimin Smut: 'Rainy Day'

“Crap…it’s pouring today and I forgot my fucking umbrella,” you complained as you walked out of the school building.

“Me too,” Jimin said standing beside you.

It was Friday and school was finally over. Every Friday you went to Jimin’s house until your parents could pick you up because they work late. Jimin’s house was close to school so it was just a 10 minute walk. Unfortunately it was pouring today and neither you nor Jimin had an umbrella.

“We can just use my jacket,” he suggested, both of you standing at the doorway outside school.

“Are you sure? You might catch a cold.” You said.

“It’s fine, it’s better than both of us catching a cold.” He thoughtfully said. Before you could suggest anything else, Jimin had already took off his jacket and carried it above your heads.

“Ready?” He turned to you. You nodded and both of you ran out in the pouring rain. Nonetheless, both of you were soaked by the time you reached his house.

“Wow, you’re drenched, (Y/N). Do you have a change of clothes?” Jimin asked.

“No…” You took of your jacket; even your uniform was soaked all the way through.

“Wait here. Lemme get you something.” Jimin said as he ran upstairs to his room.

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Drunk Confessions Pt. 6

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7  / Part 8

Your POV

You wake up. Head is throbbing, body weak and shaking. You turn and see Derek next to you. You look down and see both of you only in your under garments. Derek starts to turn and wake up. “What happened last night?” You ask him. He laughs. “We just did a little foreplay.” He responds. Awesome, your first experience and you can’t even remember it. By the feeling of your body you’re guessing you enjoyed it. “Sorry I guess I shouldn’t have given you that many drinks.” He says while stretching. He gives you a kiss on the cheek. “Next time I’ll make sure you remember.” He then gets up walking into the bathroom. You look down and smile. You check your phone for updates. You go onto your twitter and see something strange. You notice you have a couple thousand more followers. You check your mentions and they’re all tagging Derek in as well. You never posted anything so how do they know? You search up the both of your names and a bunch of pictures come up. Pictures of you guys at the island, kissing, hugging, holding hands, everything. That explains it. “Derek have you seen this?” You ask him getting nervous. You don’t know how he’s going to react. He comes over sitting next to you. He starts scrolling through. He shrugs his shoulders. “I wasn’t really trying to keep it a secret.” He says handing your phone back to you then heading back into the bathroom. You smile, happy to know he didn’t want to hide you. You notice you have a DM. How can anyone DM you if you don’t follow them back? You read the message.

That’s really weird. You decide to block them and ignore it. It’s probably just someone trying to scare you. You go to the downstairs bathroom to take a shower. You get out and put some clothes on. You decide not to do your hair or make up. You want to just hang out today. You walk out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. You’re taken away by a delicious smell. “What is this?” You ask Derek. You see him putting two plates filled with food on the table. He turns around. “I just thought I’d make som- Woah.” He says staring at you wide eyed. You get nervous. “Oh god what?” You say. He starts walking over to you. “I’ve never seen you completely natural before. I love it. You look perfect.” He says putting your hair behind your ear. You couldn’t help but blush. “Thank you.” You respond. “Uhm I made breakfast for us.” He says pointing his thumb over his shoulder to the table, not breaking eye contact. “I can tell it smells amazing.” You say walking passed him to the table sitting down. Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. You had no idea he could cook. You enjoyed every second of it. You help clean up by taking his and your plate and washing them off in the sink. You go upstairs to your bag from the trip and pick out an outfit. You take out some black leggings and then decide to take one of Derek’s shirts and put it on. You head back downstairs and meet Derek on the couch. “You look so good in my clothes.” He says picking you up from the waist, you, wrapping your legs around his torso. You guys connect in a kiss. He lays you down on the couch, he on top of you. The kiss turns more passionate. You start to think back to the message you got on twitter. ‘Not as innocent’. You push Derek back. You’re afraid someone is watching you. “What’s wrong?” He asks. You don’t know if you want to tell him. You don’t want to make it seem like you’re going to be threatened by his fans. “I just have to use the bathroom really fast.” You say slipping out from under him. You go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. You start talking to yourself. ‘You’re just over reacting. They took a lucky guess. It’s just a jealous fan.’ You convince yourself and go back out. You sit on Derek’s lap straddling him. You give him a kiss where his jaw meets his neck. Causing him to let out a small moan. “You want me to do something you’ll remember this time?” He asks you. You feel excitement take over. You nod your head yes. He gives you a soft kiss on your nose before laying you down under him. His teeth start tugging at the skin on your neck down to your collar bone. Your breathing gets heavier as your body starts wanting more. You feel cold finger tips on the skin at your waist line. They start tracing your nerve endings above the fabric. His body covers more of you as he leaves his lips on your forehead. You feel the hand tight against you as it travels into your pants. You gasp for air when he finds your heat. You haven’t been touched there before so this is a feeling you’re new to. Well you have been last night but you can’t remember. Circles are made causing your chest to rise and fall. “Relax a little bit.” He whispers in your ear. You make eye contact with him. His eyes sparkling with lust. He connects his lips to yours. Slowly he inserts two digits and your kiss is broken by a moan. He smiles and laughs at you, loving your reaction. He grips your neck with his mouth once again. You call out his name, making him go faster and harder seeing you’re close to your breaking point. You feel tingling in your stomach, sweat rising from your skin. You’re eyes close and your breath sharpen. Finally you release. Your breath racing as your body relaxes. Derek puts his full weight on you. Kissing your lips one more time. “How was that?” he asks smiling, knowing he pleased you. “Perfect” You say closing your eyes. You feel his arms travel around under, holding you tight. You find yourself drifting off to sleep.

Derek’s POV

I enjoy pleasuring her. You can see the stress come out of her one breath at a time. I feel her fall asleep under me. I fall too. Moments later I’m woken up by the sound of the doorbell. I sleepily get up and go to the door. I open it and no one is there. I shrug my shoulders and close it. I look down and see a note on the floor. I pick it up. It has “y/n” on it in big black letters. Who knows that she’s here? Why are they sending her letters to my house? This is weird. I wake her up. “Baby, someone left a note for you here.” I tell her. She groans, rubbing her eyes. She sits up, pulling her knees to her chest, she opens it up. I see her eyes open in fear as she reads it. Her hand comes up and covers her mouth. I see tears form in her eyes as she finishes, crumpling up the note and putting it on the couch next to her. “What does it say?” I ask her. She just shakes her head. I pick up the note and open it.

Dear y/n,

So you think you can block me off of Twitter? Guess again. Enjoy his pleasure while you have it. Because you only have a couple more days with it. Stop acting like you’re so “innocent” and “Perfect” you’re not fooling anyone. You might as well start telling him goodbye. He won’t care, like I said he won’t remember you after I’m done. Just like how you forgot me. You really haven’t figured out who I am yet? Don’t worry, you will soon enough. Have fun you worthless slut.

            -Anonymous –

I don’t even know what to think. If they think for a second I’m leaving her, I would never. I pull her onto my lap, her head on my shoulder. She’s crying due to being so afraid. “No one will ever take you from me. Remember the ring I gave you? I will never let anyone hurt you I promise.” I whisper to her trying to calm her down. “How do they know we’re doing things?” She asks. She pulls out her phone and shows me a Twitter DM from this morning. Who is this? Why would someone threaten our relationship? “Come on lets go upstairs” I carry her bridal style up the stairs. I place her on the bed and put the covers over her. She cuddles the blanket. I feel bad that someone is scaring her this bad and I can’t do anything. I close the blinds and cuddle her from behind. She flips over nuzzling her head into my chest. “Do you have any idea who it could be?” I ask her. “No I haven’t even talked to anyone in the past month. I’ve never had bad blood with anyone. I don’t know what this is.” She explains. “Should we call police?” I say thinking it would be the best. “We can’t, they haven’t physically threatened me yet, just our relationship.” She says. She has a point. “We’ll keep an eye out. For now let’s just relax and watch a movie. They might just be bluffing.” I say. You can feel her calm down. This relationship is finally perfect and I will do anything to keep it this way. “I love you y/n” I tell her but she has already passed out in my chest. I play with her hair. I can’t help but worry that whoever this is, could potentially hurt one of us. I start to think of solutions. Anyone who could message her on Twitter, she has to be following. So it has to be someone she followed that changed their entire twitter so she can’t find out who it was. Next they have to know someone in our circle to have been able to know we we’re dating and where I live. Possibly someone we are both friends with. I don’t know anyone who would go to these extremes though. Also stalking us, watching in through my windows? How are they doing that? I text Skate and see if he knows anything.

Damn, I didn’t want Skate coming home but he could help us with this. I head outside to see if I can find anything. I don’t want to leave y/n by herself but I have to see if I can find anybody. I look in my front yard. There isn’t much but I check under our cars, in the mailbox, the bushes. I see nothing. The sides of the house I also see nothing. Looking in the backyard I do see our shed open. I look inside and no one is in there, but they were. I walk around the pool and notice something silver behind the palm tree that leads up to my room. I turn around the corner and see a ladder propped up onto the tree. That’s how they were looking in. I kick it over in anger. I continue searching around my backyard and I don’t find more. I head back inside and take y/n’s phone. I find the user she blocked, on my account. I search through followers, following, pictures and tweets. They’ve deleted all of their tweets and pictures. Their picture and banner are both black. I check their followers, the only thing still normal, and I see that both Sam and Skate follow this account too. So they know who they are. I check their following and it only has two. I check the two and its y/n and I. Why are they obsessed with us? I feel y/n wake up next to me.

Skate’s POV

Whoever is threatening my sister will not get away with it. I’m still recovering from the wreck but as soon as I’m done, they’re dead. I tell Sam we have to go and we start packing. I ask him if he knows anything about it and he doesn’t either. I don’t think my sister has fought with anyone in her life. This person must be a jealous fan trying to seem big. We get to the airport and board the plane. I have my phone on airplane mode the whole way but after we land I turn it off. I notice that I’ve received a text from an unfamiliar number.

My jaw drops. This is clearly the person stalking them. But right now I’m more pissed about the fact they’re doing shit. Clearly Derek convinced her to be alone just so they can fuck. I knew them dating wouldn’t be good. I’m furious. This will not go on any longer. He’s turning my little innocent sister into a whore. Maybe this “Secret” person is him just trying to rub it in my face that he slept with my sister. I need to get to his house NOW.

Thank you guys so much for the support and lovely messages. I will be ending this story soon. I am running out of ideas. But fun fact: I’m meeting Skate and Derek in 9 days and I’m so nervous.

I’ve watched Voltron twice now I need to write some Klance so here you go

takes place in ep 6, after the gang gets Lance’s lion back. Keith ends up being the one to pick Lance up on the planet Nyma left him chained up on and some gay happens between the two of them.

Rating: G (I even stuck with the canon non swearing yo)

Word Count: 2004


Lance is chained to a tree on a random moon in space all because a really hot alien chick tricked him. ”I’m chained up, Blue got stolen, and worst of all I didn’t even kiss out of all this!” 

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I've been wanting to say this for so long...

Trying to cancel The 100 because they killed Lexa is very upsetting. The show has issues but it also has poc, lgbt+, and disabilities representation. And although it’s not the best representation, it’s still representation and it matters. You all are upset about Lexa dying but we all knew she was going to. Alycia was a guest star who had a bigger gig on Fear the Walking Dead. If you have a problem with The 100, simply stop watching it. Don’t make the rest of the cast and crew lose their jobs because they killed off a guest star. Nobody tried to boycott the show after Lincoln died. Lincoln’s death was based off of real life deaths of black people by an authoritative figure and it’s fucking disgusting. And I understand that Lexa was important lgbt+ representation, but the show also has other representation that may not be important to you, but it is for others. You guys also like to villainize Bellamy, a moc, because he killed people. Okay…but Lexa let a bomb drop on TonDC, her own people. She kicked a guy off the top story of a tower, she left skaikru at Mt. Weather to die so stop acting like she’s innocent.
No one in that show is innocent.

I’m not saying I hate her or anything, but I’m really sick of SBs pretending like Candice fans Danielle Panabaker just for no reason or just because she “represents” a “competing” (😏) ship. CP fans don’t seem to have a problem with Malese Jow, and Linda’s relationship with Barry was actually canon. People didn’t have a problem with Shantel until she showed her ass and then tried to cover it up by reshowing us her whole ass. 

I’m not saying there aren’t people who go way to far with hatred for Danielle, because there absolutely are. But stop acting like she’s so innocent when people have valid reasons for disliking her. Just because y’all hate Candice for no reason (or rather for one obvious ass reason) doesn’t mean that you can just flip the script and act like it’s the same on both sides. 

Peter Pan Imagine/Moving

In this imagine you are going to move and Peter confesses his love towards you.

You live in Storyboroke, and You were the daughter of Emma Swan, you loved where you lived and loved the people there, but Emma was doing something drastic, she decided to move, that it was best for you and Henry.

She told everybody at Granny’s you ran out of the restaurant crying, you loved your life why was this happening?

You called for Peter, he told you to just whistle and he would be there, and there he was.

“P-Peter!” you cried running to him.

“What’s wrong love? Why do you have tears in your eyes?”

“I’m moving!”

Peter looks confused and frowns, “If you leave StoryBrooke, you will forget about me.”

“I know ..”

Emma and the gang find you with Peter, they never liked him, considering he tried to kill your brother, Peter apologized so many times for that and proved himself to you, but the others wouldn’t listen. So you are the only one in your town who likes Peter.

“What are you doing with him get back!” Your mom yells.

“I’m not moving mom I’M staying you can leave, this town is my home.” you say.

Everyone was so shocked that you were with Pan, he was just so evil.

“Why are you with him anyway?” Mary Margret asked.   

“Because he is my friend! Why else would I?” you yell.

“He tried to kill your brother.” Regina said.

“He proved himself to me, he is good, he really is.” you turn to look at him, but Peter is looking down, trying not to let others bring him down and look happy still for you.

“I’m gonna go love.” He turns and starts to walk away. 

“Peter wait!” You run after him.

“Get back here now!” Emma yells.

You ignore her and hug Pan, he’s shocked but hugs you back, with one arm around your waist and another in his pocket.

“Oh no.” Margret says.

“What ? What’s happening?” Emma says.

“I know that look, she loves the boy.” Margret says.

Emma looks shocked and confused.

You break the hug from Peter, “I’m so sorry, you’re good to me, and that’s all that counts.”

“Sure thing love, I should go now.”

He leaves but smiles at you before he goes, Peter liked you, a lot, but he never showed his feelings, and if he did, it was by accident.

You walk back to the gang, “So coco anyone?”

“Stop acting all innocent we know you love Peter.” Regina blurted out,

Your eyes widen, you look back and see if he heard, and 0h yeah he did, he looked at you and studied your reaction.

You shook your head, “Wh-what do you mean?”

“Oh cut the bull the only reason you hang around that monster isn’t because you’re a lost boy.” Regina said.

Your head turns and looks at Peter, he looks at you, but just simply continues to walk away.

“Listen I know I don’t love Peter or like him , he is my friend that’s all okay?”

They all roll their eyes and head into Granny’s, Whew, you let out a sigh, “That was close.”

That night before you went to sleep you called for Peter, he came for you.

“You look sad, whats wrong love?” He asked.

Tears came from your eyes, “Nothing, well something…Everything.”

He picks up your chin with his fingers, he kisses you , which you had no idea but loved every second of it. 

“Peter wh-what are you doing?”

“You don’t like it?”

“Oh no I do I just thought you didn’t feel the same way.

He smiles, “I thought the same about you, but clearly you do.”

You giggle, and he laughed, you two kiss and talk all night, until sunrise, he leaves, and you get ready for school.

You could barely wait to get home to see Peter, he said to meet him in the forest at 4:00pm, it was 2:30pm. You had to go home and get ready, he wanted to ask you something, and said to dress nice.

You got home and everybody was packing for the moving, you ignored it, until you saw boxes in your room, you suddenly became a little sad, you looked around your room, remembering when you first got here. You get to your clock, it was 3;30pm you had to hurry!

You got dressed in your cutest outfit running out the door, nobody noticed.

You get to the forest and see Peter on a blanket, its a picnic! You couldn’t stop smiling

“Peter this is amazing!” You yell.

He pats on the blanket signing you to sit next to him, “Would you liked some apple cider love?” .he asked. 

You nod, and take sip. He gives you a sandwich and some napkins, boy does he know how to be romantic.

“Listen love, I need to ask you something, Don’t say yes, unless you know the consequences.” You nod and wait for the question.

“I want you to be my girlfriend but in order for that, you need to come to Neverland with me, and live with me.”

“W-wait, come to Neverland?” You are hesitant. “That means I would never see my family or friends again.”

Peter nods, “I know “y/n, that’s why I said don’t say yes unless you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

You’re about to say something then all of a sudden “STOP!”

You look up its your mom and her gang. “Ugh what do you want?” you said to your mom.

“Are you on a date ?” Henry said.

Peter smirked “Maybe.”

Regina gets mad, “So let me get this straight you’re on a date with the guy who tried to kill your brother? Oh fantastic let me know how it goes!” 

Margret steps in “Enough Regina lets hear her out.”

“I’m going o Neverland , with Peter, that way you won’ have to worry about me and we can all be happy .” You say softly. 

“Oh hell no , you NOT ever going anywhere with him!” Emma says.

Peter rolled his eyes and got up, “Like I said love, only say yes if you know the consequences, I’ll be back in 24 hours to help you decide.”

Peter flew off and you watched him. You turn around see your family. 

Emma looks at you, “Look kid i can’t let you leave, you’re my daughter plus i don’t trust him and you’re not an adult yet.”

You just cry and go back to the house, you were torn, you loved StoryBrooke but you loved Peter, you wanted both, but Emma had a plan up her sleeve.

You woke up and heard the moving truck outside and ran downstairs “Whats going on I thought we weren’t moving for a another month?”

“Nope today.’ Emma said happily.

You thought all was lost until killian did something unusual.

“Ms. Uh Swan, uh love I have something to say and before I do it, I must say,I did not steal it.” 

You looked at him he was on his knees, he proposed to you mom!”

Your mouth dropped. “Wait you two are a thing?” 

“Why yes , we are, and I hope we stay a thing for a long time, Ms, Swan your finger?” He asked.

She cried, “But I don’t know how to love, you know my past my relationships, come on now killian.” 

“Aye I do, and that is why we are good for each other, please stay in Story Brooke, with all of us.”

 All the gang show up “Are we late did she say yes?”

“She hasn’t said anything yet.” killian said nervously.

“Ugh dammit yes!” She said happily. You were stayng in Story brooke but that didn’t help you from your problem.

You called Peter he came. “You made up your mind love?” he asked.

“I want to stay  in StoryBrooke, but I want you, and I’m scared, you don’t have family and friends the way I do, It’s not fair that you get to have your lost boys and I only have you, and I know that sounds selfish but Damn Peter.” You fall and cry on the floor. 

He kneels down to you, “Love, I understand, Can I make you a deal ?”:

“what is it?”

“Stay with your family in Story Brooke, for school, then for the weekends, stay with me until Sunday, deal? 

“”You’re the best Peter” You grab him and bring him in close kissing him like crazy and thanking him, it proved to you that he truly has changed , and wasn’t evil like he said.Your mother agreed to that and even invited Pan for dinner, you and Peter were as happy as ever, and with killian you were happy because you knew your family would grow even bigger.

women of the zodiac.

aries: you’re making me feel bad about myself because for some reason you’re bodies are on point.

taurus: fucking fess up and stop acting so innocent? picks the best places to eat too.

gemini: i don’t think they ever stop talking, but they usually have nice teeth?

cancer: lead them to the nearest psych ward and find the nearest exit.

leo: nice hair, nice eyes, but god put your phone down for like half a second.

virgo: weekly cleanses like no one’s business, also has a very intricate calendar system.

libra: only goes to the bathroom to escape conversation or to primp.

scorpio: generally really cool girls, but they’re secretly demons sent to take your souls.

sagittarius: books the trip to vegas, abandons you to play poker, wins so much money that the casino thinks she’s cheating. you all end up in jail.

capricorn: miss smarty pants, also miss hates your guts if you outsmart her.

aquarius: the girl who is really strange but you end up befriending her and find out she’s ungodly plain jane.

pisces: drama club girl or band girl, there’s really no telling but she’s creative to the point where she’s almost insane.

Hayes Grier: jealousy

Y/e/n- your ex’s name

Hayes and I was both at a party with all of our friends including my ex.

Hayes and my ex haven’t had good history. Let’s just say one time My ex tried to kiss me and Hayes got mad.

Jealous Hayes is hot. So I decided to have some fun.

Everyone was sat in the living room watching a movie.

Soon enough everyone got bored and went Into their own conversations. My ex was sat next to me. Ew. But I wanted to make Hayes Jealous because I’m a amazing girlfriend so I had to flirt.

“Hey y/e/n” I say in a very flirtatious tone.

“Hey Sexy” I gave a fake giggle but it sounded real.

Hayes’ grip tightened on me as Y/e/n moved closer.

I put my arms around y/e/n ex and smirked as I saw Hayes’ face turn into anger.

Everyone around us was shocked at my actions.

Uh oh.

“So Y/n how about we get out of here?” I gave another fake giggle and pecked his cheek.

Ok maybe I have taken this too far. Before Y/e/n could even do anything Hayes had punched him.

“HAYES!” I gasped.

“What Y/n?” He asked angrily. So hot just so hot.

“What did you do that for?” Hayes glared angrily and grabbed my hand.

He pulled me up and dragged me out of the house.

“WTF Y/n?!” He was really angry.

“What? What did I do?” I asked innocently.


“Hayes I-” I tried to say but he cut me off.


“Hayes of course your good enough for me. If anything I’m not good enough for you. look I’m so sorry maybe I went too far and I’m so so so sorry. I don’t like y/e/n. I love you with all my heart! Hayes please I’m sorry” Hayes didn’t look at you.

“Then why did you flirt with him?”

“Because I wanted to make you jealous. I wanted to make you jealous because truthfully your even hotter when your jealous well your hot anyway but wow” you admitted chuckling.

“I love you y/n and seeing you have your arms around someone else and giggling at someone who isn’t me really made me jealous and scared that you would leave me” i felt more and more guilty as he said each word.

“Hayes I swear to you that I love you and that giggle was fake and also I need to literally scrub my arms clean and also I need to burn my lips” Hayes chuckled and hugged me.

“Noooo I need your lips” I could see his pout over my shoulder.

I pulled away from the hug and kissed him.

“I love you” I grinned

“I love you too” with that we both walked back into the house and sat as far away from my ex as we could.

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okay i get why people are feeling sympathetic towards stavo because he was just trying to do his thing and make a comic book and shit and audrey shouldn’t have outed him like that… but come on they literally survived an awful murder spree and someone’s drawing pictures of them being murdered so stop acting like stavo is completely innocent because if you were in that situation you wouldn’t want people drawing murderous pictures of you like????? come on. he knew he’d have a target on his back if anyone saw what he was doing

Back to You

Prompt: Height Difference (x)

Summary: Caspar and Joe teasing each other using their respective heights.

It wasn’t exactly a secret that Joe was a lot shorter than Caspar. Anyone could tell just from looking at them that there was some height difference there. (The amount of times Joe has been mistaken as a minor compared to Caspar is a little embarrassing, especially since he’s the one that’s almost three years older). They don’t really care about it though; it didn’t make much of a difference on how they interacted as friends and, later, a couple. (In fact, it made it easier to sleep in the same bed, Joe’s height and build seeming to fit perfectly into Caspar’s when they lay next to each other).

Still, it didn’t mean that they didn’t like to use their height difference against each other.

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Oh, look. Another Tony bashing meta that implies that he’s done everything wrong while every other character has made good choices. In the Tony Stark tag. That says that he murdered people when-

Actually, I can’t be calm about this, because really fucking no, stop acting like Tony’s a murderer when you don’t judge other characters as murderer’s when they have actually murdered people. Using ‘Tony’s company made weapons that killed people!’ as an excuse is the grossest thing when Tony had no say in how those weapons were used after they were sold, and nor was his company the only one that made weapons. Not only that, but it was Stane that was selling weapons to terrorist, and once Tony realized that his weapons were being used to hurt innocent people he stopped production. Which was not beneficial to himself at all, Tony stopping the main product that his company sold was a big deal. No other company would do this because that would mean that they might be forced to shut down due to the loss of revenue. And Tony knew that, knew that he would be the one blamed by the angry people inside and outside the company because of lack of product and all the money he lost the company. But he still did it, because he didn’t want innocent people to be hurt. So stop acting like he fired the guns and pointed the missiles that killed innocent people himself, because not only did he not do that, he stopped it from happening when he realized other people were. If Tony was assigned a portion of the blame for his company’s weapons I wouldn’t argue against it; assigning Tony all of the blame is bullshit. He’s only as much to blame as the person who licenses people to carry weapons are. And I hate to break it to fandom, who apparently doesn’t realize; but when people want to kill each other, they will find a way to do so. We have been learning this since the very start of human existence. As a side note, I wonder: does that mean that all Stark employees are murderers? Especially the ones that helped develop the weapons? Are the US military all murderers then, because they are the ones that Tony (not Stane) sold his weapons to? How do you justify that train of thought, exactly?

Also, Tony doesn’t take responsibility for his actions? Really? REALLY? REALLY?!?! Fandom, stop. Tony’s very character is wrapped up in so much self hatred for all the mistakes he’s made or felt that he’s made it’s insane. Literally, Tony’s self hatred is a trademark of his character. As well is the fact that Tony wanting to make up for his actions is often what drives him to extremes to try to make up for them. Tony gives himself all the responsibility for fucking everything, even things that he didn't personally cause. And so does everyone else: Tony is more blamed, more judged for his actions than any other character in the MCU. By both the fandom and the MCU.

I love Wanda a lot, but I call her out on her canon actions that were less then pleasant in the following paragraph, so scroll past that paragraph if you don’t want to see her worse actions being brought up and questioned.

For example, look at Ultron, whose actions people in the MCU and fandom blames him entirely for. Ultron, who he only created after Wanda fucked with his mind using powers that she got from the same mind controlling staff that Loki used to control Clint. Ultron, who Bruce helped him create (but keep hiding from the anti-fans Bruce. stay safe, my dear). Ultron, whose actions only got as far as they did because Wanda protected him from the Avengers, during which time she mind fucked other Avengers, including taking Bruce’s agency away completely. Ultron, who was able to create his device to make Sokovia float because Wanda helped him get the materials for it. But apparently Wanda is completely absolved of guilt for her actions in Ultron’s conception and her subsequent protection of him, because she was getting revenge for her parents’ murder, and apparently that makes everything okay. Anti-Tony stans who act like Tony is a wannabe murderer or victim blamer for a 5 minute reaction to learning about his parents’ murder yet act like Wanda had no blame for Ultron at all, I am looking at you.

I just, I can’t even start with the way that the meta I saw judges Tony for trying to turn to his friends for understanding and support as if it’s him trying to absolve himself of guilt. How dare Tony desire some basic human empathy and comfort? How dare he?! (I am pretty much at a state where I just cry when I think of how little empathy fandom has for this man.)

The Tony & Clint Raft thing? Okay, lets ignore the fact that if Tony hadn’t been the ones to catch Team Cap an armed force with license to kill would have gone after them instead, and if they had Clint might not have been alive to make any accusations. Let’s ignore the fact that Clint has previously worked for the government and has a better idea of how they would react than even Tony would. Let’s ignore that a few years earlier, and Clint might have been part of the task force sent to capture or kill Cap if a task force had been sent. Let’s ignore the fact that it is stated quite clearly that the government is going to retaliate if the Avengers break the Accords, meaning Clint either knew this or Steve chose not to tell him. Let’s ignore all that and blame Tony for everything instead! It’s so much more convenient!

Last but no least, stop blaming Tony for the creation of the Accords. Stop acting like he’s trying to force the team to take blame for his actions, and the Accords are his way to do this. Tony did not create the Accords; the UN did. Because of the fear that everyday, ordinary people were starting to feel at seeing what the Avengers could do and the kind of destruction they unintentionally left in their wake. Tony signed the Accords because he felt that the spirit of them (the Avengers becoming accountable for their actions) was good and because he realized that if he didn’t sign, he would be forced by the UN to give up his ability to save anyone. Tony reacted to a law that was placed before him. He did not create that law. The only thing Tony did was point out that the Accords might be a good idea, and to try to do everything he could to keep the UN from retaliating against Team Cap going against the Accords. But I guess that Tony is to blame for everything bad ever, so of course he’s to blame for the Accords too. Why not?

And gee, I’m so glad to see that even fans who spend the rest of their post judging Tony as harshly as possible are able to acknowledge that he has PTSD. I’m so glad that while they’re willing to give all other characters who canonly have PTSD or other disorders all the breaks, they aren’t willing to give him a lick of compassion or understanding. It’s so great to see Tony’s mental illness acknowledged and then dismissed as unimportant in a few lines. It’s so great to again see someone being unable to feel human empathy for him. It’s just so great.

TL;DR: I saw a(nother) Tony hate post. I reacted to the Tony hate post with my typical pointing out of how the double standard used to judge Tony’s actions is unfair. In other news, it’s a Wednesday.