stop acting like you know

i love the fact that bc celebrities are adamant abt protesting donald tr*mp’s presidency & openly talking abt how they don’t like him to their large platforms/fan bases it has created this dumbass fucking reaction where his supporters are like “celebrities! musicians! stay in ur lane and stop acting like you know anything about politics!!! i love you as an artist but stick to what you know!!!” like ? y'all know donald tr*mp was just a celebrity before this shit right? no real political experience. and also? u all are out here yelling your political opinions that nobody asked for and acting like you know what you’re talking about even though you let a literal super villain into the highest position of power in the united states so it sounds to me like the pot calling the kettle black you vomit inducing cheeto supporting fucks


Just because you’re from a country predominantly with people of color that doesn’t make you a person of color. You’re still white and benefit off of white supremacy. You are on every novela on telemundo and the standard of beauty. Please stop acting like you know what it’s like to get treated like shit for the color of your skin.

I feel like Damian used to say really sexist stuff but Jason has somehow taught him not to by consistently trapping him…
“Stop acting like a girl.”
“What’s wrong with being a girl?”
“You know what I mea-”
“So why did you say it?”
“I just meant-”
“Do you really think so little of your sisters?”


Her cat returns his collar 

Chat confesses to Ladybug, but gets rejected. He also finds out his father is Hawkmoth, but cannot bring himself to tell Ladybug- if his father gets arrested he’ll be all alone. Things become tense, and Ladybug gets annoyed thinking her rejection is affecting their teamwork. They get into a fight, and Chat finally snaps ‘Stop acting like you know everything! You don’t know anything about me! You don’t even trust me enough to tell me your real identity!’  Ladybug storms off and finishes the akuma herself.

Chat finds the brochure of Tibet and the Peacock Miraculous in his dad’s safe, and decides to leave with it to find his mother, as she was probably the only person who could stop Hawkmoth. Plagg reminds him that if he succeeds, he and Ladybug won’t have a relationship once Hawkmoth is defeated. Chat replies that Ladybug would want it that way. 

He realizes that he’s useless as a son and as a partner, and that Ladybug deserves to be with someone more worthy. Chat fights alongside her one last time, before forsaking his miraculous to Ladybug.

not to be that person but……… why are fans always complaining about line distribution when the members made it clear that they dont care about this, and like they know something about composing songs. like cant you appreciate what they release without complaining ? yall asked for more jin and taehyung and you have it, why cant you just appreciate it

Apparently this is a hard concept to grasp. Yes, the song is Steve’s. Yes his team should be doing most of the work. But Louis is the leading vocalist. Louis and Steve both talked about how the lyrics to JHO were prioritized (whereas in most EDM songs, they are not). I’m not saying Louis’s team has to be as extra or vigilant as Steve’s, but Louis’s team is doing /nothing/. If you can’t understand why that’s an unfathomable and cringey concept, then I don’t know how to help you, but stop acting like everyone is ridiculous and overreacting for being annoyed, when you clearly have no idea what this kind of deal is should look like.

Stop speaking for idols and acting like you know whether they want to be called by their real name or stage name, please. A lot of the times, their stage names were GIVEN to them by their company, and they’ve gone through some stage name drafts before arriving at their current one. For example, Jungkook was almost going to be called Seagull and Sehun was almost going to be Leo (but the idea was nixed because when pronounced together with his last name, it would sound like Oreo so they decided to just go with his real name). Umji also cried when she first found out about her stage name, so not every idol likes their stage name.


Oh Caitriona stop acting like you don’t know things about him! At Seattle we knew you knew we knew you’d know we know you knew he played the damn trombone!

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Go Away!!!!

Jonsa shippers need to back the fuck down. It’s never gonna happen, get that through your thick skulls! FFS he and Dany are gonna get together, the spoilers said so, they’re going to fuck and fall in love, Jon doesn’t love Sansa, its his fucking sister- all of you shippers are idiots. It is the most irrational ship I have ever seen.

there is more foreshadowing for jonerys than there is jonsa, they set jonerys up last season, and the books show it will happen, jonsa is a crack ship, its never going to happen. get over yourselves, stop acting like it will, you know it won’t. in the books he loves val, who has silver hair, and a girl who has a fire in her.

Sansa doesn’t have that! She lied to him, was rude to him, and acts like a child. It doesn’t matter that she has red hair, she isn’t his type. he likes girls who can fight and have power! there isn’t even any political alliance worth it in for jonsa, and jonerys meet early enough to start a fucking relationship. I’m so done seeing your ship in my tag, stay in your lane!

"Chabashira hates men for no reason!"

You guys literally have no basis to that argument at all so why are you even trying to make it?

Do you expect Kodaka to outline all the characters’ backstories before the game even comes out? That’s what the Free Time Events are there for.

She might hate men for no reason, and she might have a reason–but if you guys having fucking NOTICED yet, Kodaka gives his characters pretty thorough (and often tragic) backstories that EXPLAIN why they think the way they do.

Whatever it is, it’s not going to be “no reason.”

Stop acting like you know a character’s ENTIRE personality and motivation before the game is even out.

I don’t even particularly like her, but it’s annoying.

*whispers at PETA and extremist vegans* y'all need to stop being assholes to everyone like,,,, stop. Please. I eat animals and consume animal product but I'm a person who cares for them as well. I love them. I'm not some murderer. Stop accusing people of being so terrible. Honestly. Shoo fly don't bother people who consume animal product or take part in the dairy/egg/meat/animal industry.

“Even though my muse is a canon character, please stop acting like you know everything there is to know about them because, believe it or not, you don’t. Even if you’ve written with or have written them yourself, you don’t know a damn thing about them. You’ve only known them for a short period of time, and I’ve poured years of heart into developing them into the character you see today. So please, stop acting like you know my muse better than I do. You don’t.”

Libra & Pisces Conversation
  • Libra: What's wrong? Why you look so pissed?
  • Pisces: Nothing, I'm chillin.
  • Libra: Stop acting like I don't know when you're mad about something.
  • Pisces: *Stares
  • Libra: I'm just trying to be a friend.
  • Pisces: Be a friend and understand that I'm fine.
  • Libra: *Exhales.....Okay, so what was the name of that song I wanted to download. I can't think of the name.
  • Pisces: You forgot that fast?
  • Libra: That's why I'm asking.
  • Pisces: Omg, always forgetting stuff.
  • Libra: You only talk like that when you're mad.

the most beautiful 3-syllable-poem ‘beijing you like’ by cutie top hyung~

I wasn’t very sure if I wanted to talk about this, but screw it.

I really dislike the way that many people, both on this site and out of it, take one group of people and act like they’re the only ones whose opinions matter, or that you should listen to.

I’m probably not being very clear, so I’ll give a personal example to help illustrate my point: the hijab. I’m Middle Eastern and currently live there, and even though I don’t believe in Islam anymore, I still have to wear the hijab out of fear of what my parents would do, and the harassment and exclusion I could face if I stop wearing it.

That’s one side of the whole thing with the hijab. Women like me, who don’t want to wear it, maybe they even despise it, yet still wear it out of fear of the consequences of no longer wearing it.

But see, that’s not the only side. There are women who want to wear it, woman who want to proudly show their religion, but they also have to suffer harassment for wearing it, facing all kinds of insults, threats, and even violence for wearing it, have people try to pull it off, or in some cases, they’re even outright forbidden from wearing it.

There are probably also other sides in the argument, but these two are the most prominent, and the ones I’m gonna be focusing on.

I see so many people who only want to listen to one side, either to the side of woman who don’t want to wear the hijab, but do so out of fear (or they don’t and they suffer because of it), and ignore the plight of women who want to wear it and suffer because they do, even claiming they’re oppressing themselves. Or, people who only listen to women who like wearing the hijab, and they ignore the women who are forced into wearing it, pretend we don’t exist or that we’re less important.

(Before I go on, I want to make a note: there are many Muslim women who don’t want to wear the hijab, and they shouldn’t be judged for their choices. The decision to wear the hijab is a personal one, between the woman and Allah. I personally didn’t like it when I was Muslim, and I dislike it even more now that I’m no longer Muslim. I thought I should say this because I may have made it sound like the only woman who don’t want to wear the hijab aren’t Muslim like myself, which isn’t true, because Muslim women who don’t want to wear the hijab get a lot of shit.)

But the thing is, we don’t have to do that. We could uplift both sides, respect that a woman should have the right to dress how she wants without fear of harassment and/or violence, and work towards a world where that’s possible. I want a world where the decision to wear the hijab can truly be motivated by what the woman wants, one where she doesn’t have to be afraid to make the choice she wants. The harassment and violence women face for choosing to wear the hijab, or for choosing not to wear it are both horrible and unacceptable, and you don’t have to silence and ignore one side to make the suffering of the other valid.

And also, I want to say screw you to the people who use women like me, who are forced into wearing the hijab, to talk about how backwards and savage Middle Easterners are, and justify your bigotry. You don’t care one bit about women in the Middle East, we’re just a tool to you to try and make your bigotry seem justifiable, so screw you. My people have their problems, but I won’t stand to see you discriminate against us, treat us like barbarians, and dehumanize us, especially not under the cover of caring about women or LGBT+ folks, because you don’t, and even if we were the paragons of equality, you’d still hate us because these are just covers, and the truth is, you’re a bigot.