stop act like child!!

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"He was legitimately going to faint. Black spots... were appearing... in his vision..."

“Simon,” he heard Baz snap. “Stop holding your fucking breath, you’re acting like a child.”

With his eyes, Simon tried to convey that he wasn’t going to get oxygen into his lungs until Baz lifted the scone ban and he got pastries in his stomach.

Finally, Baz relented and watched Simon gasp for breath on the floor of the kitchen. 

“Snow, I swear to Crowley, if you die of a heart attack from your shitty eating habits, I’m resurrecting you, slapping you, and then forcing you to only eat kale.”

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Drabble Challenge! 1-100

Rules: Followers send a number to your ask and you write a drabble using that sentence/prompt in your piece. Try to keep up! Expect a TON of requests!

  1. Stop acting like a child!
  2. Retrace your steps.
  3. You don’t have to worry, I’m here.
  4. Don’t you just wanna reach out and touch it?
  5. I said “movie day”, not “moving day”!
  6. Fine, go out with your friends. I hope you have fun!
  7. That’s hot! Hot! Hot!
  8. What the hell did you do to my car?
  9. We’ve been married for years and you won’t even help me ____
  10. Do it now, or we won’t have sex for a month.
  11. Did you change all the clocks?
  12. It’s not a toy, it’s an action figure.
  13. Are we lost?
  14. Don’t tell me to stop, you’re not my mom.
  15. Where would I be without you?
  16. You ran over my foot!
  17. I’m like the hulk.
  18. Take out the trash or so help me God!
  19. Do we have a spare?
  20. You know I don’t like when the power goes out.
  21. Babe, that my ____(insert body part here)
  22. I am not telling you how I lost my virginity, nope.
  23. Shopping? For eight hours?
  24. Show me your texts or it’s over.
  25. I just had a couple drinks.
  26. Why haven’t they invented bowling on ice?
  27. Take notes. Watch and learn.
  28. You hit me!
  29. You lost…but you’re still MY little winner.
  30. It’s not that hard…that’s what she said.
  31. You spent how much?!
  32. You stayed home last weekend, come on. You’re coming this time.
  33. Did you just fart? ‘Cause you’re blowing me away.
  34. No, you’re not fixing it again. Call a plumber.
  35. 239 DVDs and yet nothing to watch.
  36. I said a pot of coffee, not just a cup. Go get the pot.
  37. Is it to late to say…celery?
  38. I have a headache, be nice for once!
  39. If I were famous…oh wait…I am!
  40. Just call me Gandhi.
  41. You’re sitting in front of a space heater in the middle of summer…
  42. Do it and I’ll shave your eyebrows.
  43. I’ve been looking everywhere!
  44. We can either just cuddle, or you can sleep on the couch?
  45. I’m stuck at the office.
  46. What is this? 20 questions?
  47. Explain why the remote and Cheetos are in the bathroom.
  48. I’m not eating frozen pizza for the third time this week.
  49. Have you seen my chainsaw?
  50. They’re not coloring books. They’re “adult” coloring books.
  51. Hand over the cheese grater, or else.
  52. Shut up and get off the dance floor.
  53. Do you like guacamole?
  54. It looks like you’re driving me to my death.
  55. You love me and you know it.
  56. You’re going deep SEA fishing?
  57. You’re not even a boyfriend, you’re kind of like a dog.
  58. Trust me, I’m a doctor. Well, kind of, not really. I have Hello Kitty bandaids though.
  59. …but my phone’s dying…
  60. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
  61. Explain why there’s a bra under your bed.
  62. They’re curtains, not window blankets.
  63. What would you do if you were locked in an elevator with me?
  64. Did the lights just flash?
  65. Take out the garbage! This is like the 10th time I’ve asked!
  66. It’s not a donkey. It’s a mule.
  67. I told you I don’t like boats, why’d you drag me out here?
  68. Shh, don’t say a word.
  69. Road trip?
  70. I just want to watch the sunset and you gotta be creepin’.
  71. How’d we end up at the Grand Canyon?
  72. Do you prefer colored pencils or crayons?
  73. Bear attacks are a legitimate fear.
  74. Blankets are for quitters.
  75. Get back here and put on some pants.
  76. You spent how much???
  77. You switched our pillows, savage.
  78. Egg Rolls aren’t meant to be breakfast.
  79. Any other day, I might just want to die.
  80. I warned you, if you were late one more time…
  81. Wanna runaway?
  82. I was kind of wondering if maybe…could we…you want to go to the movies with me?
  83. It was supposed to be perfect! Now everything’s ruined!
  84. Don’t trip.
  85. The best thing in the world is waking up beside you.
  86. You said you weren’t going to leave, no matter how hard things got.
  87. I just tell myself things will get better.
  88. Karma’s a b*tch
  89. Omg, this is my favorite song. Dance with me!
  90. It was an accident. I was cooking…I’m not going to the hospital.
  91. I think the roof is leaking, or it might just be raining inside.
  92. It’s a blizzard out yonder.
  93. I forgot we had a cat.
  94. You want to explain why my window is broke?
  95. Did you go through my underwear drawer?
  96. Why’s it so small?
  97. Amen.
  98. It was a dark and stormy day when…
  99. Your love is just a lie.
  100. *Make up your own*

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Me (in my head): Actually, my dearest mother, when you see something wrong with me, you should do your best to help me, not tear me down, put me down, judge me or treat me without respect because I do have problems with my mental health and I do need help and I can’t get it thanks to your shitty, abusive attitude.

Me (in reality): *tries not to cry*

Drink a glass of water now, sit up straight, take a breath and then get off tumblr and go for a run, study whatever you have to study, read a book, watch the news, clean your room. Just stop being who you are and start being who you want to be. It’s your life and those are your decisions, so stop acting like a child and get your ass up and move forward. Just go for it. Now. 

Headcanon: Talon recruited a young assassin who grew attached to Widowmaker long ago. Widow made it precisely clear that she was not their mother and they should stop acting like a child. However, she did start to prefer working with them during training. Talon had the recruit killed shortly after in fear that they would accidentally bring back Amélie.

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  • Star: I wish you'd stop treating me like a child!
  • Marco: Stop acting like one then!
  • Star: *sniffling....knowing she totally got wrecked w/ that comeback* Well Y-You're a stupid poophead...

I fucking hate being Autistic. I fucking hate having Asperger’s. I fucking hate overreacting to everything, even though I know it’s fucking stupid. I hate knowing I’m acting like a child and not being able to stop. I hate feeling like I’m being too loud or too quiet. I hate feeling like I can only communicate with one thing I like because that’s the only thing we share in common. I absolutely hate when I feel those scrutinizing gazes on me in public, when all I can here from them is “she must be fucking retarded” or “she’s really stupid” or “I feel bad for that mother”. I hate myself.

@ y'all who are calling roadhog a pedophile concerning the roadrat/junkhog ship, why do you hate older gay men???

when ppl treat merrill like a child & dont want to romance her bc of it

Please don’t let other people make opinions for you.

Sometimes, you just gotta try something out yourself.
This whole “yokai watch is a pokemon rip-off” debate is annoying. Just because one popular(?) youtuber hated it, doesn’t mean you have to too. From what I heard, they didn’t even give it a chance, so? Surprise! You can like them both!

You can’t agree with someone just because you like them. You need to form your own opinions based on experiences.

Another thing that these ‘reviewers’ don’t realize, is that change isn’t a bad thing sometimes. Yes, I love pokemon, but it’s nice to see something fresh and new out on the market to try. You get a whole new experience, story, and characters to connect to. Yes, pokemon made your childhood great, but things change as time goes on, and you can’t hate it just because it’s different. Yes, pokemon is still a fun and enjoyable game! But just because theres another monster “catching” game, doesn’t mean it’s anything like pokemon besides that one fact. There are many other RPGs with monster catching involved, and I didn’t hear any protest about those! I wonder why that is. Many reviewers, to me, seem like they just don’t want to somehow loose their precious nostalgia, because it gives them this sense of elitism.

Another thing to keep in mind is this is marketed towards kids, ok? So you can’t expect it to be like something made for teens or adults, but just like pokemon, that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by someone much older.

People hear ‘catching’ and ‘rpg’ together and they immediately scream ‘pokemon rip off!!!!’ and, honestly, it’s got to stop. You’re pushing away so many potentially fun games, just because you think you’re still in the 90s, when pokemon was at it’s prime. You do realize that Yokai Watch actually sold more tickets than Star Wars at the movies in Japan? That  ykw is actually a huge thing there and might even be bigger than pokemon at this point?

Make your own opinions. Rent the game yourself, try it out, see if it’s for you or not! Don’t let a popular(?) youtuber talk you out of something, just because they don’t like it (especially if they didn’t even give it a chance!)

Its fine if it’s not your thing! But theres a chance you might actually like it! You’ll never know if you let people make opinions for you. Make your own opinions.

oops Japanese


Like this???

Ciri: Give me something better. A growing child requires more food.
Lambert: Stop acting like a baby, Princess. This is a brand of the world’s No.1 instant noodles seller. The top-selling product is the best.
Ciri: Quibble.
Eskel: Ciri is right. It’s not enough for you, poor girl. Here, you can have my noodles.
Ciri: Gentle but that’s not the point.

Am I making any sense? I don’t know~~~someone please correct my English😉

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vincent: (under the bed) BUT I DON'T WANNA! mahogany: well you have to, so stop acting like a child. vincent: but mahooo... mahogany: fine i'm bringing out the big guns. vincent: PLEASE NOT THE NEEDLES! mahogany: oh dpn't worry, it's even bigger guns >:) vincent: w-what? byron: VINCENT! GET OUT OF THERE, GET IN UNIFORM AND SMILE TO THE CAMARE ASAP! vincent: yes sir! jonathan: wow, now i know where she gets it from. as well as her strength. 87% of cracked walls at fazbear is from her and her dad.


When your father-in-law is also your part-time boss, you have more incentive to listen. :P

Angrily cold (Locus x Mercenary!Reader)

#11 Don’t dare to throw that snowba-Goddamnit! + #25 I can’t belive you talked me into this. 

The cold air hit your skin when you pulled your helmet off. “You are the worst.” You pouted. “I hate you.” You weren’t sure if those words were true, but it worked for Locus to look at you and pay attention.

“Stop acting like a child.” He hissed. “You’re making a big deal over nothing.”

You growled angrily. Why did he had to act like he was always right?

He had to pull his helmet off to stare directly at you and you met those cold beautiful eyes-No, not right now, now you were mad at him. 

“Am I making a big deal over this?!” 

“Yes, you are, and I can’t belive you talked me into this.”

Your anger was boiling and you let go of another growl, leaning down to grab a fistful of snow.

“Don’t you dare to throw that snowba-” Too late. “Goddamnit.” He only shook the snow off his face and glared daggers at you. 

“You’re an idiot! And I hate you!”Your fist tried to connect with his chest, but he only blocked it, grabbing both of your arms and bring you close to him to keep you still. You let out a muffld groan.

“Do you really hate me?” He asked when you stopped squirming on his arms. 

“No…” You muttered, still a bit annoyed, and when he pulled away you were looking down, wondering if you could still argue a bit more when something cold hit your face. You blinked a couple of times, shaking the snow off your face.

“What did you just did?”