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Question: Why do you think the girls are still drawn at girl height, and not women even in Stars? They are usually much shorter than the adult characters, even though they're 16.

I doubt very much that it was ever a consideration. I’d be surprised if anyone ever thought about it. The anime has a lot of strengths, but being consistent with height, even internally, is not one of them. The character heights are all over the place all the time. Pretty much the only thing you can reasonably rely on is that Mako will be taller than the other Inners, and even that’s not always a guarantee.

I wouldn’t recommend using the anime’s appearance to determine much of anything beyond – maybe – general guidelines. Envision what you like and just roll with the rest.

in other other news how did people get into the concept of kissing at all actually when you think about it liplocking makes very little sense i think i enjoyed the cuddly walk back more than the kiss

on the protection of the forest of brethil. 

While Thingol ( with Finrod’s tempering words ) agreed to allow the Haladin to dwell in Brethil so long as they protected the forest and the Crossings of Teiglin against orcs, he need not have made such terms, for the orcs the Haladin hate most, and they would have defended the forest regardless of any agreements made. So fierce is their protection of the forest that few orc raiders dare to enter its depths; the safety of the cover of the forest is false, for the Haladin are highly skilled in forest warfare, and in making themselves unseen among the trees. The easiest route then is to pass along the western edges of the forest until the river Teiglin is reached, and then to head downstream to the Crossings. While the Haladin live a relatively nomadic lifestyle throughout the wood, the Crossings are heavily defended, even if they appear not to be at a glance. There is always a group of Haladin there to hunt any orcs that might appear, and with great fervor. 

As no orcs survive the Crossings, or come out of the woods alive, rumor abounds among them about the prowess and “magic” of the People of Haleth. The Haladin only add to such sentiments, burning orc bodies in huge piles outside of the woods to cleanse them of the stench and sacrilegious rot of evil. They also take the stripped skulls to spread on rough hewn pikes along the edges of the wood, a warning, a promise. Warriors dress in furs, pelts and leathers, faces painted for battle in black and white and occasionally red. Some might even don animal bones, the oldest warriors wearing the horns of rams which the Haladin revere. The image is altogether terrifying and wild, and works to great effect against their enemies. Such is their fierceness in the protection of their new home that even the greatest orc warriors might hesitate before entering the seeming peace and quiet of the silver trees. 

Slightly unpopular opinion:

I think I might be losing faith in OUAT.

This show has been through all kinds of crazy stuff, and this is the first time I’ve actually dreaded watching it. I’m so worried about the finale.

I’m worried for Emma. I really don’t think she needs a villain arc. Sure a couple episodes of Dark!Emma, that makes sense. But I feel like Emma has experienced so much darkness in her life, it doesn’t makes sense to me that she would falter now.  She’s overcome it every single time before this.

And in this particular time of her life, she has the most support she’s ever had. Yes, things might be rough with her parents. But she still has Henry, Killian and even Regina.

I just don’t think this particular story-line is right for Emma. So I’m just holding my breath and hoping Emma doesn’t end up being the big bad of Season 5.

Sorry for my crazy fears.