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is time an artificial construct of the veil?

Praise the Maker Alexius is the sort of guy to keep a journal. The world’s going to hell in a hand basket under the Elder One’s rule, but he’s writing everything down. Dear diary…

While primarily recording his attempts to cure Felix of the Blight, his casual musings wind up shedding considerable light on the nature of the Breach, and in turn the orb itself, the veil, and the potential scope of the Elder One’s original plan.

Before the Breach, Dorian and Alexius studied the theoretical possibility of time travel ages before Corypheus hit the scene.

Then came an ill-advised trip to the Anderfells (side note: SUSPICIOUS) and a Darkspawn attack that killed Livia and cursed Felix with the taint. That’s when Alexius pushed to abandon theoretical possibilities in favor of concrete results.

Dorian was on board for a while, long enough to develop an amulet that was theoretically sound yet functionally useless, but eventually abandoned his mentor and friend.

He says that it was Alexius’ twisted grief/obsession that drove him away, but I think that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s nothing Dorian loves more than a good bet (or showing off), and he’s no stranger to defying the odds. If a bit of time magic could save Felix’s life, Dorian would’ve been the first to cast the spell, yet he walked away.


Because Dorian’s smart enough to know it wasn’t possible. We know from the in-game banter that Dorian’s one helluva mage, going toe-to-toe with an immortal elvhen god on matters of technique.

Solas: I notice you used a nullification enchantment combined with an offensive attack.

Dorian: The nullification disrupts any ambient magic lying about. Things then burn hotter.

Solas: Don’t you then waste an inordinate amount of magic overcoming your own nullification

Dorian: Ah, no. I warp the Veil slightly to effect distance between the spells.

Solas: Of course. Have you considering snapping the Veil-warp to enhance the relative energy?

Dorian: Like cracking a whip? Yes, tried it once. Made my teeth taste funny.

The last line’s a joke, but Dorian gets it.

He’s not staring at Solas with a blank expression on his face and wondering what it means to warp an immaterial substance, he’s responding with insider knowledge because, yawn, he’s done that before.

So if he walked away from Alexius and Felix, it was because he genuinely believed it was a lost cause. And he was right! Time travel wasn’t possible until the explosion at the conclave, which takes us right back to what Alexius concluded after a year of research:

The Breach is the Wellspring that makes this magic possible…

So long as the veil was torn, time travel required nothing more than fiddling with an amulet. With it, Corypheus ensured Fiona never joined the Inquisition, Alexius threw the Inquisitor forward a year, and Dorian sent them back.

According to his journal, Alexius made countless attempts to reach some point prior to the conclave. The implication isn’t that he failed to travel through time, but that he failed to escape the confines of the Breach.

I’m starting to think the Veil doesn’t simply Anchor the waking world against the shifting formlessness of the Fade, it Anchors the flow of time. Beneath the veil, time and space are fixed. Prior to that?

Imagine beings who lived forever

…a place of beauty and magic lost to time.

I mean, think about it.

In that dark future glimpsed in Redcliffe, Corypheus has it all. He’s just finished a year long campaign that earned him the rebel mages, a demon army, Red Templars, the whole of Ferelden and Orlais, and presumably the Well of Sorrows. All that on top of having a red lyrium dragon and an immortal lifespan.

Yet instead of living it up in Tevinter, he’s camped out in a janky Ferelden castle trying to get back to a time before the Breach.

What more does he want?!?

Whatever it was the Orb was supposed to give him. And I can’t help but think the answer is time.

reading meta on ur fave that just completely misses the fundamentals of who the character is but the post has 100k notes

You know what I love about the title of Christmas special?

The fact that it is a play on “once upon a time.” It’s a phase, an opening line at the beginning of stories, but not just any stories. There’s a particular genre that uses it more than others, that we’ve all must of read at some point as small children.  

The genre is simply what Moffat’s era has been since the beginning and how it will end:

a fairytale. 

Rick and Morty Fandom Rant

Ok, it’s 3 am, everyone has seen the episode and I have a burning question in my soul that needs to be made for all y'all:

Ladies and Gents of Fandom, who still actually believes that Rick Sanchez is going to die of old age?

The man has been shot, dismembered, maimed, cut, bruised and lost countless bodies in the season 3 premiere that it was freaking hilarious to watch him swap around between versions of himself. No 70 year old can survive that. No fit, young person can survive that either! Also, my lovelies, he can make clones in 3 hours and control how they age! Y'all remember project Phoenix? Tiny Rick?

Does he *really* seem to be the kind of man that is going to let himself die? After all he’s been through?

Rick is the type of asshole that either goes in the blaze of glory or no deal. He’s not dying from old age.

So please. Pretty please. When y'all are writting fanfiction, remember that.

Rick Sanchez controls when he dies. Not fate or god or goddamn time. Only Rick!


Watch Usagi.

She’s able to keep together with everyone for the arm stuff, but because she’s Usagi and out of shape, her legs give out in the knee bend and she has to struggle to stand and then rush to catch up to the others.

A Waste of Time

“I decided not to waste my years planning dances and masquerades with the other noble ladies.”

Stop. No. Bad. Wrong.

That is a line from 2.08 (“The Prince of Winterfell), from Talisa Maegyr to Robb Stark in one of their relationship development scenes. The line is meant to demonstrate that Talisa is not shallow, that she wishes to do something of substance with her life. While being a battlefield nurse is undoubtedly admirable, the denigration of dances and masquerades here is part misogyny, part misconception. The misogyny comes in where for Talisa to be a “worthy” love interest, she must express distaste for feminine-coded pleasures, and she must almost word for word be “not like other women”. This is emphasised by the beginning of her monologue, where she says “I was raised to be the perfect little lady. To play the harp, and dance the latest steps, and recite Valyrian poetry,” in such a way that shows she has turned her back on these things. 

Liking balls and parties is not inherently shallow as the line implies. Everyone’s got something they enjoy. If you’re one of those people who like parties, A+, I hope you have a great time when next you go out. (If you’re not, also A+, I hope you enjoy your quiet evening wherever.)

Second, and the topic of the majority of this post, is the misconception. The sheer history fail and textual comprehension fail of this line is so great it’s hard to adequately express it. Throughout history, parties amongst the aristocracy have been anything but a waste of time. If courtesy is to be your armour, then a party will be your battlefield.

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idk how other people see it, but to me anne’s relationship with max is a journey of self discovery but not in the “oh, i’m into women” sense. that’s far too simple. i always felt that max being a woman was a non-issue to anne? it wasn’t about her being attracted to a woman, but the fact that she was attracted to someone that wasn’t jack.

maxanne starts out as anne discovering something about herself yes, but to me it wasn’t her sexuality. at least not completely. like she’s attracted to women, great! but like i said that’s not the issue. we never see anne being all “holy moly! but you’re a lady!” if anything, it’s about anne finding out that she can have a sexuality that’s not tied up with jack. that’s the whole point. maxanne to me is about anne discovering herself as a person. AWAY FROM JACK. that’s why that relationship is so important to me. 

i remember seeing something a while back along the lines of “maxanne was an unflattering representation of wlw because it made it seem like they can’t control themselves” or whatever. (which i find hilarious because this is a show in which vaneeleanor exists and that’s the biggest example of two people apparently not being able to control themselves when it comes to the other, even if that relationship is incredibly toxic for both of them. i mean look at both of their sex scenes ffs. talk about no self control.) but to me, anne doesn’t desperately latch on to max because “oh, my! lesbian sex is great!”. she does so because she’s finally finding a part of herself that belongs to her and her alone. it’s about finding her own identity.

anne spent her whole life since she was 13 years old dependent on jack. knowing nothing but him. acting like him. doing what he asked her to do. the idea that she could have her own identity unrelated to him never even crossed her mind. she says and quote: “i was 13. i always thought he saved me from something. always been so fucking grateful. now i wonder… maybe jack took me from something i was supposed to figure my own way out of. maybe he took away the chance to get strong enough to save myself. to grow up. instead, i went with him, did what he did, did what the others did. thought i’d become one of them. if i’m not what i was when i was born, and i ain’t what i’ve become instead… what the fuck am i?” 

anne never had an opportunity to figure who she really is. “i did what he did, did what others did”, she spent her whole life mimicking others. until max. she doesn’t have to do that with max. being with max gave her a freedom she didn’t know she could have. and she’s inebriated with it at 1st. but it passes and she starts caring for and loving her instead. like she says, she doesn’t feel like she owes max anything, not like she does with jack. and that allows her to be a different person. to finally be herself. to figure out what being herself means.

people love to portray max as the predatory lesbian taking advantage of anne (so gross), but that’s because they can’t conceive or don’t want to accept that anne’s relationship with jack is based on the fact that anne knew and had nothing else but him her whole life. that she felt indebted to him. but not to max. she was with max for so long because she fell in love with her. genuinely loved her. and she’ll never have that with jack.

i’m not trying to dismiss rackhanne. mostly because i believe it’s impossible and i’m not an hypocrite. i think anne will always care deeply for jack, for better or worse. he’s been her companion her whole life, her family and you can’t shake off something like that. who she is will always be tied up to him. but it doesn’t change the fact that as a relationship its basis is incredibly unhealthy.

and i hate how people oversimplify anne’s journey in s2. how they just want her to go back to jack. fuck everything else. how the fact that she “leaves max” for him, means she undoubtedly chooses him. (does she even choose to leave max? max is the one that tells her that it’s best for them to go their separate ways. anne never shows that she wants to leave her. she just follows max’s wishes.) because they don’t fucking get it. because, let’s all be honest here, they don’t actually care about anne at all. they care about their ship. they care about jack. but they don’t give a fuck about what it all means for anne and it’s infuriating.

i’ve talked about how rackhanne in s3 makes me incredibly uncomfortable for several reasons, and the fact that people don’t give a flying fuck about how jack uses anne however he pleases pisses me off. how he takes her for granted. even after everything. how he has no problem putting her in danger to achieve his own goals. 

ffs, look at this fucking quote: jack: “you said anne is alive, did you not? i would argue as long as that is true, there’s a chance, however remote, that she will frustrate your efforts to send me off to my death.” rogers: “out of curiosity, how would she go about doing that?” jack: “well, i have no idea. everything and anything in her power, i imagine, up to and including walking out in the middle of the road ahead of us to be RUN OVER by your horses in the hope of slowing you down for even a moment.” 

i’m so very sorry but this will never sit well with me. particularly because it’s true. and anne is agonizing over losing him: “we miss that caravan, you lose, what? money? your war? what i got to lose ain’t something so easy to recover from.while jack doesn’t really show any concern for anne’s safety at all.

if you think none of this applies to you - odds are you need to read it

you are not entitled to anything here

your role in fandom - whether it’s reader, consumer, writer, fan, etc. - is no excuse to disregard politeness for any reason

having people on your side is no excuse to be rude

feeling as though you’re right or being told you’re right is no excuse to be rude 

your preferences and opinions are no excuse to be rude

if somebody says you were rude it’s because they perceived it that way. taking a moment to reconsider how you said something and trying a different approach to attempt a resolution makes you look more mature

approaching your friends to let them know they might be acting rudely makes you look more mature

considering that you might have made a mistake makes you look more mature

people you like or are friends with still have the capacity to be rude and/or hurt others. remember that there are many sides to a conflict before you stand on one with a friend 

alienating people for disagreements makes you look immature and cliquey

if you really hate somebody for something they’ve said or done, try defeating them with kindness rather than anger 

HOW you say something matters just as much as WHAT you say. Everyone’s feelings are valid. There is no reason fandom has to be like high school. 

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yo its the mod of sparto-i and is it cool if i link to your post about the ableist shit in the SE manga ending? im making a post about some generally really uncomfortable things in the soul eater manga and i thought that would be a good point to make. i'll give you credit, of course!

OH i forgot to mention: if that post in mention is really old im sorry for digging it up and stuff (i was going through your soul eater tag which, again, sorry if thats weird aaah)????? but yeah anywho hope your day is a Good One and if im stepping out of line im mega Sorry dude!! good blog btw

go right ahead! you can reblog as much of my old se meta as you want; that stuff might be getting kind of dusty at this point but i do still stand by most of what’s in there, and that which i don’t isn’t so totally off base that i’d be opposed to anyone unearthing it from its metaphorical tomb 

also if you’re talking about uncomfortable things in the soul eater manga, you should definitely mention that soul eater not (not considered canon by a lot of people, to be fair, but the worldbuilding details it provides are imo a different matter than its plot/characters) states that dwma practices population control on the remaining werewolves, which is. hm. okay. 

…actually dwma is just a corrupt fucking mess in general; even setting aside the grand scheme stuff like them carrying out a what’s essentially a genocide campaign against witches (and using a witch’s own creations in order to do so; ask me sometime about how weapons and witches are natural symbiotes who were and continue to be pitted against each other by dwma) and them contributing to if not encouraging the treatment of weapons as second class citizens/to some extent less human, there’s still a lot of individual cases just in the manga of their policy towards a person being questionable at best

things i’d point out specifically:

  • black☆star being raised with a learned hatred of his clan by the very people who killed them is worth a second thought at the least, especially when noting that he chooses to present himself as a star clan member despite saying that they were nothing but monsters and he’s glad they’re dead (he may have been taught to hate his family but he subconsciously still wants to maintain a connection) 
  • justin law, an 17 year old who had devoutly served dwma and lord death for most of his life, was executed the moment he ceased to function as their tool without anyone even suggesting that an attempt be made to save him from madness — to rub salt in the wound, he was executed by a death scythe with a healing wavelength who already once rescued someone from madness, but of course marie’s ability woudn’t be wasted on justin! who the fuck cares about saving a kid whose problems stemmed primarily from the neglect of the organization that’s now decided to kill him?  (i am bitter
  • giriko’s vendetta against dwma is completely justified. i think there’s a post about this in my meta tag already, but also the blanks on this one kinda fill themselves in so i don’t feel the need to say more on that point outside of ‘get urself a man who waits 800 years for u to wake up so he could help u bring down the people who turned your creations/children against ur own kind and would hunt u to death with a smile’

oh hey look at that i completely forgot that the slightest mention of soul eater makes me write out like eight paragraphs minimum in a frenzied sweat

Ganondorf: *kills a boss*

Zelda: “Wonderful work! The light hasn’t left Hyrule after all!”

Ganondorf: “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

me: this game…

If you (Church x Blue!Reader)

Prompt #44 If you die, I’m gonna kill you.

You were going to do the impossible, all the rainbow soldiers along with you, helping to stop the Meta one last time. 

There was a plan. And everything should be fine then, no one would be killed, but Church was still worried about you, since one part of the plan was you being directly involved into a fight with the Meta.

So you could en up being really hurt or really really dead.

“(Last name)!” Church called one last time before everything started, and you looked at him 

“If you die o this one I’ll personally get a body back, bring you back from the death and kill you myself.” A small soft laugh scaped your lips and the sound traveled through the cold air. 

“I love you too.” You joked, maybe there was a confession on your words, but then you loked down at the memory unit on the snow. “I hope you can bring Tex back.”

It hit him like a bullet through his heart, if he had one. Something about him tied him to Tex, and he felt the need of saving her, of always bring her back, but something about you felt right, like his need of protecting you and being with you.”

How could he even do that if he didn’t even have a body?

It broke his heart. 

Your voice bought him back to reality ”Church…”

When he looked up at you he swore he could see your eyes through the visor of your helmet, your beautiful eyes. 

“If you don’t come back from the memory unit, please, at least remember me…”

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Hi! I was wondering if you could explain Brienne's relationship with knighthood, and how it changes throughout AFFC (maybe starting in ASOS)? I've read a lot of meta about Brienne, but I don't recall too many about this topic in particular. Thanks!

Wow Anon, this is a pretty big ask, but I am very glad you came to me with it. 

You are absolutely right to suggest starting at ASoS because this is really where she starts questioning her own strongly held convictions. (I mean, her faith is shaken a little in ACoK but ASoS is really where the challenge comes).

First though: let’s quickly outline the way Brienne thinks about chivalry/knighthood at the outset of her journey. Of course, she’s incredibly naive, and most of her ideas about knighthood have been picked up fro the songs and tales she has heard as a child, which are much less messy than the reality of knighthood in Westeros. All knights are not gallant, all maids are not beautiful, and the sun is not always shining. She’s also pretty unaware of her class privilege, and her goal re: knighthood is very much based around Renly and his kingship as well as proving herself a worthy/capable knight in the eyes of the society that deems her a freak. Obviously she is a very empathetic person, and she cares a great deal about others (see her insistence on properly burying the tavern girls hanging on the river bank) but she’s pretty unaware of the realities of war and its effect on the common people. She is dedicated to knighthood but she is not yet a True Knight. 

Of course, Jaime is a huge influence on Brienne in ASoS; I hardly need to say how much contempt she holds him in at the beginning, but his saving her from rape by the Bloody Mummers is a really key moment. I think it’s easy to jump straight to the bath scene and the bear pit but this is where she first realises that the world is not black and white. Jaime, a man she knows has broken oaths and attempted to murder a child, also saves her from being raped. It’a also worth noting that this is not only a kind and good thing to do, but it is a brave and knightly thing to do. Jaime puts himself at risk when he speaks up on her behalf, and a vital part of the knight’s code is to protect those who cannot protect themselves, which Brienne cannot at this point. 

Obviously then we have the bath house scene and all that entails, which I think is pretty self explanatory: Brienne learns that sometimes one has to do something they would in another situation consider “unknightly” or dishonorable in the face of a higher purpose. Another important note here is that Jaime chooses the “higher” form of knightly vow here. He chooses to protect the common folk rather than the king, and he chooses to protect the common folk from the king. Once again, he is stopping the abuse of power, and disregarding his vows to his betters in order to keep the vows he made to the realm. 

Then you get into AFFC and Brienne is being used by GRRM to highlight several themes. Of course there is the theme of knighthood and gender but Brienne also takes over Arya’s role (now that Arya is no longer in Westeros) of spending time among the common people and highlighting their suffering while the Tyrells and the Lannisters play at politics in KL. Septon Meribald plays a really crucial part in this when he talks to her about the broken men, and obviously Brienne despises such people but Meribald gives her a new perspective: not everyone gets a choice about whether they go to war. Brienne herself was all too happy to leave Tarth and follow Renly, but the common folk simply have to follow their liege lord into whatever slaughterhouse he tells them to. 

Of course, she has also realised for herself the realities of killing, since she kills her first man early in AFFC. It is a moment of loss of innocence, but it is also a very self-affirming moment for Brienne. She remembers Ser Goodwin telling her that “you have a man’s strength in your arm, but your heart is as soft as any maid’s” and though he does not doubt her skill with a blade, he does doubt whether she could take a life. Here Brienne shows that she can take a life when necessary, and that her soft maiden heart is not an impediment to her knighthood.

So by the time we get to her final confrontation with the Bloody Mummers she’s pretty much at her peak in terms of Righteous Knighthood. When she steps out to protect the children against seven vicious killers she thinks she has “no chance and no choice” (have I mentioned that I fucking love Brienne of Tarth all right. I want this line tattooed over my heart). She has fully stepped in to the role of the True Knight, one who puts stock in her vows but also cares deeply for the common folk and the realm as a whole. 

So now of course, what Brienne has learned is really being put to the test. It’s a popular theory that Brienne will kill Lady Stoneheart to echo Jaime’s killing of Aerys, and I think that is actually very likely. Brienne is going to have to choose one form of knighthood over another, and considering what she has learned along her journey, it seems backwards to think she would not choose to forsake a now-corrupt mistress in order to save Jaime and continue her quest for Sansa. 

And because I can’t write Brienne meta without complaining about show!Brienne and D&D’s portrayal of her, should Brienne ever meet with Stannis in the course of her narrative, it is incredibly unlikely that she would choose to kill him. Because despite her vow to avenge Renly, killing Stannis does nothing useful, and would be detrimental to the realm, since (in my opinion at least) he is the best candidate for the Iron Throne. Brienne can kill if necessary but whether she could kill Stannis out of pure vengeance is debatable, especially now that she has had experience of the “real world” so to speak. Her view of chivalry is no longer what she imagined it as when she was a girl in Renly’s camp. I think that were she to see it now, she would recognise the emptiness of Renly’s chivalry. 

Essentially, what Brienne realises over the course of the three novels is that knighthood is a much harder code to maintain than she had originally imagined. She swears her oaths with as much conviction as ever, but she knows now that some oaths are more important than others. She also knows that everything is not black and white, and she is not as quick to judge as she is in ASoS (though she is more wary). BUT what needs to be remembered is that although she becomes more jaded, she does not lose her faith in knighthood and chivalry as a concept. She knows now that knighthood is messy and difficult but still she strives to uphold her moral code to the best of her ability. What I find amazing about Brienne is her ability to see the horror and the reality of Westeros and not give up the fight. She is learning with astonishing speed how far to bend her own rules and when they need to be broken, rather than throwing the rule book out of the window, as Sandor and Jaime do. She loses her naivety but not her innocence and that is what makes her a True Knight. 

The thing I like most about writing the DJ stories is having Clint be the uncle who does not want to be involved but somehow always ends up being involved.  Because Steve and Tony are the parents, and Thor is really kind and cool but can be a bit too much “THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM?  COME WE WILL SOLVE IT IMMEDIATELY I SHALL FIX THIS FOR YOU” sometimes.  And Bruce is great, but DJ doesn’t like to stress him out, because Bruce is still kind of afraid of hurting him inadvertently, despite the fact that the other guy likes DJ just as much.  And Nat and Phil are for REAL problems, don’t bother them for little stuff.

And that just leaves Clint, and Clint has screwed up so many things so many times that Clint absolutely does not judge anybody.  Pretty much, if you’re like, “Here’s my problem,” Clint is like, “I’ve been there.  Fucking sucks.”  And gives you food, because food makes things better, right?  Right.  Food makes things better.

So somewhere along the way, Clint became, like, the emotional support and the cool uncle, and he’s horrified by this, because he doesn’t know ANYTHING about how to deal with a kid, he barely was a kid, and he represses as much of that as he can.  

But every time DJ shows up, he tries his best to not get loser all over the kid, and DJ adores him.  

It is so much fun to write Clint go, “Kid, I would’ve KILLED for your family problems, I don’t know what to tell you,” but never, ever, EVER say those words.  To never downplay DJ’s problems, or DJ’s issues, or pretend like they’re not real.

I just want Clint to have a family, OKAY? 8)

Brutasha & Faithfulness

Am I the only on who doesn’t think that Natasha “betrayed” Bruce when she pushed him into the hole. It’s not as black and white as that. Sokovia was being lifted into the air, they were severely outgunned, there were a ton of defenseless civilians, and here was Bruce Banner, the shaky, reluctant, scientist scared of his own shadow, who courageously chooses against his previous determination to avoid conflict and hide, to ditch his comfort zone and risk transformation so that he can save his dear friend who he loves.

I can’t help but think that when he actively chose to rejoin the team temporarily and leave Avenger’s tower with them he was still very torn between transforming in anger at Nat’s absence when he needed her the most and to use his strength to defeat Ultron and help the cause but there was still that part of him that doesn’t trust the Hulk around civilians that was amplified by the public’s judgement and terror, in Johannesburg. In the quinjet, you can see his raw, rage and protectiveness of Natasha, who has become even more important than himself and his constant need to control his monster. They say you never know what you have until you lose it.

He could have ran away and disappeared long before the team went out to confront Ultron, but he doesn’t because he waits for Nat and in this moment, he doesn’t clearly doesn’t give two shits about rejoining the game as long as he gets his girl back. Yeah, he probably also knows that there’s a possibility that he’ll hulk out in the midst of the chaos but he also knows that he’s the best chance they have. I think this small scene is commonly overlooked even though it reveals the depths of his feelings for Natasha, which he always pushes away, but this time, he fights for her.

On the other hand, Nat still held onto the hope that they would run away together or at least be together, until the very end when he leaves her. This is seen as she tries to coax him into returning to her in the quinjet, telling him that the job’s done and their fight is basically over. Also, before she pushes him, she sees that he truly loves her and wants to be with her, (she is his reason not to lose hope in himself and his future). Despite, Bruce’s tendency to shy away from his feelings and confrontations, he admits his feelings for her for the first time and confidently engages with her, giving her confidence that even if she brings out his monster, to save the world, he’ll understand why she did it.

And despite people’s common interpretation that Bruce Banner ditches her for betraying his trust and freedom, this is the exact opposite.

She knows and understands every dimension of Bruce so well that she gives him a push in the right direction for the good of humanity and for himself, since she knows that he’s the kind of guy who under normal circumstances would never avoid saving as many innocent lives as he could.

Even if Bruce has lost hope in his righteousness, morality, and heroism, Natasha surely hasn’t and gives him another chance to prove this to the world and more importantly to himself since she knows he can’t run away from himself forever.

Actions speak louder than words and so instead of trying to persuade him to fight with her one last time, she proves her enduring trust in him and herself to bring him back (hence the lullaby), by triggering the other guy. This only happens after sincerely kissing him ofcourse to let him know, she loves and cares for him deeply and is always thinking of the best for him. The Hulk’s smile and willingness to join the battle and “go be a hero” confirms Bruce’s, subconscious desire to fight for the greater good despite his insecurities and past trauma that commonly dictate his actions as a human. The Hulk is a physical manifestation of Bruce’s repressed desires, emotions, weaknesses, and strengths that have accumulated since his traumatic childhood. Natasha knows this but he still clings to the idea that there are two separate beings that cannot be associated with each other, because he’s afraid of his power. One, day Bruce will finally accept himself completely and I think his temporary escape will have something to do with it.

So no, in my opinion, Bruce doesn’t ultimately feel betrayed by Natasha especially since it is clear in the movie that he is willing to be submissively transformed back by her tender touch during the almost-lullaby. Until, she is almost killed by Ultron risking her vulnerable life for Bruce’s humanity, which scares the hell out of him and that’s why he leaves. His main priority above anything is her safety but at the same time he needs to realize that she’s a hell of a fighter and doesn’t need saving. In fact, his presence in her life would truly free her.

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Why don't we ever get main villains who have goals to benefit the world through arguably horrible means that conflict with the guardians, who care about their subordinates, and are willing to die for their beliefs?

Five months later!

Your question phrases it like this is something the series actively avoided, and I don’t know that’s entirely fair. They had five seasons and so five Big Bads. The stories they told simply didn’t lie along those specific lines.

Might they ever have? I think it’s very possible. Complex and sympathetic villains certainly weren’t something the series shied away from. Probably the biggest problem I’d find would be that the show isn’t always great at dealing with the larger repercussions, and the more morally grey your Big Bad, the more time you need to spend with your characters considering that. There should be internal conflict between the Senshi in how to handle things, debate about goals and methods, maybe even *gasp* AGREEING WITH THE BAD GUY. I fully believe it capable of supporting a story like that, particularly as the show, characters, and target audience matured a bit.

(This is, in fact, exactly the kind of thing I was hoping the reboot would bring to the Sailor Moon universe, but alas.)

To do it really well, I think the series would’ve had to be willing to branch out if its formula a bit more, which realistically may have been outside of the production limitations at the time, I don’t know. But I don’t think “why didn’t they?” has a clear cut answer you can point to, like “If not for A then B”. It’s all a creative process, and not having done a story doesn’t also mean it was a forbidden idea. I think what’s more likely is that the show was limited by both its own production demands and the general direction of the manga, and this simply wasn’t an avenue it ever got to.

Luckily, this is exactly what fanfiction is for.


I keep seeing this stupid argument all over the place and I am so fucking done with it. This is literally NOT what happened.

Two things that are wrong with this statement. First of all, this was not Abby’s decision to make, at least not all on her own. Yes, she probably pushed for it and I’ll get to that in a moment, but even then, it was either Jaha or the entire council making the final decision on what to do.

Secondly (and more importantly in my opinion) ABBY DIDN’T SEND THEM DOWN THERE TO DIE. That just goes against canon in every way.

Let’s just go back to the pilot. When we meet Clarke, she’s imprisoned and has one month until she turns 18. We get a vague mention about the possibility of her getting reviewed then, which could (in theory) be a possibility for her to get to live. But the thing is that with all the information we have, it’s naive to think that that’s even an option at that point.

Not only does she know about the system failure, which is why freeing her would be a huge risk for them, but their situation is also so bad already that they desperately need a solution, even if that solution means killing their own people. So why would they ever agree to actually let her live? That’s right, they wouldn’t. And Clarke and Abby both know it.

Remember that scene at the very beginning of the Pilot when the guards come into Clarke’s cell and she panics? Remember her line

They’re killing us all, aren’t they? Reducing population to make more time for the rest of you.

That was an actual possibility. That’s how bad it was.

And even though it was never explicitly stated on the show, it is my personal headcanon that it was Abby who proposed sending them to Earth, because really, that’s the best chance at survival they would have had at that point. They were talking about population reduction plans and let’s not kid ourselves here. The first to die would have been the juvenile delinquents. Like Jaha said in the Pilot, they are expendable to them. So yeah, Abby probably proposed the plan of sending them to Earth, but not as expendable “lab rats” (like the others seemed to think of them half the time), but because it was literally the ONLY way for them to at least have a chance to live at ALL. The sky people might have survived if they hadn’t done it, but the teenagers sure as hell wouldn’t have.

Also, just in case everyone somehow forgot: Abby fought like hell for those kids. She truly believed that they were alive. And sure, it probably also came from a place of desperation and denial about her daughter most probably dying down there. But she knew that - however crappy the chances - Earth was still their best bet and they needed to believe that they could survive down there.

So no, Abby did NOT FUCKING SEND THEM DOWN TO EARTH TO DIE. She pushed for the council to send them down because this was the last possibility for the 100 to LIVE, which is also an ACTUAL QUOTE FROM THE SHOW in case you all don’t remember the first season.

“We sent them down to die.”
“No, we sent them down to live.”

As for her sitting on a high horse. I don’t think you actually understand her character / the scene if that’s what you take away from last night’s episode. That wasn’t Abby “sitting on a high horse” and “judging” Clarke. It was Abby being completely shaken by the realization that her daughter just let all those people die.

She doesn’t know that Clarke actually tried to find a way out, hell she doesn’t even know the whole situation, cause NOONE FUCKING TOLD HER ANYTHING. All she knows is that Clarke knew.

Abby’s been worried about Clarke’s well-being (both physically and mentally) this whole time. And this is exactly what she’d been afraid of. Because regardless of whether the choice was right or wrong (if there even is such a thing in situations like these), Clarke will ALWAYS have the blood of these people on her hands and it is a huge fucking deal.

Castiel's Human Struggles With Faith

Angels have struggled with faith since they were first introduced to us.  Convinced that God had left his children, some tried to destroy the good that God had created as revenge for the lack of purpose they felt.  Others became ambivalent and pursued their own desires.  Still others searched to find either the Father that they longed for, or a purpose in his absence,  This conversation that Castiel has in a church in I’m No Angel clearly illustrates the lack of faith that this particular angel has experienced since learning that his Father didn’t want to be found several years ago.

Castiel: “Yes. Humans - so fragile. I never - never realized how fragile until recently.”

Woman: “I guess that’s why we pray. When you get dealt such a bad hand sometimes, you need something stronger than yourself.”

Castiel: “That’s a wonderful idea, but…”

Woman: “What?”

Castiel: “What if you were to find out that no one is listening? That God had pretty much left, that Heaven had gone out of business? What would you do?”

Woman: “But that’s not possible.

Castiel: “I think it’s completely possible.”

Woman: “You’re missing the point. It’s not possible because I have my faith.”

Castiel: “But when I tell you the truth- ”

Woman: “Your truth, not mine. Your lack of faith doesn’t cancel what I believe. That’s not how it works. You know… I think you might feel better if you tried it my way. Someone is listening.”

However, as I analyzed this further, it occurred to me that Castiel’s statements are also an accurate summary of the faith Castiel has won and lost, both in his families and in himself.  It’s been a long time since Castiel has had anyone that he can truly rely on. Dean’s actions in sending him away when he needed his family, though unintentionally harmful, serve to further the idea that no power or person can be relied on. 

So what now?

I’m sure that’s a question that we all have asked ourselves at one point or another when searching for God, for friendship, or even for answers.  But sometimes they can’t be seen at the moment.  Sometimes faith is all that bridges the gap between despair and hope when looking toward the future.

I love the fact that this woman - one of the humans that Castiel has always loved and tried to protect - stops to have a conversation with a man who is clearly struggling.  As an angel he had been struggling with faith for a very long time, but is now facing it in a way that is completely human.  She can see that Castiel has no faith so she offers him the hope of her own. This topic brought to mind the following conversation in Faith, which to me serves as a reminder that it isn’t too late for anyone to find the faith they didn’t know they had.

Dean: “Must be rough. To believe in something so much, and have it disappoint you.”

Layla: “You wanna hear something weird? I’m okay. Really. I guess if you’re gonna have faith…you can’t just have it when the miracles happen. You have to have it when they don’t.”

Dean: “So what now?”

Layla: “God works in mysterious ways. Goodbye Dean.”

Dean: “Well… I’m not much of the praying type…but…I’m gonna pray for you.”

Layla: “Well…There’s a miracle right there.”

I’m No Angel gives us a glimpse into Castiel’s mind as he continues on his quest for faith.  I hope to one day see him find it again, be it be in his Father, the family he has chosen again and again, or even himself. Perhaps Castiel cannot at this point see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is never too late for a miracle.  If a faithless man can learn to pray, why shouldn’t an angel be able to rediscover the faith he had all along?

SPN Season 10 Countdown Challenge: Day 21 
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when sam has one of his sleepless nights, bucky can’t sleep either. when sam has a sleepless night it means instead of sleeping basically sprawled over bucky, he lies at the edge of the bed. completely still and staring the ceiling and sobbing quietly to himself. bucky tries to get sam to talk about his dream. sam whimpers and looks blankly. even though bucky hates them, he asks sam about birds.

and sam talks. 

he talks and talks. about pigeons. about redwing. about the toucan he once saw at the zoo. until he tires himself out. sam drifts back to sleep, muttering thank yous into bucky’s ear. 

smiling to himself, bucky thinks, what a fucking bird nerd……….

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I thought the term filler only applied if the anime was following the manga closely, and the negative connotation came because, in this situation the arc or episode was usually wasting time, there was no advancing the plot for obvious reasons, but there was also no character development, since they needed the characters to be in the same place they were before the filler, but some animes use this opportunity to further develop it's characters, especially since most mangas are more plot driven.

Sailor Moon stopped being an anime that closely followed the manga at Episode Two, so even going by this it would be a meaningless phrase to try to apply to it.

But “filler” isn’t limited to anime, it’s broadly used across every medium. Original shows, which theoretically couldn’t have “filer”, have people claiming “filler” episodes. Again, typically shorthand for “I think this is worthless”. Which is fine as an opinion, I wouldn’t argue that someone must enjoy something, but it’s couched in terms to try and give a subjective opinion objective weight, and there’s where I have every problem in the world.

Because, again, nine times out of ten it’s used to indicate that an episode that doesn’t advance plot is useless. And it may have been unclear this morning, but I have kind of an issue with that idea.