Not even here for all the wank about Emma’s “evil” look.  She doesn’t look EVIL, she looks fucking TIRED.  She’s probably had about two hours of sleep in the past week, and she’s had a lot on her plate. She’s been crying a lot, as well. The makeup is pretty damned accurate for her in this case.

And I’m sorry, but anyone who honestly thinks she’s HOMG EVIL and RUINED for killing the SOCIOPATH HOLDING A GUN TO HER SON’S CHEST needs to maybe reevaluate the situation.


Hey Internet! This a kid who I met at a party 2 years ago, and have not talked to or seen him since. He asked me what I was majoring in and I said English. And then proceeded to tell me how he is leaving for the National Guard, and I said that’s awesome! I was 100% polite. And he asked me for my number and I stopped answering and unfriended him 2 days later. He continued after this to tell me that I should never have children. This guy who does not know me, kept attacking me as a person because he was mad I would not give him my telephone number. At first I laughed. And now I’m scared for someone with such anger issues to be given a military-grade weapon. People are scary.

Also, I wanted to saw that I think it’s gross that people call Louis tiny or small to his face. Y’all, the man stands on his tip toes to be taller. He is obliviously insecure about his height. Why do you think it’s ok to joke about it with him? You are not his friend. You are a fan. Keep it in fandom. It’s cute on tumblr, but why would you bring up something he’s so insecure about?!? Would you like someone making fun of something that you don’t like about yourself to your face? Do not bring up his height when you meet him!!!!!