Nothing could #stop we! Today was indeed a #great day. The #weekend at #cropover #festival in #Barbados has been an #amazing experience thus far… friendly #atmosphere nuff #caribbean #vibes
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Read through this for En Ami refreshers. Fucking WBD is just gross. Highlights:

- A scene that made it to an early draft of the script but was finally eliminated had CSM teaching Scully how to water ski.

- My original conception of the story was the CSM was a much better actor at winning Scully’s affections and that Scully was somewhat less resistant to his attention to her.  But the script got redirected.

- CSM pours the wine, he says, “I uncorked this one early.  It’s like a woman that way.  Time allows its beauty to unfold.”  A little too much seduction going on there.

not like i could unstan louis if i wanted to but if i did it wouldn’t be because all of his worth is in larry it would be because i literally cannot stand this crazy as fuck situation and all of this emotional trauma

Non so fare niente,
o meglio:
non faccio la differenza;
se mi impegno so fare tutto,
(così così)
ma non brillo
e non brillare mi sfinisce.

Susanna Casciani.