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why you shouldn’t hate cherry valance
  • told her bf she wouldn’t put up with his drunk bullshit and walked away
  • stuck up for herself when she was being harassed and wasn’t afraid to do so even if dallas’ own friends weren’t brave enough to stand up to him (except angel baby johnny take notes ponyboy) 
  • basically told ponyboy to suck it up because hes not the only one who has it bad 
  • only says she probably wouldn’t say hi to ponyboy if she saw him at school because she was just a kid who didn’t want to deal with the repercussions of interclass mingling that was taboo during that time period 
  • her boyfriend got murdered and she was still helpful to the boys responsible
  • testified in court to help ponyboy and jonny even though they’re the reason her boyfriend is dead
  • is literally just a teenage girl like shes at most 16 and she has to deal with all this shit 

Seaford by Stephanie Mason