i’m SO sick of people discrediting pearl i feel like a lot of it is not just fun shade half of the time

pearl’s only won challenges with other people??? so??? did she deserve them any less? nobody makes these comments about katya’s win with violet or max’s win with pearl

pearl’s lipsyncing is bad and all the same moves??? give me a queen i will do her style RIGHT NOW because EVERYONE has moves we see consistently. ask me to do ginger’s lip syncing and i’ll just smile and shimming a little while staring at the judges. pearl is so different that you notice her style even more, why are you discouraging new styles of performance????

pearl has no personality???? tell me why all of her confessions are straight gold if she’s not fucking hilarious. just because she’s a very chill, aloof type doesn’t mean she has any less personality from the next loud, shady queen. she’s different–aren’t we suppose to embrace this kind of variety? there’s not one queen from previous seasons i can even compare her to. 

pearl’s only talent is her beauty??? guess what, pearl IS god damn beautiful, both in and out of drag but she’s even said herself that she doesn’t want to be known for only her beauty and i think she’s doing a great job of it so kindly go fuck yourself 

hey yet again you can acknowledge someone is good looking without sexualising them and this is especially important wrt minors!!!

srsly do not sexualise minors that is disgusting and terrifying!!!!! do not talk about how “hot” or “sexy” they are, do not fantasise about them, do not call them “jailbait” or refer to yourself as a “paedonoona” or anything of the sort!!!!

you can acknowledge the fact they’re good looking but if you have to sexualise them you are disgusting and should seriously be kept away from children and teenagers and actually just society as a whole. bye.

People that are constantly negative about EVERYTHING drive me the fuck insane. Fair enough you may have your own issues and such but bloody lighten up. Not everything has to be turned into something negative and I hate talking to people who are ALWAYS so miserable constantly. Drives me literally insane because it always brings the people around them down too. Its hard but a little positivity never hurt anyone.

I should just delete my whatsapp whenever we have homework assigned or an upcoming exam cause I have people who haven’t talked to me since the first semester hitting me up and calling me.