stop quoting “normal 22 year old” so bitterly ok literally anything is normal compared to non-stop touring and non-stop recording and non-stop go go go for four years straight. “normal” 22 year olds do indeed typically go after their dream jobs and “normal” 22 year olds do indeed do that at their own pace at their own comfort level. 22 year olds building their careers is normal, I promise you it is.

How bitter of a bitch do you have to be to relentlessly try and tear down peoples confidence and self love? I’d like to see one photo of someone smiling and being happy exist online without some miserable shitbag attacking their appearance in some way. Don’t like that person?  Exit off their picture and let them be. Use the 20 seconds that it would take making whatever asshole remark you were going to make and do something productive. Close your laptop and go tell your mom she looks pretty. Go ask a sibling if they want to play a video game with you. Call a friend and tell them that you miss them. Listen to an awesome song. Anything that can take your mind off of whatever is provoking you to hurt someone who did nothing to you. It’s so hard in today’s judgmental society to feel content with yourself - don’t take that away from someone who despite everything has found a way to remain positive.