It’s pretty clear that Sam and Cait are both passionate about the same issues. so maybe it’s time people stopped pitting them against one another. Sam can tweet about fan polls as much as he likes, but that doesn’t mean he’s some dumb jock who only cares about his rapidly growing popularity. Cait can tweet about the terrible things that are going on in the world but that doesn’t mean she’s stuck up and ungrateful. We should all be proud to call ourselves fans of these two kind, caring, talented, beautiful people. 

Okay. Let me get something off my chest. If I make a post that is nothing, but positivity about Nikki Bella that doesn’t mean you have the right to comment under it unnecessary bullshit because I don’t want to see it. The post isn’t made for haters like you to ruin the mood. You don’t like Nikki, stop looking in her fucking tags and commenting under every positive post about her. WORRY ABOUT YOUR FUCKING FAVES!

why dont these petty white people ever talk about things like “reverse classism” being a thing? is it because maybe YOURE not rich? maybe you crying “reverse racism” isnt about being politically correct or standing by a dictionary definition?? you just want to play victims. you want pity. you want people to think youre being attacked. its all about you