“She never posts or ‘likes’ anything personal” 

Okay, media, I’m let you finish but––

I see…hmmm… personal…


interests THAT ISN’T MUSIC (crafts)

Oh, look - taking an interest in fans lives… personal

oh, more interests (cats/meerkats/funny pets)



Well… this is awkward. 

It appears, it’s not “WE” don’t know Taylor Swift the person… but, just you. Maybe you should try actually looking, instead of writing misleading, ignorant rubbish. 

Me: *Is watching a watching a video with a J-Pop song in it*

Person in comments: This song is so great!

Me: Yeah! 

Person in comments: Way better than american music! All of my friends are listening to that trashy american pop, rap, and hip-hop, but I’m listening to sophisticated and clean japanese music! 


alright shut the fuck up about this being “Shoey proof” because Shane and Joey both came out. Now is not the time nor the place for it and if you think it is get the fuck out.

Jared Padalecki

Misha Collins

Jensen Ackles

Ruth Connell 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Richard Speight Jr.

Mark Sheppard

and 100 more actors get way more hate then they are due because of rolls they play on TV/movies.

Personally? I hate John Winchester, I don’t like Dean Winchester, don’t like Rowena, and dislike/hate a lot of other characters, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to start hating on Jeffrey, Jensen, or Ruth, and it most definitely doesn’t give me the right to.

If you can’t separate actors and the characters they portray you shouldn’t be watching the show in the first place. I’m doing this based on Supernatural and it’s characters because that’s what I’m into at the moment and what drew my attention to it but this is an all around fact. 

The cast of Supernatural is full of amazing people(as is the cast of whatever show you’re into, research the actors before making an opinion and spreading it.) 

It is 100% unfair to judge/hate a person because of a roll they play, they didn’t write the roll, they didn’t chose how they would act in the situation the character is put in, they are simply doing their job. A lot of the time you’re meant to dislike a specific character, so how can you hate an actor for doing their job well?

Honestly I want to personally fight anyone who has the gal to hate on one of the people who saved my life simply because of their job, if you have an issue with any of the characters that stems from nothing more than “I didn’t like [character name]” you can keep your mouth shut. If there is a legitimate reason you don’t like them, that’s fine, but make sure it’s something the actual actor did and not something that was written into their role in a fucking show.