Eirin and Kaguya:
Have been friends for centuries
Have lived together for centuries
Would give the other anything they ask for
Defend each other
Protect each other

Kaguya and Mokou:
Openly hate each other
Kill each other on a daily basis
Have deep seeded feelings of hatred based on traumatic passed events
Have an overall toxic relationship

Touhou fanbase:
AW KAguya and Mokou are my otp!

Next stop, the beyond by OmarKaulitzLanza
No matter where you are if you’re coming or going Life is a path to walk a path If there is something you hiding or something decis A friend will always be the first to know That will always be in my Those good times spent without knowing .. A friend is ua light shining in the darkness Always be my friend nothing else matters … ♫ ♪ ♫

How to stop overeating

Hello beautiful people!

I’m gonna leave you here some tips to stop overeating/binge eating.

1) Before you start putting food like crazy on your mouth think if you are truly hungry or is it just boredom or emotional eating. Ask yourself if you would eat an apple; if the answer is yes then you are hungry and should have a little snack, if the answer is no then you are not hungry and just craving junk food.

2) DRINK WATER OR GREEN TEA. Maybe you are thirsty and not hungry. Drink two cups of water or a cup of tea and wait 20 minutes, if you still feel like eating after this then grab a small snack.

3) Distract yourself. Paint your nails, read a book, talk yo a friend, wash your hair, experiment with your makee-up, write your feelings down, go for a walk, go to the gym, have a dance party in your room… just stay away from the kitchen.

4) Go on the internet and motivate yourself. Search for fitness motivation and your goal body. Do not look at recipes even if they are healthy or you will make yourself hungry.

5) Meditate and relax for 10 minutes. Think about why you started this journey, what you want to acomplish and how far you’ve already come. Don’t throw away all your hard work!

Hope this helped you. Much love xx