People that are constantly negative about EVERYTHING drive me the fuck insane. Fair enough you may have your own issues and such but bloody lighten up. Not everything has to be turned into something negative and I hate talking to people who are ALWAYS so miserable constantly. Drives me literally insane because it always brings the people around them down too. Its hard but a little positivity never hurt anyone.

I should just delete my whatsapp whenever we have homework assigned or an upcoming exam cause I have people who haven’t talked to me since the first semester hitting me up and calling me.

What happens when I talk to people about P!atd.

Me: *Wears Panic! shirt*

Person: OMG I Love Panic! at the Disco!!!!!

Me: Yeah same what’s your favorite song

Person: This is Gospel like omfg

Me; Cool mines Time to Dance…

Person: Time for what that’s not a song.

Me: Ok bye *walks away*