He has done a great job in writing this chapter, and has hit the feels button just right.
He has given us a reason of togetherness( personally, he has given me a reason to live, i. e, gruvia) and we should accept whatever he gives us. Fairy Tail is not about which ship gets canon , its much more than that.
Please be thankful that he is writing such amazing Manga and his storytelling capability is just out of this world. Its so amazing that every panel in the Manga appears next to real for us. We are affected by it in real life. So let’s help him, and cheerfully accept thESE spoilers.

As a Turkish and a Muslim, I want to say a few things about the attack.

I don’t know where to start to be honest.

The terrorists had arrived as 4 people in a taxi. One of them got to the carpark, and started firing all around. The people were scared, so they got to the inside of the airport. And they got the policemen’s attention. While the policemen were going to the carpark and the innocent people were trying to get inside, the other three terrorists ran inside of the airport and in all that chaos no one noticed. (According to news, it’s similar to the Brussels attack.)

The terrorists got to the very entrance of the international part of the airport, I repeat: INTERNATIONAL. Our tourism sector has been suffering from the terrorism for a long time. And terrorism wanted it to suffer even more. And our relationship with Russia have just got better, so the Russian tourists have started to come in our country again. But noooo, the terrorists wanted to smash it again. Oh, and Putin was going to call our prime minister at 12 o’clock today. Coincidence?

You guys all know how our government is trying to get in the EU (Yes, our government. I’ve seen some people whining about how Turkey’s been trying to get in the EU and never going to succeed and how we’re all humuliating our selves blah blah etc. but if you ask the people, the majority is going to say: “No, we don’t want to get in the EU.”, including me. So the people doesn’t want it, only our government wants it. Believe it or not. Also I think we’re not going to succeed too but I don’t want to be succeed, anyway.) The EU was going to decide if the vizas were going to removed between Turkey and Europe. And now an attack to the International part of the central airport of Istanbul? Hah. Coincidence?

And to the ones who don’t know: Istanbul Atatürk Airport is the most secured airport of the Europe. I’ve been there, expecially the International part. All the people in there were almost  going to be searched to the underwear. The attack was in the entrance, not inside  of the International part. So security couldn’t check the terrorists.

And now, we open the televisions, see the news and you know what we say? We say: “Again?!” We say again?  Do you know how many terrorism attacks directed to Turkey in the last year? Do you know how much innocent people we lost? While you were praying for Paris, we were also praying for Istanbul. While you were praying for Brussels, we were also praying for Ankara.

When are we going to feel that we’re secure? When are we going to walk in the streets feeling free? When are we going to go to any place in this beautiful country not feeling that we could explode any time? When?  When?

And if there’s still some guys out there who are Islamaphobic or thinks that these terrorists are Muslim, these words are for you: How many proofs that we have to give to you? You know which month is this? I mean in the Hejira? It’s Ramadan. Muslims call Ramadan: “The Sultan of 11 Months”. You know what do we do in this month? We fast. Meaning: we do not eat, or drink, or gossip, or say bad words, or look at “haram”, literally rest our soul from every single “haram” thing, plus dicipline our desires and greed for some time. (The time changes from country to country. This year in Turkey, that’s 17 hours. Yes, we do stay 17 hours without food and water. Believe me, it looks impossible but actually it’s not. I do it, and I can assure you, you get more hungry between the break of meals.) Plus it’s the month of peace, sharing and brotherhood. Did the terrorists act in these terms yesterday? Have the terrorists ever act in these terms? No. Plus, we are inside the last ten days of Ramadan. Meaning: The Qur’an was delivered to Earth in “The Magnitude Night” which is inside the last ten days of Ramadan. (Muslims say that The Magnitude Night is more greatful than a thousan months.) People say it’s the 27th day of Ramadan but it’s no exact, The Magnitude Night is basically hidden in these last ten days. In these days, we Muslims worship and pray even more and more. We try to make people happy even more. We try to act nicely and give ourselves to our religion even more. Is this what the terrorists who call themselves “Muslim” do? No. Let me tell you even a more tragic-comedic thing. These so-called Muslim terrorists say “Allahu Akbar” when they’re about to bomb someplace, or explode themselves right? Do you have any idea where “Allahu Akbar” must be used, I mean like a proper use? It must be used in “namaz”, when we’re about to go to the “secde” position. It’s basically a very very holy saying, and saying this when you’re about the butcher, slaughter, murder people…this is not Islam. It’s far from being Islam. And if these evidences are not enough for you, then I don’t know what to say to you anymore.

And for the last thing, I’d like to show you how Istanbul looks like to those who’s wondering how it looks like, to those who’s never been there and expecially to those who think that we ride camels. (Seriously that was one of the funniest thing I have ever heard.)

This beautiful city in this beautiful country has suffered enough and I think it’s about time to say “stop”. Stop. Stop terrorism. Stop ruining this beautiful city. Stop ruining this beautiful country. Stop ruining this beautiful world.


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