Okay so some off stuff is happening, you’re worried about Tronnor, I GET IT. But who are we to assume these things. For all we know Troye might be sad Connor couldn’t come to his show and Connors sad about the same. Obviously their relationship is private why in hell would they open up about it if it was done? You Guys need to calm down. Connor had to go to the Grammys rehearsal. You think that right after getting the job he would just skip that? He’s been to many many of Troyes shows. Just give them time okay? Don’t freak out.

Alright we gotta stop with the “harry and/or louis would hate you if ______” because let me tell you something: Harry and Louis have literally played such a huge role in so many people’s lives. All of these boys have. You can’t take this one thing that provides so much happiness and joy to someone’s life and use it as weapon and sneer at them. Because I can tell you one thing, I highly doubt Harry and Louis would be pleased with you using their names to be mean and vindictive.


I get it, everyone’s upset, but name calling and aggression don’t solve our problem. This is almost just as bad as the witch hunt incident of last year. l:L
If y'all want to slur and name call, I suggest you cut your crap. That’s not how things are settled, it’s how arguments are progressed to CYBER BULLYING AND I WILL NOT CONSIDER DEFENDING ANYONE INVOLVED IN THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOR. So I suggest y'all get a grip and handle personal affairs by blocking those who’ve you deem fit and moving on!