What she says: I’m fine
What she means: I’m incredibly frustrated that everyone keeps misgendering Pidge by using pronouns other than she/her because not only has there been no proof of Pidge uses other pronouns (the comic ‘they’ was proven to be referring to the whole group and there is no solid evidence for the con) she identified as a girl and was identified by the creators of Voltron as a girl and by gendering her differently people are not only sending a negative message about not respecting gender identity they are also missing the entire point of it: female empowerment and the diversification of projection of women in the media, proving not all women have to be curvy and stereotypically feminine to be strong and important characters.

mom: i always look forward to driving when i can put this heating pad on my neck
me: thats weird
her: what?
me: thats weird
her: What my baby?