I’m sorry, you can’t preach against homosexuality and then claim you do not hate. The reason that there is a “war on Christianity” as they say, is because there is a war on HATE and they happen to have a lot of it. It’s not their business who marries who. Not everyone is Christian and not every Christian believes that gays shouldn’t marry. According to the bible, Jesus was humiliated, beaten and tortured to death on the cross. Do you know how many homosexual people have been humiliated, beaten and straight up murdered in the name of their god?
Not one time is same sex marriage mentioned by Jesus in the bible. The only thing against homosexuality is in the same chapter that claims tattoos are a sin, eating shellfish is a sin, wearing clothing of more than one fabric is a sin, slavery is a good thing, and if a woman is raped she must marry the rapist. So unless these so called Christians also want to uphold these values, it’s time to get the fuck over it. Sometimes dudes marry other dudes, and I’m definitely sure they have watched lesbian porn at least once in their life. You don’t get to jerk off to it and then deny them the right to marry.

I’m tired of people (and even Marvel itself) pissing all over Ant Man just because of the name. Going as far as making fun of it in the movie, like have some respect for one of your own, if you don’t treat the character seriously how is anybody else supposed to? Ant Man is a great character, whether it be Hank Pym or Scott Lang. Ant Man is a great fucking character (and the original creator of Ultron) stop pissing all over the character just because of the name. Seriously.