Concerning Hobbits (of Color)

Okay it’s been a whole day and I’m still angry about that hobbit casting thing, so let’s lay down some Tolkien canon here.

Fact 1: Per Tolkien, there were originally three races of hobbit. The Stoors were a small group, they were broad and stocky, they grew facial hair, they liked rivers, and their skin color is not specified, so Tolkien probably meant them to be white (but there’s no reason they have to be, since again, not specified). The Fallohides were a tiny group, they were thin, pale and tall, they were bold and good with languages, and they like trees. The Harfoots were the distinct majority, they lived in holes, they had hairy feet, and they were brown. Tolkien is super clear on this. He explicitly calls out Harfoots as having browner skin than other hobbits when describing the races and he uses phrases like “nut-brown skin” and “long brown fingers” when describing specific hobbits to back it up.

Fact 2: Britain planted its ravenous imperial flag firmly in the soil of India three centuries before Tolkien wrote The Hobbit. He knew what a brown person looked like. He would know he was not evoking a slightly darker shade of Caucasian when he said a person had brown skin.

Fact 3: Bilbo, Frodo, and all of their friends are aristocracy. Sam is the only hobbit we ever meet who is an actual laborer. In Tolkien’s time, laborers worked in the sun and middle class and aristocracy stayed inside where there was something resembling temperature control. Apart from Sam and Aragorn, no one in the Fellowship (or Company) ever voluntarily got a sunburn. If Tolkien talks about brown skin he’s talking about brown skin, not a farmer’s tan.

Where does this leave us?

Well, Tolkien says that after colonizing the Shire, the three hobbit races mingled more closely and became one. This leaves us with two options.

Option A: He’s talking about that thing that sci-fi writers sometimes do where “everyone is mixed race.” So all three races would have smeared together into a single uniform color. What color? Mostly Harfoot, aka brown. The “strong strain of Fallohide” in the Tookish and Brandybuck lines means maybe they’re white-passing, but in this scenario all hobbits are brown.

Option B: He’s talking about a more melting-pot scenario where visual racial distinctions still exist but everyone lives side-by-side in a fairly uniform culure. The Tooks/Brandybucks having a “strong strain of Fallohide” means that they are themselves remaining strains of Fallohide, and are straight-up white. Merry, half Took and half Brandybuck, is thus white (possibly part Stoor, given Brandybuck comfort with water); Pippin, half Took and half Banks, is either white or biracial. The Baggins family, sensible owners of the oldest and most venerable hobbit-hole anyone knows of, are blatantly Harfoot, making Bilbo and Frodo (half Took and half Brandybuck respectively) also biracial. Fallohides being exclusively adventurous high-class types, and the Gamgees being staid low-class homebodies with a distrust of moving water, Sam is obviously Harfoot and thus completely brown. (Smeagol, a Stoor, is probably white, but as discussed above, doesn’t have to be.) In this scenario, a minimum of three of five heroic hobbits are various shades of brown, four out of five of them could be, and most background hobbits are brown.

In conclusion, if you think all hobbits are white, you are canonically wrong. If you geek out over Aragorn wearing the Ring of Barahir, rage about Faramir trying to take the Ring, and do not even notice, much less complain, that Sam, Bilbo and Frodo are being erroneously portrayed by white guys, you need to reexamine the focus of your nerdery.


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Sorry for not having posted in…years. I think that it has literally been a year or two since my last post. Whoops. Anyway, here’s a little story that I thought up that I hope isn’t too cheesy…(It’s pretty long though, I guess)

“So, you’re telling me that you moved all the way out here with no plan, with barely enough money to pay for a month’s rent, and no job prospects?” Y/N’s friend, Margaret, said to her on her first day in the country. Y/N nodded. “Bloody idiot.”

“Well, I’m here now. And here I will stay,” she said defiantly to Margaret. Her friend looked at her with worry, and Y/N felt her heart warming. “Don’t worry about me, Meg, I’ve got it all under control. The bookshop next door might be hiring, and even if they’re not, that won’t stop me from making a living somewhere.”

“Just… take care of yourself, Y/N. I have to go - Ministry work and all that - but please call me if you need anything.”

Y/N nodded and smiled at Meg as she apparated away. She breathed a sigh of relief once she  was gone. Y/N was terrified. Moving all the way from some random suburb in America to cute, little Brighton was quite the change. She really hoped that the bookshop next door was hiring, or she would be struggling to pay her rent this month.


“Do you do anything other than work, like, ever?” asked a concerned Margaret, two months later. The sky was bright, and the light shone from the single window in Y/N’s cramped kitchen. “I feel like you only take the day off when I show up. I bet you’re itching to go back and sort those books, aren’t you? Are you even listening?”

Y/N’s gaze rested on the view from the window as she thought about sorting books onto the correct shelves of the bookshop. What new books were in stock? Maybe she could find a new one to read for tonight… Her mind snapped back to the present as Meg addressed her. “Hm? No, I actually wasn’t thinking about work, thankyouverymuch.”

“Then what could you have possibly been thinking about?” Meg asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, uh,” Y/N’s mind raced for something to say. “Oh! I was thinking about this guy… who I saw at work a few times.”

Meg sighed. “Baby steps,” she mumbled under her breath, unaware that Y/N heard her. “A guy you say? Tell me about him!” Best friend mode was immediately engaged.

“Oh, no, no, no - it’s nothing like that,” replied a wide-eyed, blushing Y/N. “He’s very handsome, but he’s only come in twice. And he’s engaged, so it’s not like it could go anywhere - not like I want it to…” Her rambling was cut short by a giggle from her friend.

“A homewrecker! Oh, my, how scandalous.”

“Oh, shut it! It’s nothing! Were you even listening?” Desperately, Y/N sought to change the subject from her little crush. “Tell me how you’ve been, it’s been ages.”


At the bookshop, Y/N was clearing away books from one of the reading tables when her favorite blonde-haired boy stepped into the store, the bell above the door signaling his entrance. “Hello, how can I help you today?” greeted Y/N.

It had merely been two days since her conversation with Meg, and thoughts about this customer raced through her head in between conversation.

“I need a book to take my mind far, far away.” He spoke distantly, with an emotionless look in his eyes.

Y/N hesitated at his tone. Did something happen? Her mind held onto this curiosity, but she forced it back before the words could escape her lips. “Sure, are you looking for a fantasy novel, or something more emotionally gripping, as opposed to adventurous?”

Until then, he had avoided eye contact with Y/N, but in that moment he looked her straight in the eyes. She saw a mixture of pain and sadness that caused a lump to form in her throat. “My fiance and I just split up this afternoon, so what would you recommend for that?”

Y/N’s eyes widened. Unsure of how to respond, she remained silent, her mind racing. His voice was laced with bitterness and sarcasm, and she didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Well,” she cleared her throat, “I can try to direct you-”

“I’m sorry, but I think I’ve changed my mind. Sorry to have wasted your time,” he said, turning around and walking out of the stoor. When the jingle of the bell above the door stopped, Y/N’s mind cleared. Her eyes scanned the books on the shelves in front of her and, spotting the exact book she was looking for, grabbed it and threw it into a newspaper parcel tied with string.

She looked towards the register, where the store owner motioned for her to hurry up. Her legs took her swiftly outside of the bookshop, where she spotted the blonde-haired customer with the gray eyes walking down the sidewalk. She sprinted towards him and managed to catch up before he rounded the corner.

The man stopped and turned around, likely due to her loud footsteps. “I’m sorry, that was incredibly unprofessional of me back there,” Y/N managed in between her panting. She took a second to catch her breath before continuing. “So, please take this as a gift. I think you may like it.”

She handed him the parcel.  “Right,” she said with a new breath, “I should get back to work.”

“I’m sorry, but what is your name?”

He caught her by surprise, but she replied, “Y/N, sir.”

“Right. Well, take this. I don’t have very much cash on me so I hope it’ll do,” he said, handing her a golden coin. “I’ll be on my way.”

Before she could protest, he was already around the corner. She looked for him, but he seemed to have disappeared. In her hands sat a shiny gold galleon. So, he’s a wizard, she thought. Well, I have no use for this.

She put the galleon into the pocket of her overalls and turned to return to the bookshop, wondering where the man had apparated to, and what his name was.



The headline was everywhere, with the couple’s faces plastered over every magazine article, and every newscaster speaking about them. Y/N couldn’t care less. Their faces seemed familiar, though she chalked it up to seeing them everywhere. Why Meg felt the need to have the TV on celebrity news channels at all times was beyond her.

At any rate, she was glad to have returned to the bookshop for the night, for some tidying up before closing time. “You know, you don’t have to spend all of your time here. You should go out and do whatever it is young people do these days,” said Eve, the owner of the shop.

“I’m happy right here,” Y/N said with a smile. Besides, it’s not as if she had anyone to talk to in this country other than Meg.

Y/N moved to the back of the store, where there was a nook that was only a few feet across - about enough space for a maximum of three people to fit - with three walls lined with books on shelves. Because it was such a popular spot, it was a small mess. The single beanbag chair in the spot always had books laying underneath of it that kids had probably tried to hide.

Being in the back of the store meant that she hadn’t heard the bell above the door jingle with the entrance of a single customer. “Oh, hello,” she said with surprise as he stepped around a bookshelf to see her in this space.

“That book you gave me,” he began, stepping into the confined area of the nook, “was exactly what I needed.”

She smiled. “I’m glad you liked it. How can I help you today? I do have to let you know that closing time is-”

Y/N stopped as his arm reached over her shoulder to the wall behind her. In this space, he had to bend his head down to fit, causing their faces to be quite close together. Y/N could feel her face flush as his breath invaded her space. The smell of his cologne hypnotized her, but before she could say anything, he pulled back, book in hand.

Not realizing she was holding her breath, she audibly exhaled. “That one’s, uhm,” still quite flustered, she struggled with what to say about the book in his hand.

As she was about to speak again, his eyes flicked up to meet hers and suddenly their lips met. The taste of spearmint overwhelmed her, and the smell of his cologne again captivated her.

As he drew back, their eyes met once again. This time, Y/N recognized him from the faces plastered all over the wizarding world news this morning. For a moment, she wondered about that again. Her thoughts dismissed themselves when Draco Malfoy spoke. 

“That was horribly inappropriate,” he stated about himself. Y/N nodded. “Would you like to go out for a coffee, by any chance?” Y/N nodded. “Brilliant.”

Why be sad about Bilbo and Thorin maybe not meeting in the afterlife when you could believe this perfectly feasible headcanon instead!

So–in canon–Yavanna was all worried about the dwarves (who btw were created by her husband, Aule/Mahal) destroying all the green of the earth which was the thing she had dominion over, yeah? So as a bit of insurance, Enu created for her the Ents. 

Well I think that she would be equally as worried about the dwarves rebuilding the earth after Dagor Darorath (‘war of all wars’, basically the Ragnarok of Tolkien’s world) so she asks a favor of Eru. She asks for someone to regrow the earth, to make sure that the dwarves do not forget it in their spark of industry. Eru agrees but tells her he wishes her to grow them from the Houses of Men so they may be in tune with the Music of Ainur and not outside of it as the dwarves are. 

So from the three Father’s of Men, Yavanna takes a lock of hair and buries it deep under the earth in her pastures where she knows her little ones will come to rest after their mortal lives have ended and they await the end of days. 

And she cares for them tenderly and worries over them when she finds they are rather tiny things. Once Eru has come and gifted them life and spirit as only he can do, she unearths their feet from the soil and finds they’ve grown large like roots with little tufts of hair likely left over from the locks she planted. She teaches her children to care for the earth they came from, to love it as they love themselves. 

They’re a gentle folk, as she had hoped, satisfied with simplicity and food (of which they require more than any creature she has ever seen) and good, tilled earth. And when they leave her for the lands to the East, their mourning is so great that they cannot even speak of her even to one another and as the generations go by they forget where they came from all together but not what they were taught. 

As all mortals must though, hobbits do pass on. When they do, they come home to Yavanna and her pastures. And Yavanna…Yavanna is the wife of Aule, creator of the dwarves. So Bilbo finds himself spending his afterlife surrounded by, yes, his mother and father, Frodo and Sam, Merry and Pippin. But there is also his dwarven family. Ori, Nori and Dori. Oin and Gloin. Balin and Dwalin. Bofur, Bifur and Bombur. Fili and Kili. And of course…Thorin Oakenshield who looks just as lovely and regal as he did one fine evening in a hole in the ground where there lived a hobbit. 

And together they rest, and together they toil, and together they fall back into slumber once the work is done and are taken up in in Eru’s arms to the places Men dwell, the places not even the Valar can know…

Now And For Always
Now And For Always

The Lord of the Rings Musical (x)

Track 12: Now and For Always

Sung by Frodo and Sam

[this is the part where Sam reassures Frodo as they near Mordor, as seen in Sam’s speech in the film]

Sing me a story of heroes of the Shire
Muddling through, brave and true
Stubborn as bindweed and tough as old brier
Never too showy or grand
Year after year they persevere
Now and for always
Harfoots who planted, and Stoor folk who ploughed
Bred to endure, slow but sure
Fallohide blood in your veins makes you proud
Sturdy and steady they stand
True to their aim to stay the same
Now and for always

Sit by the firelight’s glow
Tell us an old tale we know
Tell of adventures strange and rare
Never to change
Ever to share
Stories we tell will cast their spell
Now and for always

Sing me a story of Frodo and the ring
Fearless and bold

Tired and cold

Sword at his side
An elf blade called sting
Crossing a miserable land
Wouldn’t retreat
Just followed his feet
Now and for always

Sit by the firelight’s glow
Tell us an old tale we know
Tell of adventures strange and rare
Never to change
Ever to share
Stories we tell will cast their spell
Now and for always

Sing me a tale of the bravest of them all
Comrade and guide, at my side
Stouthearted Sam who wouldn’t let me fall
Holding my life in his hand
True to the end, no finer friend
Now and for always

Sit by the firelight’s glow
Tell us an old tale we know
Tell of adventures strange and rare
Never to change
Ever to share
Stories we tell will cast their spell
Now and for always

I cry every time I listen to this one.

Apparently Hobbits and Dwarfs could have met? Back in ancient (sorta) history I mean.

Hobbits originally lived between Mirkwood and the Lonely Mountain, but migrated to the West. 

The Hobbits moved away before Erebor was more than a mining colony, and it is possible that when Erebor was established as a Kingdom there weren’t anyone still alive who had actually met a Hobbit, but, (!!!) it is possible that there is a shared history here. 

Maybe some Hobbits stayed, or that some Dwarfs left with them. (Which could be why there are Stoors!)

I really like thinking about what Hobbits were like before they settled in the Shire. What similarities and differences. 

Of Hobbits, Afterlives, and How to Make Your Interspecies OTP Less Sad

So I’ve been seeing the Tolkien fandom despairing over the whole separate-afterlives thing a lot lately (WHY, Tolkien, why?), and since I have a personal, fairly well developed, fix-everything headcanon concerning this issue, I thought I would share it. Take or leave what parts are useful to you!

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Sam Gamgee's Brown Hands

There are a couple places in the book that describe Sam as having darker skin. I’ll just list them below, and then move on to commentary:

Sam sat propped against the stone, his head dropping sideways and his breathing heavy. In his lap lay Frodo’s head, drowned deep in sleep; upon his white forehead lay one of Sam’s brown hands, and the other lay softly upon his master’s breast.” -TT: The Stairs of Cirith Ungol

Sam drew out the elven-glass of Galadriel again. As if to do honor to his hardihood, and to grace with splendor his faithful brown hobbit-hand that had done such deeds, the phial blazed forth suddenly, so that all the shadowy court was lit with a dazzling radiance like lightning.” -RotK: The Tower of Cirith Ungol

When I originally described Sam as non-white in my Racism in Middle Earth series, I actually got quite a few messages from people arguing that I’d interpreted these passages incorrectly. That Sam’s hands were brown because they were dirty, or because he’d simply been tanned by time spent gardening in the sun. And while both of these are possible explanations, there’s enough evidence of racial diversity among hobbits that I think it’s just as likely that Sam simply isn’t white. (When describing the three main groups of hobbits, Tolkien says “The Harfoots were browner of skin, smaller, and shorter, and they were beardless and bootless… The Stoors were broader, heavier in build; their feet and hands were larger… The Fallohides were fairer of skin and also of hair, and they were taller and slimmer than the others.”) Also, for the record, Sam described one of the soldiers from Harad as having a “brown hand”, and the Haradrim are universally accepted as non-white by readers, so I’m really not sure where the confusion is here…

Finally, I definitely don’t think Sam was a slave. Sam’s family traditionally worked for the Baginses, and because the Baginses were one of the old “genteel” families of the Shire, you definitely get some classism with Frodo and Sam’s relationship, but nothing approaching slavery. Sam’s introduction in the book reflects this:

Old Ham Gamgee, commonly known as the Gaffer… spoke with some authority, for he had tended the garden at Bag
End for forty years, and had helped old Holman in the same job before that. Now that he was himself growing old and stiff in the joints, the job was mainly carried on by his youngest son, Sam Gamgee. Both father and son were on very friendly terms with Bilbo and Frodo.


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I'm going to Scotland next year as an exchange student. What should I know? (I'm from Norway if that's relevant)

hi ! I’ve had some Norwegian friends historically what a coincidence

if you come to aberdeen i’ll personally give you a tour

  • we drive on the left
  • if someone says something and you dont understand to you and you’re scared, they’re not trying to be scary, they’re probably saying something nice
  • the word “Scottish” has two t’s, of which, neither are pronounced, but the word “British” has one, which you pronounce twice

  • in the 40s, 40% of everyone in Scotland signed a petition for us to rule ourselves, we didn’t get our own parliament until 1999, and even then, it’s not in charge of everything
  • A lady called Nicola Sturgeon (who has a Scottish name, and is Scottish) is the leader of the Scottish parliament (Holyrood, not Hollywood) in Edinburgh, the capital
  • David Cameron (who has a Scottish name, but is very, very english, and hates the poor, disabled, and foreign) runs the UK and with the parliament in London’s (called Westminster) decides foreign policy, defense, war, and how much money Scotland can have, 
  • he’s a tory 
  • we don’t like conservatives (”tories”)
  • when you look at the map on the BBC weather, scotland looks small, but this is because of the angle of the picture, scotland’s actually very big (comparatively)
  • Scotland is multicultural, diverse, and filled with broad-ranging experiences which you should really take advantage off
    • that implies taking a boat to an island at least once, going very far north, and maybe seeing a dolphin
  • we have a few languages, Gaelic (which is spoken in the Hebrides (islands) and north mainly), English, Scots (and different dialects of scots)

  • Some scots accents are as different from English, as Norwegian is from Swedish. It’s hard to tell, linguistically, what’s a language and what’s not. Sometimes linguistics just go by who’s independent (Norway) at the time or not (Scotland). 
  • some people think speaking scots makes you poor or stupid, they’re wrong
  • Scotland thinks a bit differently than england. We have different cultural perceptions and approaches. 
  • we dont have many cities
  • most people live in the ‘central belt’ (edinburgh and glasgow)
  • If you’re below the central belt, you’re in the lowlands, 
  • in the lowlands are flatter
  • if you’re above the central belt you’re (usually) in the highlands
  • in the highlands there’s mountains
  • sometimes theres tensions between Protestants and Catholics, this is expressed in football (rangers and celtic) mainly, but sometimes in marches and fighting

This is the history of Scotland as simply and as concisely as i can:

  • When people came to Scotland, they were hunter-gatherers, 
  • then they tried farming, but farming was hard, and the land had to be drained,

  • Vikings came, gave us some words, burned some shit, some stayed, the Norwegian word “stoorsooker” (vacuum) (idk how its spelt) is understandable to most scottish people bc ‘stoor’ means dust in scots, which is a word you gave us (and sooker, in scots, means something that sucks)

  • for a long time we were good friends with france, old men talk about this fact a lot

  • we tried having an empire in the 1690s but that failed really badly and also there was a famine, france couldn’t help out bc england owned the seas

  • because of this England said “come into us, and we will give you money” and we needed money bc of the famine and the fact we’d spent Everything trying to build a Panama channel

  • and then (1707) the United Kingdom was a thing, 

  • many people didn’t like this UK bullshit, so there was some fighting, but that ended in 1745 with the battle of Culloden (sometimes when scottish people talk about ‘45′ they mean 1745 and not 1945)

  • from then onwards, a lot of horrible things happened to people, especially gaelic people, in the north of scotland, like; 

    • making the traditional clothing illegal

    • making it illegal to have weapons 

    • making clans illegal

    • making it harder to speak gaelic
      • this is why gaelic is rare in scotland now, when it was once the only main language in the most of scotland (including where im from)

    • teaching gaelic children in english

    • evicting people from the land they farmed
  • The industrial revolution came and went. 
  • we invented some stuff
  • The wars came and went. 
  • oil came and went
  • we got our own parliment
  • we tried leaving, didnt go well, dont bring it up

i hope you have a great time and that the weather’s kind to your visit!!

recently there was a bit going around about, i believe, an indian woman who was turned down as an extra for shire scenes because she was “too brown”

and for all the reasons that’s nonsense and racist, another thing is that in canon, hobbits of the shire are descended from three ethnicities of hobbit: stoors, harfoots and fallohides 

their skin tones are literally described in the prologue of the fellowship of the ring – called “concerning hobbits”, which, in the lord of the rings trilogy, is one of the first scenes in the film, and is also the name of the jaunty musical theme you hear in shire scenes in the lotr/hobbit films

harfoots had dark skin, or at least darker than the stoors and fallohides, and the fallohides had lighter skin than the stoors, which means the harfoots are AT LEAST a few shades darker than your average white person

and the harfoots were the most numerous of hobbits, and the fallohides the least numerous and to have fallohide blood was a bit uncommon in the shire – most shire hobbits are primarily descended from the darkest group, the harfoots

tolkien wrote this

so what the fuck are they doing with tolkien casting

(5sos) Imagine #3 : He Makes You Cry

Luke - You sat in the livingroom with all of 5sos , and ou guys watched some movies. “What do you guys want to watch next?” You ask , getting up to put on another movie. “Frozen!” Michael yelled. You looked at him and laughed. “Mikey , we just watched that.” He pouted , and crossed his arms over his chest like a little kid. “How about .. Mean Girls?” They all let out long , loud groans. “What?” You laugh , looking at them. “We alwaaaysss watch that.” Calum says , with a mouth full of chips. “So? We can watch it again.” You smirk , putting it on. All the boys take out their phones , not wanting to watch it. You stand up to go sit next to Luke again , but Ashton took your spot. “Ashton , what the hell! I was sitting there.” You put your hand on your hip/ “But then you got up. Finders keepers.” You roll your eyes , and sigh. “Fine.” You walk over to Luke and sit on his lap. “Ahh , y/n. No.” He says , trying to push you off. “What?” “Please dont sit on me.” You laugh a little , completely confused. “Why not?” “Youre fat,” He lets out. All the boys’ eyes widen , and look at him. They all know how you felt about your weight. Your heart started pounding hard , feeling even more self concious. “Sorry.” You stand up quickly , wiping the tears off your face. “y/n , no please , come back.” Luke called for you. You ignored him , and ran into the bathroom. It wasnt long , though , before Luke followed you. He opened the door , and you cussed yourself out in your head for forgetting to lock it. “y/n , please. I didnt mean it like that.” He said , his voice soft. “Ok , Luke. Then what did you mean?” “I - I didnt want you sitting on my lap , because - because you gt me turned on when you do.” He spills out. You let out a giggle , and wipe your face. “Really?” “Yesss. Now please , come back out so we can watch some mean girls. I already told Ashton to go back on the floor , and when the boys go home , then you can sit on my lap.” He winks. 

Michael - You two were walking hand in hand , doing a little shopping. You couldnt help but notice Michael checking out every girl in the mall. You ignored it. Boys will be boys. You entered Hot Topic to get the newest Of Mice & Men album , Restoring Force , when Michael was looking a girl up and down. You felt a knot in your stomach , and begam rummaging through the CD’s quickly so you could leave the mall. “Hey.” You heard a female voice say. You turn to see the girl approached Michael , and now they were talking. You began searching quicker than ever, and once you found it , went to the cash register. “Is this all?” The man asks. You keep your eyes on Michael and the girl and nod. “Yes.” He scans it , and you quickly take out your money to pay for it. “Here you go.” “Thank you. Cmon Mi-.” You look to see the girl was giggling, her hand on his chest , and he was smirking at her. Now , there was a knot in your stomach AND throat. You were angry , and sad. You stormed out of ths stoor, and thought about where to go. Michael had the car keyes , and the house was a 15 minute drive to the mall , so walking distance would be like 30 minutes. You didnt realise you were crying until someone stopped. “Are you ok?” They asks , their arm on your shoulder. You nod , and smile. “Yeah, my - my cat died.” The give you a sympathetic look , and walk off. Guess you could use the excorsie. As you were about to walk out of the mall doors , someone spins you around. “y/n , what the hell?” Michael asks. You ignore him, and try to turn around , but he just yanks you right back. “Michael , let go!” You whisper yell , not wanting to start a scene. “Whats going on? What has gotten into you?” He asks. “Tell me something , Michael. Did you get that girls number?” He parts his lips to say something , but stops. He looks out the window , knowing you wouldnt like the answer. “Screw you.” You say. “y/n , im sorry! I - I dont know what i was thinking , ok? I just , I wasnt thinking. Please , ill delete it. Forgive me , baby. I cant lose you.” He lets out shakily, tears brimming his eyes. No matter how mad at him you were , you still hated seeing him cry. You nod quickly ,and he pulls you in for a hug. “Im so so sorry. I love you.”

Calum - (This one is going to be a bit like Michaels) The beach. You loved going to the beach , especially with Calum. He was so fun to go with. You two were just laying down on the towels , as some fans approached. “Hey , Cal! I lov eyour band! Mind if we take some pictures with you?” One of the girls ask. She looks about 18 , or 19 , while the other one looks about 17. “Yeah , sure.” He smiles , standing up. They take some pictures , and start talking, You didnt realise how long they had been talking , until you saw the sun was about to go down. “Cal , I think its time we go?” You ask , standing up. “What ? Why?” He asks , sounding dissapointed. All you could think about was how much prettier and thinner these girls were thany you. “Because its about to get dark , and i want some cuddle time.” You smile at him. “Cuddle with your pillow.” He snaps , turning away from you and continuing to talk to the girls. You stood there while , until finally speeking up. “Why are you acting like this around these girl’s?” “Because theyre hotter than you! Fuck off , y/n. Jesus.” He says , turning his head back to the girls. You suddenly felt tears coming out of your eyes , and you began getting dressed. “Then we’re done.” You finally say. He looks to you , eyes widen. “What?” “You heard me. Im going to ‘fuck off’ now.” You grab your bag , and began walking off. “y/n ! Baby, Please! Im sorry!” Calum yelled after you. You hear his footsteps on the sand , so you began walking faster. “Im sos sorry!” He yells , catching up to you. He tries to hug you , but you push him off. “I hate you!” You yell , crying harder than you were before. “I hate you so much!” You yelled once again. He hugs you tightly , and you hug him back crying into his chest. “I know. I hate me too. I didnt mean the at all, baby. I cant lose you. Please , I cant lose you.” You couldnt even form words anymore. All you could do was nod , and cry into his chest. 

Ashton - “WHEN YOURE READY COME AND GET IT!” Ashton yells, as you chase him around the pool. “Be carefull , kids.” Michael says in his 'mother’ voice. You ignroe him , and he sighs, “NO RUNNING AROUND THE POOL.” He yells , causing you two to stop , and laugh. “I want pizza.” Calum complains. “Me too,.” Luke chimes in. “Ill call them.” You say m walking into the house. After you called them , you went on twitter for a bit , seeing Michael had tweeted “@Luke5SOS & @y/t/n wont stop running around the pool! Im a concerned mother. Someone help  , my kids are out of control. :(" You couldnt help but laugh at his childness. y/n , coe bacck. I miss you.” Ashton yelled. You giggle , and run back outside. “I missed you more.” You fake cry. Ashton kisses you passionatley on the lips. “Ewww.” All the boys complain. You both laugh , before pecking eachother one more time. “Pizza’s here.” You say , as you hear the door bell. You run into the house , and grab your purse. “Thank you.” You smile as you pay for it , and close the door. You put it on the counter , and walk back outside. “Pizza on the -.” Ashton was running , and bumped into you , causing you to fall , hit your head on the pool , and falling in. All you could feel was pain in your head , you couldnt open your eyes. You felt someone grab you , and take you out of the pool. “Is she ok?” Calum yells. “I - I dont know. y/n , baby , wake up.” He says , shaking your body. You slowly open yoru eyes, and they all sigh of relief. “Go get her a bandaid! Shes bleeding like crazy.” Luke nods, and runs into the house. The pain was so unreal, you began to cry. “Im sorry , y/n , oh my god. I didnt see you there , and i-.” “Its ok , Ash. It was an accident.” You say through tears. It really did hurt, but you knew Ashton didnt mean it. “But i made my baby cry.” He frowns , and kisses the part of your forhead that wasnt bleeding. “Im so sorry.” He repeated over and over again. 


The three groups of hobbits mentioned in the prologue of The Fellowship of the Ring - Harfoots, Stoors and Fallohides.

The Harfoots were browner of skin, smaller and shorter, and they were beardless and bootless; their hands and feet were neat and nimble; and they preferred highlands and hillsides…The Harfoots had much to do with Dwarves in ancient times, and long lived in the foothills of the mountains…They were the the most normal and representative of Hobbit, and far the most numerous.

The Stoors were broader, heavier in build; their feet and hands were larger, and they preferred flat lands and riversides….The Stoors lingered long by the banks of the Great River Anduin, and were less shy of men. They came west  after the Harfoots and followed the course of the Loud-water southwards. 

The Fallohides were fairer of skin and also of hair, and they were taller and slimmer than the others, they were lovers of trees and woodlands…The Fallohides, the least numerous, were a northerly branch. They were more friendly with Elves than the other Hobbits were, and had more skill in language and song than in handicrafts; and of old they preferred hunting to tilling.

[Fellowship of the Ring - Prologue - p20] 

Here’s the first batch (½) of archived posts from Askmiddlearth that relate to the Prologue. A heads up for any first-time readers out there - I cannot guarantee that these posts are spoiler-free, so read them at your own risk.