stoopid art

my friend @kitty-is-not-on-fire wanted usuk fluff and who the f am i to disagree 

plus clingy alfred is best alfred!1 f ac t

so have this stupid doodle 


Smol angry Chiss VS Tol chill Cathar
*Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix playing in the distance*
(Yeah I listened to it on repeat while drawing that xD suits the mood too well…)

Thank you so much @wereleel

“All that I can say is every night I stay awake I chase the thought of you until I’m running from the pain”

  Autolaser & PLS&TY ft. MARØ - Hiding From The Rain

Practice arts after not drawing for a long time. IM SO RUSTY!
This was inspired by the part of the PV where they are both standing on the rooftops facing away from each other and slowly turn to look at one another. ITS MY FAVORITE PART.

I half hate this picture because I’ve been looking at it for way too long. It’s also the first time I’ve done any digital coloring (my greatest weakness) in a long while. Stupid dentist school making me art stoopid.

I am obsessed with this show and can’t stop.