stool love


“My room?  But I thought…”

“Oh, what? That ‘once this door closes, it will not open again! Rawr!’ I know, he gets so dramatic!”


Your boyfriend, Stefan got into it with some werewolf that was flirting with you at a party, which caused him to get bit. And as of right now, Klaus’ blood is the only source that Stefan knows of to cure a wolf bite, so he insisted on going to New Orleans to get it because Stefan is the only one out of the group that is friends with the original hybrid himself.

Stefan made sure to call Klaus beforehand and thankfully, Klaus agreed to do him this favor even though he is a busy man. And since you go wherever your boyfriend goes, you packed any needed essentials for your visit there.

Arriving to New Orleans, Klaus insisted on meeting at a bar called “Rousseau’s” located in the French Quarter. A round of shots was already waiting for the three of you at the bar with Klaus exchanging words with the blonde bartender. When the bartender noticed your arrival, she went back to working.

“Stefan. Long time no see.” Klaus greeted Stefan with a pat on the back.

“If it isn’t the big bad hybrid.” Stefan took a seat on the bar stool.

“Hello, love.” Klaus gave you a hug, towering over you.

“Hey Klaus. New Orleans is stunning.” You replied.

“I’d enjoy showing you…and Stefan around.”

“You sure you got the time?” Stefan asked.

“Nonsense. Matter a fact, Elijah should arrive shortly. But I can’t forget to give you what you came for.” Klaus pulled out a vile from his pocket that was already pre-filled with his blood, handing it to Stefan without caring about being low key about it.

“Very much appreciated, Klaus.” Stefan chugs the vile of Klaus’ blood, then takes his shot and leaves to go use the bathroom.

While Stefan was gone, you and Klaus did the usual ‘cheers’ with your shot of liquor and even talked a bit about the craziness going on in his life in New Orleans. He even flashed you that crooked smile thing he does that women lusted after. You love Stefan so it didn’t get to you at all.

Stefan comes back from the restroom and in his view, it seems as if Klaus is being a little too friendly with you from the laughs and smiles the two of you are exchanging. It does make Stefan a little uneasy since he is the jealous type.

You see finally see Elijah walk in, so you go over to greet him with hug. He always was your favorite Mikaelson brother.

This is when Stefan finds it as the perfect opportunity to ‘set Klaus straight’. He stands behind Klaus, leaning to his ear to speak in a low tone so that you wouldn’t hear. “Speak a word to my girl other than ‘hello’ again and I’ll rip your throat out, alright?” Stefan threatened.

Klaus smirked. He always found it amusing getting under people’s skin. “Oh Stefan, I never sought out for you to be the jealous type. I’ve always seen Damon fit the narrative.”

Stefan sure has some balls to threaten the one man that literally saved his life.

( So we’re playing a game where Madness is a thing. One of our characters just received a new Madness that makes them fall in love with a certain character according to a dice roll. The unfortunate character was out translator mushroom that sits on my character’s shoulders and she’s very fond of him. )

DM: Ethan is now in Love with Stool. What do you do. 

Ethan: (makes some casual flirty remarks at the mushroom who just peed himself with fright)

Me: (IC) Get the fuck away from my mushroom. I won’t let you taint him with your creepy advances. 

(Two other characters, a robot chronomancer, and a demolitions expert with a speech problem casually discussed something amongst themselves)

Demoman: I think mushroom and man make good couple. We ship them

Chrono: (nods in agreement)

(Some general arguing later the pair start chanting “We ship it. We ship it.”  Finally…)

Me: Okay okay! Here let me hand him over to you. (My character holds out the mushroom but instead of handing it over to the lovesick man, I placed a firm hand on his shoulder and casted Greater Restoration curing him of his madness)

DM: And he’s cured! (OOC) Thank fuck for that… that was creeping me out.

( The rest of the party sighed with relief including Ethan. The shippers weren’t so happy though.)


Happy to share my Goddess Symmetra cosplay I debuted at Kitacon 2017! 

Hours were spent painting my whole body blue but everyone’s comments on the day made it all worth it!!💙💙 Reaper makes for a comfy stool. 

I love Symmetra and I can’t wait to wear this cosplay more! 💪💖

The first photo was by Rossi Catberry (Catberry Photography) Thank you for the great shot! 

Keithober Day 8: Family

Because we all know that Keef’s already got his space family in the form of Voltron Team/ that or I’m conflicted if this should be ‘Love’ cuz I know that it’s not romance that he needs but rather a 'Familial Love’ since he lacked of it since childhood (and due the amount of hate he’s receiving from the fandom as of now) 😢


@sharplmages ABSOLUTELY,,,,, I forgot what hands are halfway through but yes I’m always a slut for shimamine thank u for your request and your kind words 🌸✨🌺 also I highkey hc that Minegishi’s vines tend to grow out of control when he is flustered, just in case anyone enjoys that hc as much as i do

and i remember when i met him.

summary: a series of ups and downs in the relationship containing you and Tom.
word count: almost 2k
an: lana del ray is a blessing to this world

And I remember when I met him, it was so clear that
he was the only one for me.

Ellen laughed with Tom as you both sat together. You had been labeled as ‘on-screen sweethearts’ from the way you both looked at each other and how you acted around one another; cuddly and lovingly.

“I have a question for the both of you,” Ellen smiled as Tom reached for his mug on the log coffee table, you hummed in response, letting her go on as Tom moved back to sit his back comfortably against the love seat. Your hand was on top of his, which was on the top of your thigh. The interaction wasn’t unusual but it always erupted butterflies in your stomach.

“Are you two together or just very close friends?” Ellen asked. The question use to make your eyes bulge out of your head but now, you enjoyed the question.

“Uh,” you cleared your throat and smiled softly, looking down at your lap. “No, we’re not. We’re just really close friends.” You looked back up and smiled at the lady in front of you.

“Yeah,” Tom agreed and looked at you, a fond smile on his cheeks, “if we were together, you would know.” He spoke.

“Yeah, he has a big mouth. You would have known the second we started dating.” You teased, making Tom roll his eyes and chuckle.

“Shade! Shade!” Tom laughed before everyone’s giggles died down, “you aren’t wrong, though.” He noted.

“I know.” You agreed before the talk show went on.

We both knew it, right away.

“Y/N! Over here! Y/N!” A photographer shouted as you looked around the red carpet, arm wrapped tightly around Tom while your free hand held a black clutch. You smiled softly and looked up at Tom, a small blush finding its way to your cheeks, but it was expertly hidden by the layers of makeup on your face. You kept the smile on your face as you looked at the group of photographers before moving along. You could hear the sound of your and Tom’s name being yelled out as you walked down the carpet. You were supposed to do a small interview before going into the award show you were invited to, well, at least you were invited. Tom was your plus one.

You had been asked to go to the Tony’s with the cast you were a part of, Waitress. It was an amazing experience and you loved it, even if you were leaving soon to move to London for a few months.

“Y/N, Tom! Great! Hi!” The interviewer smiled, making a fake smile graze your face. “It’s so great to see you two together.” She huffed out, even with a large smile plastered on her face.

“I’m so excited to see you, I saw your performance on Waitress, the other night and I think it was absolutely breath taking.” She complimented.

“Thank you! That means a lot.” You thanked and leaned into Tom.

“Of course. Has Tom seen you act and sing?” She asked as Tom softly chuckled and squeezed your hip.

“Yeah,” Tom nodded, confirming that he had seen you perform one night. Multiple nights, actually. He had invited RDJ one night and came another night on his own, or the other way around; you weren’t too sure. “She did amazing; I loved watching my favorite girl so something she loves.” A small aw erupted from the interviewer as butterflies flew around your stomach and made your cheeks blush darker now, your heart beating faster.

“He had posted a picture of us the first night he came, I was still in my costume and I was on his back, kissing his cheek. Everyone went crazy.” You giggled as Tom chuckled.

“That they did.” Tom agreed as the interviewer awed again.

And as the years went on, things got more difficult -
we were faced with more challenges.
He was like this hybrid, this mix of a man who couldn’t contain himself.

“I can’t just give up the opportunity! I was offered my dream role, Tom.” You argued as Tom shook his head, hands on his thighs as he tried to make them feel less sweaty.

“I get that, but you just moved here!” He bit his lip, it was your turn to shake your head.

“I know but imagine me not doing this role. I will be devastated and I’ll be in New York. I’ll have my old apartment, we can face time and stuff.” You tried to reason but Tom bites his lip again in thought. He wasn’t too sure if he wanted you to go to New York so soon, he wasn’t too sure if he wanted you to leave in general. He liked that he held you every night and that you were always the first one up, making breakfast in one of his shirts and apologizing when you forgot his favorite coffee creamer. He loved the afternoons with you when you would offer to buy lunch but he would always end up buying it, making you pout. How you would drink tea and read a book while classical music played around the room. You would always do a crossword right after before taking a nap and getting up to go to the gym.

He especially loved the nights, when you would be just out of the shower, hair in a towel, face free of makeup. You would have bags under your eyes and he loved it. He loved them. He loved you. He would much rather look at you without makeup than with pounds of it. You would always cook once your hair was dry and ask how his day was; standing at the island with him as he sat in the bar stool. He loved it. He loved when you would change into one of his shirts and how you would beat him to bed, but you would always be singing something as you laid in the bed, lamps turned off and main light off. He would smile, change and go to sleep with you.

“I know it’s your dream role,” Tom paused and took a deep breath, “why can’t you just stay with me for a little while longer?” He questioned, your lips puckering as you thought.

You could stay with him, let him enjoy your company for a little while longer, but they needed you to get to New York as fast as possible so you could start rehearsal for your role as Zoe Murphy in Dear Evan Hansen. You wanted to stay for years but you only had so much time and you loved musical theater as much as you loved Tom, but your job would take your time from him for awhile and then you would get all the time in the world, in this case, a few months after your debut as Zoe, you would leave and travel back to London and you would hug and kiss Tom until your lips were swollen.

“I wish I could.” Y/N responded and frowned going to hug him.

I always got the sense that he became torn
Between being a good person and
Missing out on all of the opportunities that life could
Offer a man as magnificent as him.

“You should take the job!” You mused as you looked at Tom through your computer screen, your fairy lights twinkling in the background. Tom shrugged, not too sure if he should or not. He had been offered a job in a new movie and he didn’t know how it would go. He didn’t know if he could pull it off, but you were practically begging him to do it, to jump into it.

“Maybe.” He simply replied, making you frown.

“You should do it! It would be so much fun!” Y/N simply spoke and he shrugged again, looking up when his name was called.

“I – uh – I have to go. Mum’s calling me to help Harry with something.” Tom murmured making a deep frown plaster on your face, but you nodded and said your goodbye as he logged off. When he was off and the call was disconnected he debated on texting you and saying he didn’t want to take the job because once he started it, you would be back in London. Your two months were almost up and as soon as it was up you were moving back to your shared apartment. He couldn’t wait but he wished you could see the way he looked at you and the way he talked about you when you weren’t around.

Tom: I’m not taking the job. You need someone here when you get back.

Y/N: Don’t worry about me! You deserve to be a big movie star so go and be one! I’ll still be there when you come back.

And with that he bit his lip and locked his phone, going downstairs to his mum.

And in that way I understood him

“Take the job,” Tom repeated as you shook your head. You had been up all-night arguing. You didn’t want to fly back to the states for another job that you would leave soon. “Why not? You auditioned when you were in New York last time, right? Go and live your dream!” Tom enthused but you shook your head again, letting loose hairs to fall in front of your eyes.

“No point in leaving again.” You murmured. “I’ve lived all of my dreams already; I want to stay here now.” Tom frowned.

“Are you just staying because I’m here?” He asked. You bite your lip, nodding softly. The movements made Tom sigh and rest his hands in his hands.


“Because I do not want to leave you again.” You admitted. “I can work somewhere here. I don’t need to go back to New York. I can stay here.” Tom shook his head and looked at you.

“You have to go back.” He murmured.

“No! I’m staying.” Your voice rose and he bit his lip this time.

“You need to! You’re amazing.”

“I can be amazing here,” you responded.

“Just go!” He urged and you took a deep breath before leaving the room, shaking your head as you went to the shared bedroom.

And I loved him.
I loved him, I loved him, I loved him.
And I still love him.
I love him.

You smiled warmly as Tom held you, his large hands sprawled around your stomach as you guys sat in the park, somewhere in New York.

“It’s beautiful.” He hummed and you nodded, aging with him for the first time in months. “I wish we had more time like this,” Tom whispered and pressed his head onto your shoulder as you took another deep breath.

“We could.” You spoke out but Tom shook his head, disagreeing.

“We can’t.” He responded but you rolled your eyes.

“There’s a job opening for a play called ‘Heathers,’” you spoke and Tom slightly lifted himself up, “I got the job as Veronica.” You told him but the excitement you thought Tom would have, wasn’t there. Actually, he seemed upset.

“I’ll be in Canada, shooting.” He muttered and your eyes kind of widened before they shut and you nodded.

“Right, because I told you to.” She whispered and he nodded, his hands going to rest on your thighs before he rested his head on your shoulder.

“We’ll never be a perfect couple.” He whispered as you let out a breathy ‘yeah.’

Charles is in love.

A flash of blue eyes with brow furrowed, a glimpse of a moody scowl, tall and broad–the man at the other end of the bar is beautiful, and someone needs to tell him right now.

But Charles has drunk too much even for him. He’s not as suave and flirtatious as he usually is. So he just turns to the bartender and says politely, “I’d like to buy the man at the end a drink.”

The bartender, Maria, who has known him for three years and knows all his ways, smirks. “He won’t appreciate it,” she warns. “He’s been in here every night for a month and he refuses every time anyone tries to buy for him.”

“I’ll try anyway.”

So Maria shrugs, and goes down to the man to tell him. He looks at her in confusion, then annoyance; he turns to glower the way she’s pointing… and suddenly he looks confused again. Charles smiles. The man’s eyes widen, and he looks away quickly. Charles feels a surge of triumph.

But all the man orders is a shot, and after he’s taken it, he leaves–flees, almost, before Charles can even stand.


For the next month, Charles finds himself in the same bar at the same time every night, sitting in the same place. He still flirts with everyone, and drinks too much, but he also buys the man drinks. He never finds a good time to go over and talk to him, and it occurs to him after three weeks that he doesn’t really want to. He likes this arrangement. Admire him from afar, dream of his beautiful face, buy him a drink. Smile when he graces Charles with a shy look (because they are shy and that makes him feel tingly and breathless).

Until one night Raven comes with him. She notices the way Charles looks for the man at the end of the bar, and snorts.

“So it’s true,” she sighs as they slide on to their stools. “You’re in love.”

“I’m not in love!” Charles protests, surprised. “Whatever gave you that idea?”

Everyone knows you’re in love,” she replies gently, like he’s a small child. “You’re not really keeping it a secret.”

“There are no secrets to keep,” Charles grumbles, glancing at the man at the end of the bar. He has his customary scowl on, but when he sees Charles looking, he looks down at his beer. Charles feels all tingly again, and turns back to Raven with a smile. She smirks, and orders a cola.

People seem especially aggressive in their flirtations tonight, and once or twice Charles has to come right out and say he’s not interested. One woman scowls and spits, “It’s true. You do love him.”

“I am not in love!” Charles denies exasperatedly.

The woman snorts and stomps out.

Charles buys the man at the end of the bar a drink.

The night continues in the same vein, and Charles is forced to leave early. Not literally; but he doesn’t like being approached by what feels like everyone in the bar. Surely not all of them are interested in him?

He doesn’t notice the man at the end of the bar has followed him out until someone clears their throat behind him. He turns, ready to fight off potential suitors–but it’s just the man he’s been treating, looking uncomfortable but determined.

“Erik,” he says, sticking out his hand.

“Charles,” Charles replies, shaking the hand and noticing with a little thrill that the reluctance to let go is on both sides. “I must say, it’s nice to put a name to your face.” A million different pickup lines fly through his head, every gene analyzed in a moment, but none of them seem… right.

“Same to you,” Erik mutters. Then he asks, “Why?”

“Why what?” Charles replies, surprised.

“Why do you… you keep…” And the most adorable thing happens. He blushes. Charles feels himself smile, because of course he’d be adorable.

“Buying you drinks?” Erik nods. “Because… I think you’re lonely. And being lonely is horrible. And I think you’re beautiful.”

Charles is probably a little drunker than he thought.

Erik looks surprised. Then he smiles, just the tiniest twitch of his lips. “You’re beautiful too,” he says.

It’s Charles’ turn to blush. But his smile is wide, as he says, “Thank you. Would you like to grab a pint with me and actually sit at a table?”

“Yes,” Erik answers quickly. Charles laughs softly and takes his hand. It’s large and warm and Charles likes holding it already.

“Shall we, then?” And he leads the way back inside.

okay okay, so a lot of people liked both ideas of Negative RGB scooting down to Hero’s level in that last picture and other people liked the idea of Hero being on a stool.

I snooped through the tags I read all of them and someone said that if she was on the stool, she’d have a hard time getting on it in the first place. So the solution was RGB putting her there himself.

it was too adorbable not to doodle (thanks @kier-is-a-ranger!)

On that note, anyone have any cute Negative RGB and Hero interaction ideas they want to see doodled? Finals are plaguing me, so suggestions?

Hurts To Love You.

Inspired by Lana Del Rey’s song, 13 Beaches. my mom.


“It hurts to love you

But I still love you”


Harry raised his glass to his lips, his eyes fixed on you as you danced with your boyfriend on the dance floor in Harry’s party you and Mitch threw for him to celebrate Dunkirk. You looked happy as you and your boyfriend laughed at your sick attempts of dancing, swinging from side to side and laughing as he twirls you.

“You need to tell her.” He heard someone say, making him turn and face Mitch.

“Tell her what?” Harry asked even though he knew the answer; but he can’t. He looked at you again, downing his drink in one gulp before motioning to the bartender to refill it as he sat on the bar stool.

“Tell her you love her. You’ve been in love with her for years, man. Just tell her. You need closure.” Mitch replied.

Harry chuckled bitterly, “And lose her forever? I’m good, thank you.”

“You’re hurting.”

“I love her.”

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anonymous asked:

How would any of our lovely boys and one gal be when they're drunk outta their minds?

Author’s note: I’m not gonna lie, I’m still laughing at Seven’s 


  • such a lightweight omg
  • gets SUPER SUPER clingy
  • Mopes around the entire time
  • He was eating goldfish and he dropped one
  • Cried for 20 minutes
  • Tried to have a funeral
  • For a cracker


  • He holds his alcohol pretty well
  • Like the best out of the RFA
  • But when he does get REALLY drunk
  • He’s a HUGE flirt wow what a  surprise
  • The thing is, since he has to drink so much alcohol to get to that stage
  • He’ll flirt with anything
  • Actually, once he flirted with a bar stool that he named Barbara
  • “Zen, we’re not taking that home! It’s property of the bar!”
  • “B-but I have to seal the deal, if you know what I mean.”
  • “Zen, put the stool down.”
  • “Oookkkaayyyy… I love you, Barbara.”
  • You grabbed his ear and dragged him away
  • nOT before Seven took a picture of him kissing “Barbara” goodnight though ;)


  • “Jaehee… you did…”
  • “Oh… you’re right, ha!”
  • She laughs at everything
  • Even Seven’s lame jokes and when she eggs him on it makes it worse
  • She called Jumin once and yelled at him for treating her like a slave
  • The next day at work he gave her 2 extra vacation days
  • “Why are you being so nice to me?”
  • “Do you… not remember last night?”
  • “Oh god, did we? I’m so sorry. It didn’t mean anything, I don’t even like guys-”
  • “NO! I mean, you called me and told me how you felt about being my assistant…”
  • “…Oh…”


  • Wine mom
  • He refuses to admit he’s drunk
  • He’ll fill his glass up with wine and set it down
  • And then forget where it’s at and fill a new one up the next morning he’s always so confused to why there are a bunch of full wine glasses around his house
  • Oh
  • And when he is drunk
  • He ALWAYS tries to dress up Elly
  • Sometimes you have to stop him bc you can SEE the pain in that cat’s face
  • “Jumin, I think that’s enough…”
  • “Buttttttt, her hat doesn’t match her shirt, anddddd the shoes clash with her pants!”
  • “Let’s go to bed, you can fix it in the morning.”
  • You’ve taken a picture of every outfit he’s put Elly in and sent it to Seven
  • at some point the two of you are going to make a collage and give it to him


  • He tries to talk about how deep everything is
  • Once, he stared at his hand for half an hour
  • And then looked at you and said
  • “Life is fleeting.”
  • And then passed out