thank you @xtal3ishax and @stonystonysto for encouraging me to keep going on with this dumb vocalist!au stony sketch! QwQ <3

tuna: listens to music really loudly, plays the guitar, has a collection of band shirts, skilled in terms of singing ability, baritone to tenor, never practices, fantastic stage presence, spies on stoob when he’s practicing, can read notes but doesnt care about them and usually improvises. 

stoob: likes classical music, hates loud noises, only baritone, cant remember lyrics, plays the piano, carries paperclips everywhere for his sheet music, quietly harmonizes to tuna when he’s singing, reads notes accurately and hits them perfectly, prefers not to be on stage, practices frequently, sings tuna to sleep with the sweetest voice on earth. 

im really bad at this au making thing -w- sort of new to this thing.