in the car last night, the hubster said something along the lines of, ‘i imagine han (solo) would freak out about marrying leia but not in the way you’d think.’ curious and scared on what kind of craziness he might say, i asked what he meant. he said, ‘he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. like she’s a princess and he’s just a smuggler, he might be worried he has nothing to offer her.’


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anonymous asked:

I was reading through your married tag and I'm pretty sure you have the best marriage ever? Like in the universe???

ANON!!!!!~ This makes my life, thank you very much. My husband is amazing and is a true hero. But like, yes, unfortunately for everyone else, it is very true. We do have the best marriage ever, in the actual universe. It must be hard to be married and not be us. Truly.

And for fun here are some facts about our marriage!

  1. We’ve been together for almost 10 ½ years, married for 5 ½! We met in high school but didn’t date until the summer after I graduated. 
  2. We both improvise and often together!
  3. If I were to name my favorite body part of his I would fight myself because I can’t choose between his wrists or his tummy !!!
  4. He has been known to beta fic
  5. We are both writers! He writes screenplays and haunting prose/poetry. I write fan fiction and teens kissing.

This may have been no fun but I DON’T CARE.