Tea Man With Tea Gum
“Music For Kids Without Any” (2004)

Standout track from Susan Lawly’s Russian noise tribute.  Four minutes straight of black-and-blues, bruises, bludgeoning force, and Richter-scale levels before emergency alerts signal in random ear-piercing screams, shrieks, silliness, and other post-rumble excitement from both channels before some very happy Russian teenagers cheer victory. Russian President Vladimir Putin would be crying his eyes out in a fetal position if he ever heard this.

I'm getting more and more excited for school.

A few days ago, when I figured out I’d actually be going to Stony Brook, I was SO nervous to find friends. I innocently posted a question into the accepted students page, asking who would want to go into Manhattan for a day during a 4 day long weekend in September that we have. For a few hours, I didn’t get any bites which was pretty sad but then about 5 people were stoked to come with me and at the time of me writing this about 15 people are coming! I’m so excited for the year, I finally feel happy about my choice!!

JUNE 29, 2015 (#86)
  1. Aube “Torpedo”
  2. Athenian Mercury “Fixated On Ta Da”
  3. Halflings “Keep Holding Hands”
  4. MSBR “1000 Pulses In Bosnia”
  5. Haters, The “Distance”
  6. Masonna Inner Mind Mystique track #4
  7. Jfk “Sexodus” (7″ VER)
  8. Cherry Point “This Is What Love Is”
  9. FM Einheit & Caspar Brotzmann “Nizzary”
  10. Sparkle Girl “Tape Collage #2″
  11. Incapacitants “Necklacing”
  12. Bastard Noise “Frack Baby Frack”
  13. Deterge “Townhouse Gonzo”
  14. DCXLVI “How I Became A Machine”
  15. Konstruktivists “Aural Wallpaper”
  16. Z’ev “Hottest Night”
  17. Sutcliffe Jugend & Consumer Electronics Pending Legal Action track #5
  18. Lackthrow “Part Eins”
  19. Shredded Nerve “Left In Capable Hands”
  20. Mike Shiflet & Jessica Rylan “Wonder Twins”
  21. Consumer Electronics “Lebensraum”
  22. Donna Parker “International Noise Conference, Miami 2006″ (live)
  23. Nic Endo “Don’t Interrupt”
  24. Ethnic Acid “Black Ass 3″
  25. NxFxTxEx “Some Stuff”
  26. Richard Fielding “Homage A Nobody”
  27. Boyd Rice “Black Light District”
  28. V/VM “Barcelona La La La”
  29. Donna Parker “Arder, Thessaloniki 5/19/2006″ (live)
  30. Lussuria “Mondo Narcotico”
  31. Zoviet France “Ascend A Fall”

Our first of five takeovers for Purple Starlight, Ω Radio goes off the board with three hours of nothing but classic and legendary noise artists. Uncommon concepts, art, collages, whitewashes, red levels, damaging sonics, pollution, and other obscene sounds played here not for pure virgin ears. 

Extreme frequencies used. Please exercise caution during playback.

Silence inserted in-between all tracks.

Material from artists Sparkle Girl, Athenian Mercury, NxFxTxEx, Haters, Cherry Point, Bastards Noise, and DCLXVI discovered through RRRecords’ Recycled Tapes series; and The Japanese / American Noise Treaty courtesy of Relapse Records.

Sparkle Girl’s “Tape Collage #2″ runs for 17+ minutes. Shredded Nerve’s “Left In Capable Hands” runs for 12+ minutes.

JfK and Ethnic Acid courtesy of Anthony DiFrancoSutcliffe Jugend and Consumer Electronics courtesy of Whitehouse and the Susan Lawly / Come Organization label.

Our second go-round for noise for Year Three. Here’s our first.

Ω Radio returns July 12, 2015 (midnight) as we air our second takeover for Purple Starlight. We are pre-empted on the Fourth of July for WUSB’s Summer 2014 Reggae Marathon. New deluxe Ω Radio to return July 16, 2015 (9:30 PM).

We thank all of our listeners and open minds for tuning in tonight.

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Nic Endo White Heat (1998)

DHR’s sole noise release that took everyone by surprise because everyone expected jungle, trash, and techno and got the total opposite. Nic Endo of Atari Teenage Riot questioned the lack of female noise artists and answered it directly by creating five tracks of constant choking, sizzling hot-blast noise and female empowerment. “Instant Balm #1” goes full throttle heaving, kicking, and screeching in all of its amazing glory. The very end of the video blinks a very special message…pay attention or you will literally miss it.

During my community college days before the turn of the millennium, I found only one other DHR fan besides myself who was wearing a Bomb 20 hat. I stopped him and soon after he made eight 120-minute cassettes of DHR stuff, this being one of many he recorded for me. I played it on my Walkman on a train ride to witness the Sensation Art exhibit, the same art exhibit that gave up Chris Ofili’s elephant dung paintings, The Chapman Bros. mannequins, Damien Hirst’s animal cut-ups, and so much more.