Destruction Unit Deep Trip (2013)

Destruction Unit just released Negative Feedback Resistor (2015). So far, that resistor is working very efficiently across the board. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful rippling eye-destroying front cover while Destruction Units fires up a exploding one-way ride to astronomical psychadelics, God, death, light and darkness. Two hundred of these come with a sealed wax wraparound cover with two inserts, and a poster, all numbered. From the Sacred Bones label.


Art Webb “You Can’t Hide Love” (1978)

Look what card Tuesday has dealt me. Ten of Diamonds? Though those look pretty, here is an equivalent. Having playlists on autopilot brought me here: a version of a version of “You Can’t Hide Love”, originally by Creative Source (1973), but listeners prefer all roads leading to Earth Wind & Fire’s (1975). I discovered John Tropea’s groove-heavy instrumental version on A Short Trip To Space (1977) which is still my favorite, so hearing Webb’s take out of nowhere is a surprise that also sounds familiar. Webb’s take also gives it a little more power and bump than any other version I’ve heard before.

So hey guys I have a go fund me. I’m in the midst of the college application process. Anyone who has been a part of this terrible, horrible no good very bad process understands that the college application process takes a lot of time and money.
The money part is always the hard part.
I need approximately $350.00 for my application fees by February 1st. My dad and my brother are handling the $185.00 cumulative prices for my January 15th application fees and I know they can’t afford the cumulative $350.00 for my February 1st fees. I am not eligible for a fee waiver because my dad claims me on his taxes and I’m not on the free/reduced lunch list at my school. I can’t afford these fees. My dad can’t afford these fees. My mother is unemployed. I have no one else.
I aspire to be a journalist in the future and I really want to go to college and some of my top colleges are part of this $350 chunk. What little you can give helps and I would be so thankful for it.

Application Fees
-Stony Brook > $50
-SUNY Purchase > $50
-Brooklyn College > $65
-Baruch College > $65
-Hunter College > $65
-LIU > $50


Sunset After the Snow Storm by Paul
Via Flickr:
Stony Brook Harbor Long Island New York


Meddlesome Meandering at Stony Brook State Park

Today’s post was written by Grace DiAgostino, Archives Technician at the National Archives at Philadelphia.

Photographs and geologic surveys of local, state and national parks abound in the series titled Records Concerning Works Progress Administration Projects, 1936-1942. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was established after the Great Depression by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal legislation in 1935, putting millions of unemployed Americans to work carrying out public works projects including the developments of roads, buildings, bridges, reservoirs, irrigation systems, parks, and playgrounds. This collection includes the records relating to National Park Service (NPS) involvement in WPA projects in New York, one of which detailed the collaboration between Stony Brook State Park, NPS, and the WPA in order to adjust the course of the wayward Stony Brook.

“The Badlands of Western New York,” Stony Brook is a State Park located in Dansville, New York. Notable for its geologic features, Stony Brook is an example of a Finger Lakes area post-glacial stream. After the Ice Age, the melted glaciers eroded a gorge in the soft shale of the hillside, creating the high cliffs and waterfalls at Stony Brook Glen. Following the construction of a railroad in 1883, a privately owned resort at Stony Brook Glen became a popular tourist destination until the 1920s, at which time it fell into disrepair. Stony Brook Glen was revitalized in 1928 when New York bought the land and established the site as a State Park.

A great flood in July 1935 altered the course of Stony Brook in a way that encroached on the western side of the brook, an area used by visitors to the Park for recreational purposes. The meandering brook compromised these grounds, and thus the investments the New York State Office of Parks and Recreation had already made in the development of the park. In association with WPA workers and Stony Brook State Park, the National Park Service conducted a geographic survey of the area in 1936 in order to artificially straighten the brook.

The records relating to WPA Projects at the National Archives at Philadelphia document just one of the many enhancements of Stony Brook State Park during the 1930s, as the park acted as a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp and employed many WPA workers at their site. The impact of these government programs can be seen throughout the park in the form of hiking paths, bridges, picnic areas, and buildings.

Citation: National Park Service File on Stony Brook Glen, New York, WC-3”; N.Y.W.C. Geology 732; Box 5; Records Concerning Works Progress Administration Projects, 1936-1942; Records of the National Park Service, Record Group 79; National Archives at Philadelphia. (Record Entry ID: PH-3522) (NAID: 1125682).

JUNE 29, 2015 (#86)
  1. Aube “Torpedo”
  2. Athenian Mercury “Fixated On Ta Da”
  3. Halflings “Keep Holding Hands”
  4. MSBR “1000 Pulses In Bosnia”
  5. Haters, The “Distance”
  6. Masonna Inner Mind Mystique track #4
  7. Jfk “Sexodus” (7″ VER)
  8. Cherry Point “This Is What Love Is”
  9. FM Einheit & Caspar Brotzmann “Nizzary”
  10. Sparkle Girl “Tape Collage #2″
  11. Incapacitants “Necklacing”
  12. Bastard Noise “Frack Baby Frack”
  13. Deterge “Townhouse Gonzo”
  14. DCXLVI “How I Became A Machine”
  15. Konstruktivists “Aural Wallpaper”
  16. Z’ev “Hottest Night”
  17. Sutcliffe Jugend & Consumer Electronics Pending Legal Action track #5
  18. Lackthrow “Part Eins”
  19. Shredded Nerve “Left In Capable Hands”
  20. Mike Shiflet & Jessica Rylan “Wonder Twins”
  21. Consumer Electronics “Lebensraum”
  22. Donna Parker “International Noise Conference, Miami 2006″ (live)
  23. Nic Endo “Don’t Interrupt”
  24. Ethnic Acid “Black Ass 3″
  25. NxFxTxEx “Some Stuff”
  26. Richard Fielding “Homage A Nobody”
  27. Boyd Rice “Black Light District”
  28. V/VM “Barcelona La La La”
  29. Donna Parker “Arder, Thessaloniki 5/19/2006″ (live)
  30. Lussuria “Mondo Narcotico”
  31. Zoviet France “Ascend A Fall”

Our first of five takeovers for Purple Starlight, Ω Radio goes off the board with three hours of nothing but classic and legendary noise artists. Uncommon concepts, art, collages, whitewashes, red levels, damaging sonics, pollution, and other obscene sounds played here not for pure virgin ears. 

Extreme frequencies used. Please exercise caution during playback.

Silence inserted in-between all tracks.

Material from artists Sparkle Girl, Athenian Mercury, NxFxTxEx, Haters, Cherry Point, Bastards Noise, and DCLXVI discovered through RRRecords’ Recycled Tapes series; and The Japanese / American Noise Treaty courtesy of Relapse Records.

Sparkle Girl’s “Tape Collage #2″ runs for 17+ minutes. Shredded Nerve’s “Left In Capable Hands” runs for 12+ minutes.

JfK and Ethnic Acid courtesy of Anthony DiFrancoSutcliffe Jugend and Consumer Electronics courtesy of Whitehouse and the Susan Lawly / Come Organization label.

Our second go-round for noise for Year Three. Here’s our first.

Ω Radio returns July 12, 2015 (midnight) as we air our second takeover for Purple Starlight. We are pre-empted on the Fourth of July for WUSB’s Summer 2014 Reggae Marathon. New deluxe Ω Radio to return July 16, 2015 (9:30 PM).

We thank all of our listeners and open minds for tuning in tonight.