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Avengers Academy - My contribution for The Happy Tony Project!

Can I just say I love this game!? I needed Steve trying to teach Tony how to do the Charleston because they are precious babs!!

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Hello! I am working on a mercy cosplay but the wings have stumped me and I saw yours and they look beautiful if you would have the time to help me out I'd love you forever!!!

SO I don’t think this is very helpful, but my wings are 3D printed. A friend of mine from Stony Props (a professional prop group I’m a part of) modeled them for me. We specifically designed these so we can include servos, so they can flutter. Default Mercy is going to have a lot of 3D printed parts because her details are very sharp/mechanical. For devil Mercy I am making most of her pieces (like her wings) from EVA foam.

Alternatively! My friend Stella Chuu is selling awesome PDF files for Mercy wing templates.


Steve Rogers: You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any another choice. But he’s my friend.
Tony Stark: So was I.


Some of our cosplays from I-CON this year. We’ve got more photos incoming, but I got really impatient to post my fat ass up on the net. :C

myself as Steve
Shira as my very talented Tony, who also made the shield!

First three photos by CIELO

Fourth photo by Nekori

Last photo by Kota

Also, the story behind the little spidergirl - she was adorable, and we just had to ask if we could take a photo with her. We let her hold the shield, and after, her parents told us about how excited she was to come dressed up as her hero. They told us that the kids in her kindergarten made fun of her for liking Spiderman, because it was ‘only for boys’, to which she replied “Not true, Spiderman is part of the mutants’ group! Both boys and girls can like him!”

We promptly died of cute?? but it was worth it, definitely.


Here they are! My cosplays of 2015! All new & a count of 27 of them! That’s a new record for me! 😊✨