Me finding fanfictions, a summary.
  • Me:Oh wow look at this new fanfic
  • Fanfic summary:These two mother fuckers are gonna fuck. thats all ive gotta say.
  • Me:*CLICK*
  • -After Reading-
  • Fanfic Author:BITCH THERES A SEQUEL!
  • Me:*Click*

I’m thinking back to The Losers and remember that scene where Aisha had pointed the gun to Jensen’s dick and he was like, ‘she’s pointing it at my dick, she’s pointing it at my dick!’

Imagine Steve being caught up in such a situation where his shield had been flung across the room and he now at the mercy of the enemy. Bucky’s with him too and Steve is actually freaking out because a gun cannot be pointed there!

“Bucky, she has the gun pointed to my dick.”


“The gun is pointed at my dick. She could shoot me there!”

“Would you rather it be pointed at your face?”

“I know this sounds weird but yes. You don’t know the repercussions of being shot in the dick, Buck. It hurts and it may never work again and I like having my dick in one piece and I’m pretty sure Tony will appreciate that as well because he really appreciate it last night-”



The villain is just watching them like a sitcom and in her head, she’s like ‘since when did Iron Man and Captain America start banging?”

  • me:*watches show*
  • me:oh who's this
  • me:whoever he is he's hella gay
  • me:right he has a 'love interest'
  • me:ok sure they're just 'brotp'
  • me:sure they're 'like brothers'
  • me:'best friends'
  • me:*stuffs food in mouth* psh. think they can fool me

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What if tony has a habit of singing whenever he was too deep into a project Or was alone and relaxed?And steve desperately trying to spend more time around tony just to hear him sing? Also his reaction when tony starts to sing suggestive songs

When he’s deep in concentration, he just belts out any song that comes into his head and nobody can bring him out of it until he’s done. There have been times where Rhodey has had to wait until Tony has finished singing and blow-torching, lifting up his welding helmet and grinning at Rhodey. 

“How long have you been standing there, honey-bear?”

“Ever since you hit the chorus of A Little Respect.’ 


Steve has always loved spending time with Tony and made it his mission to spend more time with him. The singing is only an added bonus and Steve finds he’s more relaxed when he’s around Tony, smiling softly as he draws because he just loves the sound of Tony’s voice. Sometimes, he’ll stop sketching all together and simply watch as Tony sings quietly to himself as he calmly sorts through some blue-prints and checks the holograms. 

Tony’s workshop soon becomes his happy place because Tony’s there, in all his genius and singing glory. But then the suggestive songs come into play and the first time it happens, Steve almost chokes on his water. 

“Are you okay there, Cap?” Tony asks, slightly concerned as Steve waves his hand, nodding his head. 

“I’m fine.” He lies but he swears that he could have heard Tony sing about going down on someone. Steve shakes it off and tries to go back to drawing but then Tony continues and he can’t concentrate because now suggestive images are filling his head. He coughs as he wills the heat in his cheeks to calm down. 

Tony, who has his back turned to Steve, grins mischievously as he keeps his laughter down while working a prototype for the new Stark Phone. If Steve doesn’t get the signal that Tony is so obviously giving, he’ll just have to find other ways. 

Signal: Steve, I’m fucking in love with you so if you could please come and lay me over this work desk and pound me into oblivion, that would be great, thanks. 


“When the fic is that good and isn’t canon 😭😭😭”

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Prompt idea for a stony fic, when tony sees steve again after the whole civil war thing tony does a peggy carter, sees steve with his shield and starts shooting at him, steve rases the shield just like that time with peggy. He wonders to himself why he falls in love with people who like to shoot at him when their pissed. When tony stops he says" yep it still works, now I understand why aunt peggy loved doing that."

Poor Steve.  I need people who love him to stop shooting at him when they get upset.  Peggy, Bucky, then Tony.  *sigh* Hug it out, people!   

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Can i have #14 stony? For the way you said "i love you"?

14. In a whisper.

I really apologize that this is incredibly late but overall, I do hope you enjoy reading this!

@nephirax you had requested the same number with Stony or WinterIron so I shall do a WinterIron of this one for you! :D

They both rested on the bed, sated and content, as the sun began rising to bring another day. The sheets were tangled between them and they held each other in a comfortable embrace, tired but not willing to give into sleep yet. 

Steve’s fingers gently traced patterns over the soft skin of Tony’s back, senseless spirals and circles that he didn’t think about. Tony had tucked his head into the crook of Steve’s neck, his safe place, and released small puffs of warm air which tickled when it hit his skin. His arms rested loosely around Steve’s waist and none of them uttered a word as they laid there in silence. 

It was a comforting silence and there was no need for words to fill it. It was often unbearable for them to be in the same room without needing to fill the space with something but that wasn’t the case now. There was this feeling of peace that settled over them as if last night was what they truly needed to finally break the awkwardness between. 

The uncertainty that they both held because there were all sorts of doubts and questions. Both having been hurt too many times to fully give themselves into a relationship even if it exuded promise and truth. 

Steve breathed a soft sigh as he brought Tony closer to him despite there being no more space between them to do so. Tony’s arms around his waist tightened and it was then that Steve felt the slight smile that Tony hid from him against his neck. That did nothing but spur on Steve’s smile as he moved back far enough so he could press their foreheads together. 

Tony’s brown eyes opened for him as the smile remained there, small but just as beautiful. Steve knew it in his heart that he had found the person that he wanted to be with for the rest of his life and he’d stay as long as Tony decided to keep him around. 

He had no need to question Tony’s affection when he leaned over and whispered, “I love you.”

Those three words that carried so much meaning, so much affection as well as wonder. Three words that could mean anything as well as nothing but to Steve, it meant the entire world. 

Steve stared at him for a moment, truly taking in this wonderful man that he had in his arms while trying to convince himself that this was real. That this wasn’t some dream and that he had finally been given a true chance at this thing called love. 

This beautiful thing. 

“I love you too.” He whispered in return, putting all that he felt into those three little words and to see the grin that blossomed on Tony’s face was like seeing the sun rise before him. 

The sun outside continued to rise and they didn’t move nor speak as the world around them began to move. 

Art store/updates!

Hello to all my friends/followers here :D

Apologies for being so awol here, life/work has been crazy busy but I won’t be leaving tumblr anytime soon! Gonna try and make more effort to update this account atleast now and then.I’m also much more active at twitter account here! also called Suppiedoodles so feel free to talk to me there if you want too :)

Now more exciting news! I’m actually planning to start a online a art store so peeps can buy cheap art prints, and I will get another small batch of Stony Neko atsume stickers for sale ^w^ In the meantime I’m also scribbling away and working on my first stony fancomic/book! based on my neko atsume AU I will provide more updates/photos in the future.

Here are a few of my sample prints:

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I will always love you guys! XXX

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Hi, I'm hoping if you and your army of followers can help me finding an old fic? I already search at AO3 but it's not there. The story is about Tony working at his lab and suddenly his armour is moving and trap tony in his own home, I remember that Steve is trying to enter the house, the living amour threatened to kill the captain and Tony helplessly watching Cap through the monitor. omg I've been trying to track this one like forever. I will be so happy if you guys can help! Thanks

i don’t know this fic but if anyone does please leave a comment!
This is Why We Fight - Chapter 1 - MemoryDragon - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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No word from the artist yet, so this is just the fic, but here is a quick link for those of you who are waiting for the fic.  I’ll do a proper post later once I hear back from the artist.