fifty ways to say ‘i love you’

A/N: based on this post, each number is set in a different time/universe. i’ll do the other 50 soon.  


“Tony,” Steve says for what it feels like the billionth time. “Stop, you’re tired,”

“Am not,” Tony answers like a child, eyes trained on the road, hand still on the steering wheel.

“You’re tired, Tony,” Steve huffs, tracing his fingers on Tony’s knuckles. “Pull over, let me drive for a while,”

And with the simplest of words, touch, and care, Tony pulls over and smiles tiredly at Steve once he starts driving.


“Are these-“ Steve squints at the items in his hands, “-coasters?”

Tony hummed, not looking up from his phone, “It reminded me of you,”  

Steve ducks his head and smiles, eyes glued on the handmade coasters that had the Brooklyn landscape sketched onto it.


“No,” Steve says as he lifts Tony’s credit card higher up his head so he can’t reach.

“That’s not fair!” Tony whines as he jumps occasionally to try to catch the card in his hands, “Captain America is a dirty cheater,”

“Captain America just wants to pay dinner for his best guy,” Steve says rolling his eyes.

Tony huffs and stars to pull out his wallet again, and he’s about to give the waiter cash before Steve grabs his arm, “No, no, it’s my treat,”


Steve pouts as he stares at the broken toaster just at the same time Tony comes in.

“Did you break that?” He asks teasingly and Steve pouts even more.

“No,” He answers, “I came in and it was already looking like that,”

Tony chuckles “Come here. Let me fix it,”


“I’ll walk you home,” Tony Stark said, the Tony Stark said as he suddenly catches up with Steve on his way back to his house.

He’s still sweaty from football practice, his hair is messy and he’s breathing a bit hard, but he’s looking at Steve like the answer to everything is inside his sickly thin body and he finds that he can’t say no to him.

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You know what’s the saddest thing about non-canon ships?

Think about Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. How different everything could have been if Harry had taken Draco’s hand on the train. Or if he’d been sorted into Slytherin like the Sorting Hat wanted to. Think about Draco Malfoy having someone show him a better way, one different than the one his father wanted for him like James showed Sirius. Think about two boys so different yet so very similar that could have been friends and maybe something more in another life if it hadn’t been for one single action, a simple sentence, a flying curse.

Think about Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski. Think about all they have suffered and how they could have helped each other heal from the scars that are not visible to the eye. Think about Derek Hale, who lost his family in a fire and has been repeatedly abused by his partners, finding a family and a pack within the Stilinski’s and the McCall’s and the Argent’s, within Lydia and Isaac and Liam and Kira and Malia. Think about two broken people finding someone to turn to when things get tough, to love as fiercely as they fight to protect their town.

Think about Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene. Think about a girl, that once tried to kill herself, teaching a man hardened by the world to have faith even in the darkest of times, showing him that there were still good people in their world. Giving him a kindness he was unaccustomed to. Think about him showing her how to be strong even though in his eyes, she already was. Think about what they could have become had it not been for one stupid car and a hospital. Had it not been for a single bullet.

Think about Zuko and Katara. Think about two nations, two people, so different on the surface but similar underneath. Think about two people that started off on opposite sides of war and eventually came together, each overcoming personal issues and working to gain each other’s respect. Think about what it could have meant to have a union between these two nations that for so long sought to destroy each other. Think about a girl willing to heal her enemy of his greatest shame and a boy willing to take a lightning bolt to save her.

There’s so many other couples I could talk about that. I could talk about Rose and the Doctor, forever separated by time and space. Or Naruto and Sasuke who despite being literal soulmates are not canon. I could talk about Gendry Waters and Arya freaking Stark whose paths may never cross again or perhaps Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell. I could talk about Merlin waiting by Avalon for Arthur for a thousand years or maybe Tony Stark and Steve Rogers who against all odds were destined to meet. I could talk about Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff who trust each other more than anyone and would die for each other. But I won’t.

So if there’s one thing that hurts most about a non-canon pairing, it’s not that one of them-or both of them- is dead (although that is painful). It’s not that one of them is stuck in an alternate reality never to meet again (although that too is painful). It’s not that the actor that plays one of them has left the show (although that too is painful).

No. The saddest thing about non-canon pairings is the potential they had. The potential to be their own kind of love story. Stories about forgiveness, about compassion, about loyalty and faith and friendship.

“Sometimes the feeling of what could have been is stronger than what actually happened… And even though we didn’t end up together, it will never change the fact that you change my life”- Dante Bascol

anonymous asked:

Could you Rec some SteveTony in which the other avengers bet on, react to or tease them about their relationship in a friendly way? Thanks love :)

Hi love ♥ Here you go:

Hope these are what you had in mind (:


Imagine Getting Raised By The Avengers

For Anon (This is a combination request)

“Ooh sparkly” you muse and hold out your hands letting more blue sparks flow from them. You’ve no clue why you can create sparks but you don’t care. They’re shiny and they look pretty. You’re so consumed in the Sparks you don’t notice the red haired assassin slink in.

“Boys we’ve got a situation” a voice says and you turn to see a tall lady in a catsuit.

“Aren’t they pretty?” you exclaim.

“Yeah honey they are. But could you make them stop for a moment?” You frown you don’t want them to stop.


“So we can get you out of here. They may be pretty but they’re also dangerous” the lady explains.

“Like Merida?” you inquire. They showed you Disney movies and Brave was by far your favorite.

“Just like Merida.” You nod and close your hands letting the Sparks fizzle out. The lady smile and walks forward. She picks you up with ease.

You’re three and if she asked you’d have counted on your fingers for her.

That day the Avengers rescued you from a certain torturous future. They decided to adopt you seeing that you have no parents and just can’t seem to understand why you can’t make the blue sparks all the time.

Natasha takes a motherly role in your life instantaneously. Sea got a soft spot for you. Whenever anyone needs a favor from Tasha they bribed you with candy or toys so you’d ask. Nat could never say no to you.

Clint becomes the fun uncle. He teaches you his best tricks. Your innocent smile got you two out of the worst of trouble.

Tony actually took a fatherly roll in stride. He prided himself on being better than his father to you.

Steve was at first a protective person who didn’t have an exact place in your life. That’s till you Tony and Steve went on a walk and you causally laced their fingers together so you could run away. After that Steve became another father.

Bruce collected the big brother placing. He made sure with a flash of green eyes or a nasty glare no one ever hurt you.

Thor is like your big teddy bear who cheers you up when you’re sad. He’s just there like a strong rock.

Fury was assigned babysitter when everyone was away on missions.

Maria is the wilder aunt who teaches you to play poker, bet on horses, buys you your first beer, and teaches you all the tricks to a good professional look.

Your life is all figured out. When you turn 14 a monkey wrench is thrown into your life. That monkey wrench was named Darcy Lewis. She was twenty four when you met. Nick couldn’t babysit the mission required all hands on deck so Thor called in Janes intern.

“Hey I’m Darcy Lewis you’re assistant for today!” the cheery, red lipped, curly haired, curvy, brunette with huge framed glasses greets. You just stare at her. She’s the most gorgeous girl you’ve ever seen and suddenly you feel a lot more bisexual than before.

“Assistant?” you choke out.

“Yup sounds cooler than babysitter doesn’t it?” Darcy replies and you nod numbly. “Now since things are burning all down the street let’s stay in. Like rom coms?” You frown and shake your head.

“Too heterosexual for me” you remark.

“I like you already come on I’ve got a few gay ones you’d like to see. But be warned some of these can be qualified as porn.” You decide there and then you love Darcy Lewis.

Your and Darcy’s relationship develops painfully slowly and before you know it she’s pumping the brakes.

“Okay look I’m 26 and you’re 16. Where we’re heading isn’t right” Darcy reasons, one night when she’s come over to watch Kingsman. You sigh and pause the movie to look at her big brown eyes.

“I love you Darcy Lewis and I know I have no right to ask this of you. But will you wait for me?” Darcy pauses and groans.

“Fuck you’re too perfect. Yes yes I’ll wait for you” Darcy grumbles and you chuckle.

“I’ll be kissing you in two years then.”

“Yeah we will be doing more than kissing for the about of time I’m waiting. You realize I’ll be twenty eight in two years. I’ll be like a cougar or something” Darcy points outs.

“Yeah but I don’t care.”

“We’ll see about that in two years.”

Two years later on your birthday you’re kissing her in front of everyone at the party. The Avengers couldn’t bring them self to be mad they know how much you love each other.

Growing up with the Avengers is the greatest thing that could have happened to you.

remember that time in suite life of zack and cody when london was broke and had to live with maddie until her dad got things worked out so just imagine rich kid tony recently bankrupt and nowhere to go bc all his “friends” bail and leave him stranded and a mutual party convinces steve to let tony stay with him in his small apartment where it’s just him and his ma and a spare bed bc they always had it for bucky so steve takes tony in and teaches him how to do simple things that he’s never learned how to do bc nannies and butlers were always there for him

and then steve and tony becoming close and getting into deep conversations about childhood and tony admitting he never really spent the night at people’s houses or had much of a childhood tbh and he tells him about how his butler was practically his parent and his only friend and then steve telling his ma about it and the two of them making it their goal that tony gets the most of his stay and reenacting steve’s favorite things to do as a kid so that tony gets to feel what a family and home and childhood is like

and just give me rich kid tony learning to cook and clean and failing miserably and complaining about dumb things and being amazed by really normal life things and also amazed by how small houses can be and rich kid tony learning who his real friends are and just give me sarah and steve being the cuties they are and making sure to take care of tony and welcoming him into the family

EARTH Round-up

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