What Really Happened With the Log Scene in AoU
  • Steve:*rips log in half with bare hands*
  • Tony:*stops all function and stares at Steve*
  • Tony:*whispers* Hot damn.
  • Steve:*breaks another log in such manner*
  • Tony:*nervous laughing*
  • Tony:Hey maybe can you part my legs like that, Steve? I know you're a virgin but hit me up maybe?
  • Steve:Excuse me?
  • Tony:*thinks* Oh shit did I jUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD? *internal freaking out*
  • Tony:Um, no- I was talking telepathically talking to JARVIS. Yeah, JARVIS.
  • Steve:*picks up Tony bridal style and fucks him in one of the back fields of Clint's farm*
I don’t even know

So it turns out that at 4am last night (morning?) I apparently got up, got on my computer, and wrote roughly 1k of vampire Steve, which I have no memory of doing whatsoever. But I just found it and the timestamp says last night so?? Have this I guess???

(from the same universe as this blurb, takes place before it, but you don’t necessarily need to read that one to read this)

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Oh, there are so many ways this could be taken… 

Of course, there’s the obvious prince!Tony and stable boy!Steve AU, and they become friends after Steve saves Tony from drowning in a lake when they’re 5.  Tony’s been engaged to be married to someone else pretty much since he was born–a little detail that Steve’s known, but doesn’t come to terms with until a few weeks before the wedding… and by “come to terms,” I mean Steve quits his job without warning, and the next morning, Tony wakes up, Steve isn’t there, and he realizes that he’s been in love with the guy forever and so Tony tells his parents to call off the wedding, who obviously are like “lol no not happening” so Tony sneaks off at night and runs off to Steve’s cabin in the countryside, and they confess their love for one another and run away together. 

Then there’s the reverse scenario, where Steve is a prince, and Tony works for the royal family.  When his parents die in a shipwreck, Steve has to assume the throne at the age of eighteen, and Tony becomes his confidant and right-hand man.  Tony is head over heels in love with Steve, but he obvs can’t do anything about it because Steve is wayyy out of his league.  So when the time comes for Steve to think about settling down so he can have an heir, Steve marries a friend of theirs, Lady Margaret Carter.  The two of them are just friends, but they marry because it is their duty to their land, and they do eventually have a child, but then one day, Peggy sees the way Tony looks at Steve–like, really sees–and she tells Steve that they shouldn’t keep up the charade any longer.  So they divorce, but they remain good friends and continue to raise their child together.  And idk, it isn’t until Steve goes out to the stables and finds Tony teaching a four-year-old Sarah how to ride a horse that Steve realizes how long Tony’s been an important part of his life, and how much Tony’s been there for him, and holy shit he’s in love with the man.  So Steve calls Tony up to his room later that night, and Tony assumes it’s just business, but Steve tells Tony that he loves him and has loved him, and feels like a fool for not realizing it earlier, and feels even more idiotic for not realizing Tony’s feelings for him and guilty for putting Tony through all of that.  They kiss, make up, have the most amazing sex ever, and live happily ever after. 

There’s also the possibility of both of them being princes of neighboring kingdoms.  Tony’s miserable, though, because all his parents–or more specifically, his father–cares about is ruling, and getting more money and land, and having an heir that can carry on his legacy.  Steve’s equally miserable, because the last thing he wants to do is rule a kingdom.  They meet by chance while they’re riding their horses out in the forest, and soon, these encounters become more and more frequent, and then there’s an incident where they both get really muddy and end up skinny dipping in the river, and of course, this leads to some dramatic unplanned confessions of love and hot sex because hellooooo, they’re naked and wet, and Steve is one fine specimen.  So this goes on for a while, but then they realize that they won’t be able to stay together because they’re expected to become kings, but with the help of their friends, they figure out a way to make it work.  So when they’re sure that their kingdoms are in the trustworthy hands of their cousins, Rhodey and Bucky, they run away together. 

There’s also another scenario where the two of them just work in the castle (maybe Steve’s a knight, and Tony’s a royal attendant or something) and get along like two peas in a pod, and eventually they confess to being totally in love with each other, and they have sex in the pantry, the royal gardens, the stables, etc. and life is just fantastic. 

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“tony WHY.” “its a garage sale, you’re SUPOSED to buy strangely compelling useless crap

“Tony, why?” Steve had to cover his mouth with his hand, hiding the twitching grin as he watched Tony wring his hands absently. His boyfriend looked down, gestured silently then looked hopefully back up to Steve. 

“It’s a garage sale,” the engineer pointed out. “You’re supposed to buy strangely compelling, useless crap.”

Steve snorted. 

“We’re supposed to be helping the community,” he replied, going around Tony to crouch down and look. 

“Hey now,” Tony started, affronted, though he reached out to ruffle Steve’s hair. “I am helping the community. I paid more than I should’ve for this hunk of metal.”

“This hunk of metal is a tandem go-cart, Tony,” Steve said, leaning briefly into the touch. “Are you planning on actually using it?”

Tony pursed his mouth, looking at the pitiful, connector-set-looking cart. 

“Well, I don’t know. I admit that I kind of imagined those lovebird pedal things people do in the water together.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Next thing I knew, I was pushing it over to you.”

Steve ran a hand over the metal frame and hummed, glancing at Tony with a fond expression.

“Why don’t you fix it up and give it to the Boys and Girls Center?” Steve suggested. “Then I’ll let you take me out on the water in one of those ridiculous boats.”

Tony narrowed his eyes.

“You’ll just make fun of it.”

Steve laughed and pushed to his feet, slinking into Tony’s space heedless of the other people wandering about the block-wide garage sale. Tony’s breath hitched as Steve nuzzled in against his cheek. 

“Make fun of my boyfriend for being a huge sap?” he whispered. “For being so ridiculously in love with me that he wants to actually go in a tandem love boat regardless of his image? Never.”

“Plus you think the swans are cute,” Tony grinned slightly. 

“Their noses are touching, it’s cute,” Steve smiled and kissed Tony’s cheek. “Come on. I’ll carry this back to the Tower, then we can talk more about our date.”

A/N: These are one of my favorite AU’s, so i decided to combine them together.  

The first time Tony seems him, he feels like he’s being knocked off his feet and before he has taken air, he’s punched in the gut.

It’s been years, so many years since he’s seen that face.

He’s – Steve’s – sitting across from his table in one of the long sofas the Café had intended for about 6 people. He’s sitting alone, a book in his hand as he fiddled with his coffee with the other.

And Steve might as well turn into the sun because Tony felt warm on a cold winter’s day in New York.

7 years after, this man alone, after all these entire years still made Tony’s head spin.

Steve had been Tony’s high school sweetheart back in the day.

They were far from the cliché of high school relationships, even though Steve was quarterback and Tony had been the nerd. A cool nerd. The coolest.

They fought everyday, they bickered everyday, they argued everyday, they challenged each other every day-

But they were in love.

And Tony needed someone who sees fire in his eyes and wants to play with it.

They ended their relationship just after graduation, with Steve leaving for the army and Tony going to MIT.  

Tony didn’t bother to call and Steve didn’t bother to tell him when he was back for a mission, both felt no need to pick on old wounds.

A bittersweet memory is what Steve is.

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“Hey Steve..”


“Uhm.. You remember when I got sick this morning?”

Steve snapped his head up from the sketch he was drawing. “Yeah,” he answered slowly, “are you feeling ill again?” he asked with concern, knowing that it wasn’t the first time in the span of a week when Tony had been waking up abruptly just to vomit.

“No, no.. I’m fine.. I.. I just.. Uh.. And you remember when I started to eat a lot more?”

“Aha,” Steve started to frown. Where this conversation was leading to?

“And.. How we joked that maybe I’m pregnant?”


“So.. So turns out it is not a joke.”

Steve felt his world stand upside down. “Wh-whaa?” he managed to stutter, blue eyes widening in shock. He had a feeling Tony wasn’t joking, seeing how serious the brown eyes were.

“I am pregnant,” Tony repeated, looking intensely at Steve, “with your child. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but Bruce ran all the test and it was confirmed, I’m in second month– no, no, no, what, what is going on?” Tony asked, terrified, as Steve bent in half and hid face in his hands. The shock had to be too big for him. “No, Steve, it’s okay, it’s fine,” Tony quickly started to rattle, feeling that he had to explain himself, he reached his hand to Steve’s back, awkwardly massaging it,  "it is fine, if you don’t want it, we don’t have to keep it, I’m–“

Tony didn’t finish. He yelped when Steve grabbed him around the waist and pulled into his lap, kissing breathless. Tony noticed fresh tear traces on his boyfriend’s face and immediately felt guilty.

"I’m sorry..” Tony whispered after the kiss ended. It was the least he could do now.

Steve sent him an incredulous look. “What are you sorry for, dummy?” he scolded half heartedly, more frantic sobs and tears escaping him, “oh God, Tony.. Tony, we will have a baby! I don’t know how it happened, I don’t need to know.. Just imagine! A baby! Our baby!!” Steve sobbed out, cupping Tony’s face tenderly and freely crying.

Tony stared at Steve. And stared. Then his mouth scowled, and Tony couldn’t hold back his tears any longer, he was so relieved that Steve wasn’t grossed out by this all. “You.. You still want me? You want us?” he asked in broken sobs.

“Of course, babe, I want you– Tony, I love you so much, I love you both, I will always love you, always,” Steve said frantically, fighting with his own tears and shaking voice, kissing all over Tony’s face and stroking his cheeks tenderly.

Tony smiled through his tears, giving up into the caress. “I love you too..” he sobbed out, so relieved that Steve took the big information so well.

As expected, Steve’s hands wandered quickly to Tony’s tummy. “This is where my baby is.. Oh, it will be so beautiful, you’re so beautiful, and it will be smart, and kind, and I will teach it to play frisbee–”

“With your shield?” Tony laughed out, tears still flowing and Steve’s fingers tickling him a bit. But it was soothing.

“– and we will go for baseball matches together, and Tony, we will be a family, a real family!” Steve sobbed out with a smile, not able to stop the water works.

“Yes, we will,” Tony smiled back, the gravity of the situation suddenly hitting him.

“And I can’t wait for you to get all fat–”

“Hey!” Tony protested with a laugh. Rude.

“– and I will kiss your belly for whole days,” Steve continued to list out, stroking his fingers faster, but still gentle and Tony quickly began to squirm.

“Stooop!” he laughed out, but Steve just held him firmer and continued to whisper happy things in his ear, which kinda tickled on its own, and kept wiggling fingers against the tummy that in the upcoming months would get bigger and Tony felt so happy and loved. He never thought that he would have a family, but now, when it was happening, he was equally scared and happy. Luckily, he had Steve to keep him more happy than scared.

Title: A Fistful of Steves: This Town Ain’t Big Enough
Author/Artist: teaberryblue/teaberryblue (tumblr)/ raikishi (tumblr)
Universe: Multiverse, focusing mostly on MCU, 616, and Ultimates
Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Other Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Steve Rogers/Steve Rogers/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Characters: Tony Stark (MCU), Pepper Potts & Other Avengers (MCU), Steve Rogers (Earth-1872), Steve Rogers (Ultimates), Steve Rogers (Earth-3490), Captain Americat, Steve Rogers (Earth-616), Steve Rogers (Earth-2108), A Lot More Steve Rogers
Rating: Teen 
Warnings: Spoilers for AoU, Spoilers for comics through Avengers #44, some minor violence/injury, some mildly sexual content
Word Count: 33,143
When Tony Stark takes a bullet intended for Steve Rogers, he wakes up in a world entirely peopled by alternate incarnations of everyone’s favorite Star-Spangled Man.

Welcome to Stevechester, Population: Steve

Words by teaberryblue, art by Raikishi

Fic and art both here on Ao3

Written for the Captain America/Iron Man Reverse Bang 2015

notes: This is my personal ode to the swansong of the multiverse, dropping in anticipation of today’sUltimate End #1.

Thanks to Sineala, Moonlit_Lampshade, and Angelinoshi for betas!!!!

By: exfatalist
Rating: mature
Word count: 18,473
Summary: Captain America has seen too many friends die over the course of a long, drawn out war. When it finally draws to a close, early on in the 1950s, he agrees to be cryonically frozen until the world needs him again, hoping to find the peaceful rest he deserves after faithfully serving his country. But things never turn out quite the way anyone hopes.
Tony Stark, young son of failed industrialist Howard Stark, has been missing for two months and, fearing the worst, Captain America is awakened to join the search.

The only reason dancer AUs aren’t more popular in fandom is because it’s more of a visual art and therefore not as interesting written in fanfics. But man if you could watch your OTP dancing, like really dancing, i mean… i mean… it’d be so on. 

In 1937, Tony Stark and the crew of The Iron Avenger fishes Revolutionary War hero Captain America out of the icy waters off the coast of Greenland. With war brewing in Europe, the crew of the Iron Avenger will face magical hazards, cunning assassins and more on their quest for a centuries-old magical artifact.

Part of the Cap-IM Reverse Big Bang, 2015

My partner imaginaryelle did some wonderful artwork, and massive kudos to my patient betas synteis and fjuri-the-fury. This one was a monster, and I appreciate all the time and effort!