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A List of Stony GIFs...

I understand that some people do not like stony aka Steve Rogers/Tony Stark.

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But I for one, am not one of those people.

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If you are in need of some cute stony GIFs, I will make a list below. c:

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A/N: the amount of fluff i write is overwhelming 

When he came in the kitchen one morning to find Tony standing on his tiptoes, trying to reach for something at the back of the cupboard, he doesn’t even think twice before he was gripping Tony by the hips, lifting him off the ground so effortlessly like he weighed nothing at all.

He doesn’t even realize he was still holding Tony up but then Tony says, “Uh, Steve?” and he’s craning his neck so he can look at Steve, and for a moment, Steve just stands there and blinks at him, Tony slightly taller than him holding the box of sugary cookies Tony loves so much-

“Shit, sorry,” Steve says as he snaps out of his trance, dropping Tony on the ground.

They look at each other for a moment, and Steve notices just how bigger he is than Tony. Sure, Tony is average sized man, a bit leaner but compared to Steve, he would be so easy to move around, to shove against a wall, flipping him to various positions in bed, lifting him so easily-

“Um,” Tony says, suddenly with a faint blush on his cheeks. “Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just you?”

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Do you ever find yourself wistfully trawling through the AO3 tags, sending up silent wishes to the fanfiction deities, begging for more omega!Steve? Fear not friend! You are not alone! If you’ve been pining for some omega!Steve, whether it’s to satisfy a kink in your otp, or because you want to see the A/B/O dynamic flipped on its head, or even just because it’s a Thing that you are Into, consider joining us over at the Omega!Steve Fic Exchange! Give the gift of omega!Steve, and receive it back in turn! Sign-ups will be opening soon, so we encourage you to check it out and signal boost so we can spread the omega!Steve love!

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no tony wouldn’t give his son alcohol if he had his heart broken

he’d look him in the eye

hold the back of his neck

stroke through his long blond hair that’s so much like his father’s (steve)

and tell him to follow him

and because his boy is just as much of a genius as he is they’d work together

and tony would make little jokes here and there

“you know i kill people for a living, right, brady? i’ll kill ‘im.”

and his son kinda smirks but ultimately feels somewhat better cause yeah okay

maybe he was dumped

maybe it hurts now

but then he gets to work beside this man who just finished telling him that he’s the best decision he ever made

and that they protect that world so fiercely so that he can live in it without fear

and that he’s so sorry that as his dad, he can’t protect him from this

“but it gets better, sunshine, you better believe it. it won’t always hurt. i talk out of my ass a lot, but not when it comes to you. it’s going to be okay, son. your father and i will always love you. maybe it’s not enough right now, but it’s never going to change and it’s never going away.”

and that’s why it’s okay

anonymous asked:

Do you know any stony fics where there are accidental situations like 'oh fuck i accidentally sleep walked into your bed' or 'shit i woke up cuddling with you' or any other stuff like that. Thanks and have a great day ❤

Hi love ♥ Thanks honey, I hope everything’s going awesome for you! I know a few fics where they kiss/sleep together/cuddle accidentally, so here you go:

These are all the ones I remember at the moment, but as I find more I’ll add them to this post. Also I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I saw this ask in the morning but today wasn’t my day so I’m so so sorry.

okay so

tony holding his newborn son

watching how his little fingers curl around his thumb

completely and utterly captivated and struggling to comprehend that he, tony stark, had a hand in conceiving this tiny, tiny creature

but mostly there’s just fear

because he works with machines

he can’t hurt a machine

but his son is completely fragile

that’s one human life that he’s completely responsible for and all he can think is how quickly he could screw it all up

how he could become howard

and how he’s in the habit of fucking up royally

so steve notices how tense tony’s shoulders are and rather than frown he gently squeezes them to help ease some of his burdens

“you’re not going to hurt him, tony”

and tony doesn’t say anything, just looks a bit numb to it so steve repeats

“you’re not going to hurt him” because steve won’t let tony silently hate himself. not now when they’re doing one of the most important things they’ll ever do and meeting their baby for the first time

and maybe tony isn’t completely convinced but steve’s touch reminds him that this kid is also steve

he’s half steve and that means he’ll be able to do so much good for himself

and that steve will be right there to help him

so tony swallows and just tries to keep it nonchalant “we come up with a middle name?”

“anthony” steve replies without even thinking about it

and tony tilts his head all skeptical cause he’d been hearing it before but he still thinks steve might be kidding

“really? we wanna do that to the kid, steven?”

“yes, anthony, we really do”

and tony can see it in steve’s eyes. he’s completely serious and he kinda snorts and looks down at the sleeping infant. “he looks like you. sorry about that, kid.”

and steve just smiles and brushes his thumb over their son’s tiny forehead “he’s a baby. he looks like himself”

“brady anthony rogers-stark. that’s a mouthful”

“and worth every second”

and tony kinda smiles and looks down at their kid. “yeah. yeah he is.”