The pieces of our shattered hearts

I love you with all the pieces of my shattered heart. Each piece a warm memory of you that I slip into my chest so I can dream of you… Every burning memory of love you’ve given me… I love you with every piece

Remember the time we went streaking in the rain? The time I climbed through your window pane? Climbed right up onto the roof? Every piece… A piece for you

I remember thunderstorms, when you’d cuddle close and warm. Hid beneath the bedding sheets, warming up your cold cold feets. More pieces just for you.

I hope you enjoy your pieces too, how I picked you up when you were blue. Snuck me in so you could be, sleeping right there next to me, dreams of us I know you keep. I hope you enjoy your pieces too

stoneyohstoney asked:

My first time taking E i accidentally flicked the cigarette cherry off. My solution was to pick up the cherry with my bare fingers and relight my cigarette and flick the cherry away again. Random first time story

hahaha omfg, i hope more than one random storyy <333