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Here’s the fics I read (and like) during June! (friendly reminder I read almost only Explicit or Mature fics)

King of the Road, by Stoney : Derek sees the guy–all long lines, furtive glances, hungry–leaning against the diner out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, Derek’s hungry, too. (30k, E)

He Gets Me High , by talktowater  : Stiles and Derek act like a couple. But they’re not. Seriously! Derek has a boyfriend and Stiles has a girlfriend. They’re just friends, overly-attached and possessive friends, but that’s it. Right? (11k, E)

even a bad cup of coffee (is better than no coffee at all) by vlieger :       AU where Derek and Laura stay in New York and open a coffee shop after the fire, and Stiles meets them when he moves there for college. (13.6k, E)

The Second Coming (of Werewolf Jesus), by  lupinus, uraneia : Stiles was enjoying his senior year until his crazy English teacher decided he made the best candidate to gestate Derek’s kid. Now Stiles is a seventeen-year-old pregnant dude and he and Derek have to figure their shit out, because in nine months they are going to be tied together for the rest of their lives. (40k, E)

Balloon Animals Are Awesome , by DiscontentedWinter  : Stiles is totally in love with Lydia. Until one day he’s not. Fuck his life. And seriously?  Derek? Derek Hale? He can’t be in love with Derek Hale. Derek hates him.
Doesn’t he? (22k, E)    

  no aphrodisiac like loneliness, by thepsychicclam : Stiles is 27 now, with a master’s degree and a career and a house and a serious boyfriend and a life in San Francisco that doesn’t include Derek. But then Stiles unexpectedly shows back up in Beacon Hills, and Derek would recognize that scent anywhere. (20k, E)         

  And miles to go before I sleepby  Heart_Of_Steel_And_Fandoms :     Stiles leaves Beacon Hills at the end of Sophomore year. He’s been abandoned by the pack, scarred by the hunters, and carries the equivalent of a volcano of magic inside him. Needless to say, his life sucks. But when Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills, over a year later and with a new persona, he isn’t the same powerless human the pack remembers. And when demons threaten Beacon Hills, he proves to everyone that sarcasm isn’t his only defence. (112k, E)       

In the Mountains , by GiaUrsula  : Feeling overwhelmed by his parent’s control and the pressure of law school, Derek moves to the small mountainous town of Beacon Hills to find himself and figure out what he wants in life. He finds love in the form of diner owner and single parent Stiles and Derek soon learns what real responsibility is. (48k, M)

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A short(??) list of great fics from this year. 

anonymous asked:

What are the roads in Westeros like? Do they have regular matinence and upkeep? If so who does the upkeep? Are the Gold Road, Roseroad, Kingsroad, etc the Westeros equivalent of highways? Because somewhere it's said Ellyn Reyne built roads. So I'm curious, what were medieval roads like and what would you expect Westeros roads to be like?

(First off: there’s a big caveat here that GRRM hasn’t put every road on the map, so there may well be roads we can’t see that change our perception. But based on what we know…)

They’re not great. 


There’s some pretty obvious missing connections when it comes to the system of royal roads created by Jaehaerys:

  • The River Road should absolutely extend to Maidenpool, and there should probably be a Trident Road connecting Riverun Fairmarket and Seagard. 
  • The Kingsroad should connect to White Harbor and Barrowton, with feeder roads linking White Harbor to Ramsgate, Barrowton to Torrhen’s Square to Winterfell, Kingsroad to Last Hearth to Karhold, and maybe Winterfell to Deepwood Motte to a ferry to Bear Island?
  • The High Road should continue past the Eyrie to Gulltown, with a spur connecting the Eyrie to Ironoaks, Old Anchor, and Longbow Hall.
  • We’re missing a north/south connection from Riverrun down to the Gold Road via Stoney Sept (which also connects you to the Blackwater Rush), and then down to the Roseroad via Bitterbridge.
  • The Ocean Road should extend west to Kayce and north up the coast to the Banefort.
  • The Reach needs an orbital road connecting Old Oak, Red Lake, Goldengrove, Bitterbridge, Ashford, and Horn Hill, connecting back to the Roseroad south of Highgardern. 
  • The Stormlands should have a direct route from Bronzegate to the Roseroad that doesn’t require going more than a hundred miles north out of your way through a congested King’s Landing. It also needs the Kingsroad to extend further south than Storm’s End, linking up with the Weeping Town and Stonehelm where it can connect to the Boneway. 
  • Dorne could use an eastern road continuing the Boneway from Wyl to Yronwood and Yronwood to Godgrace, and a western road linking Skyreach to Sandstone to Hellholt to Vaith. 


There are not enough bridges in Westeros, and a lot of the bridges that do exist are wooden structures that don’t fare well under heavy flooding. So I would definitely add the following:

  • Bridge over the Trident at the Ruby Ford, so that the main north/south highway in the whole kingdom doesn’t have to rely on a ford and some ferry boats. 
  • Bridge over the Rush at King’s Landing, so that southbound traffic from the capitol to the Reach and the Stormlands doesn’t have to rely on ferries.
  • Bridge over the Mander at Cider Hall or Longtable, over the Blueburn at Grassy Vale, and over the Cockleswent at Ashford, and over the unnamed Silverhall River at Goldengrove. In general, the Reach is bizarrely under-bridged and seriously impedes land traffic in favor of river-traffic. 
  • Bridge over the Red Fork south of Riverrun, and a more secure bridge over the Blue Fork at Fairmarket. 

And yes, I know in some of these cases bridges might not exist due to defensive reasons (although that’s a double-edged sword; bridges work really well to stop Ironborn sailing their longboats up your rivers), but that’s why swing/draw bridges were invented. 

Random Fic Recs

Last week of the summer semester!!!!!! So I am finally catching up. 

King of the Road by Stoney | 30.4K

Derek sees the guy–all long lines, furtive glances, hungry–leaning against the diner out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, Derek’s hungry, too.

Thank You For This Dance by  matildajones | 62.4K

Derek is not one for dancing, but at a ball he meets Stiles, an orphan, and he becomes quickly attached. He does not care what other people think about Stiles’ wealth and status, but it’s a lot harder for Stiles to ignore the comments that have haunted him his whole life.

It’s even harder to convince Stiles that Derek’s feelings are genuine.

Thaw by TroubleIWant | 9.9K

In which Stiles is an Emissary, Derek is in love with him, and nothing comes as easy as it should.

Living a Teenage Dream by Lissadiane | 19.8K

Rumor has it that Sheriff Stilinkski won’t let his stepson Scott date until his other son Stiles does, so when Allison makes the mistake of falling for Scott, her well-meaning (and dickish) friends hatch a scheme to hire someone to take Stiles to homecoming.

table thirteen by stilinskisparkles | 8.1K

where stiles has a series of disastrous first dates at the hale family restaurant, and derek pretends he’s not wishing he was the one sitting opposite stiles, rather than serving him.

Pen Name by rootbeer | 51K

“The set was busy; people bustled about with their various jobs. No one seemed to notice, or maybe they just didn’t care, as the gangly boy looked about nervously. He was all skin and bones, a track of moles across his light skin. He carried a bag across his shoulders, a coffee cup in his left hand and a curious look on his face. There was nothing remarkable looking about him at all, and perhaps, that was the most remarkable thing.”

Sinking Ships by standinginanicedress | 106.6K

Derek Hale has never met a human before.

Throughout his life, he’s probably encountered, give or take, a hundred or so. A mere hundred human beings in his twenty-three years walking around on earth, compared to the millions of weres he’s seen. And, even then, encountered them he might have, but met? Not even close.

this is romance by wearing_tearing | 3.6K

“These two men share a last name not because they’re brothers, Special Agent Stilinski,” Deaton says, giving him a pointed look. “They’re a married couple. That’s why you need the wedding rings. They’re a married couple you and Special Agent Hale are going to impersonate.”


Top 10 Pix Mix from Miami Art Week

From top: Jack Whitten at Alexander Gray, Art Basel Miami Beach; Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri at Salon 94, Art Basel Miami Beach; Adrian Esparza at Cindy Rucker and Max Estrella, Untitled; Sanford Biggers at Eric Firestone, Untitled Art Fair; Brian O'Doherty at Stoney Road Press, Ink Art Fair; Sarah Sze at Tanya Bonakdar, Art Basel Miami Beach; Oliver Herring at Robischon, Miami Project; Sheila Hicks at Sikkema Jenkins, Art Basel Miami Beach; Judy Pfaff at Pavel Zoubok, Miami Project; Mark Bradford at Hauser & Wirth, Art Basel Miami Beach.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering if ya got my message about any sterek sugar daddy fics? If ya don't know any, it's okay. I just haven't come across too many and wanted to see if anyone knew any (preferably ones with happy endings). Thanks again for taking the time and sorry if it's a bother.

fics in which derek is rich and supportive? these are all escort aus i’m not sure if they’re what you wanted but they all have happy endings and are fun reads

  • You Were A Kindness When I Was a Stranger by DevilDoll (E, 8k) “It’s not all handcuffs and spankings and learning to deep throat.” This is an AU with consensual BDSM sex acts, in which Derek supports Stiles financially in exchange for a sexual relationship. 
  • Your Majesty by grimm (E, 22) It wasn’t like he was a pro or whatever, but like any teenage boy he’d spent a lot of time jerking off, and there were a lot of people on the internet that liked watching that sort of thing. And while the idea of doing actual porn - like, porn with another person’s dick in his ass porn - kind of made him uncomfortable, jerking off by himself in front of a camera sounded okay. If you’re good at something, never do it for free, right? 
  • Don’t Worry Baby by kalpurna (E, 20k) "You know you’re allowed to ask for vanilla sex, right?“ he says, afterwards. “We can do whatever you want. That’s kind of the point.“ Derek doesn’t respond.
  • Unwind by coffeeinallcaps (E, 15k) Hope you enjoy your present, the text from Erica says. Payment’s taken care of. You can thank me tomorrow. “So you’re a werewolf, huh,” the guy says when Derek looks up at him again. His gaze drifts down from Derek’s face to the rest of his body, slowly, shamelessly. When it’s traveled back up and their eyes meet again, the corner of the guy’s mouth twitches up into a cocky little half-smile. “I fucking love working with werewolves.”
  • A Mating Moon by unpossible (E, 38k) “Hey, Scott, so, I uh, there’s this amazingly hot guy and I’m uh, gonna spend the weekend with him but, you know, just to be careful, I’m sending you his picture, so if by some terrible chance my bloated corpse shows up sometime Monday, just, y’know pass this along to the authorities.” He pauses. “Uh. Kidding?” and then hangs up with a rush of air. “That is the worst voicemail in the history of voicemails,” Derek says.
  • Three Phone Calls by pandabomb (E, 16k)  “You’re not a hooker, Stiles.” “Okay, yes, true, but—for a thousand dollars…”An AU in which Scott and Stiles live in a shitty apartment in NYC, Lydia is still queenly, and Derek is a clueless rich guy who mistakes Stiles for a hooker. Light-hearted, thinly-plotted fun.

more sex worker!stiles

  • Free Consultation by DevilDoll (T, 12k)  Stiles Stilinski, professional knotting surrogate.
  • King of the Road by Stoney (E, 30k)  Derek sees the guy–all long lines, furtive glances, hungry–leaning against the diner out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, Derek’s hungry, too.
  • off script by elandrialore (E, 4k)  Stiles doing one of those films that have college age boys jerking off for extra cash and Derek ends up as his cameraman.
  • Desperate But Not Serious by sofonisba_found (E, 13k) Stiles is one of the more memorable students in the undergrad Psych class that Derek is assigned to as a TA, and he’s not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. But when Derek finds Stiles starring on a certain website, his feelings become much more clear.
  • CAPTIVE by writeonclara (E, 23k) It’s porn. Well, it’s sort of porn. Gay sort of porn. Definitely Not Safe For Work. Isaac pushes Stiles out of the way to frantically exit out of the browser before their manager catches them looking at porn. Stiles thinks he has college all figured out (despite his sourwolf of a roommate), until he gets scouted to be a model for the popular werewolf skinmag, CAPTIVE.
  • i want to say all those things that are better left unsaid by aeneapsych (E, 25k) Derek is a lonely professor who decides to call a phone sex line. Stiles is a poor grad student who needs to make a living somehow. ”One night stands were never this good. Hell, his previous relationships were never this good. Derek was so screwed, but right now he didn’t care.”
  • Shutterbug by Yiichi (E, 53k) Derek Hale is the photographer for the family-run magazine ‘NECKZ ‘n THROATS’, a periodical aimed solely at the werewolf demographic. When the model for their monthly bails out, the staff are hard-pressed to find someone else to photograph at the last minute. Stiles Stilinski is a college student, scraping by on odd jobs to pay for his education fees. When his long-time friend Lydia finds him a one-off gig at a photo-shoot, he figures it couldn’t hurt. As contrary as their natures appear to be, Derek finds the most fascinating piece of art at the end of his lens.
  • Werewolf Friendly by badwolfbadwolf (E, 27k) Derek is a junior in college, never could get the hang of social interaction, and is, you know, a werewolf. A werewolf and a virgin. And it isn’t like anyone is banging down his door to hop on his werewolf dick, save for the few pervs who acted like he was some kind of exotic toy to be played with and experienced. So, when he sees Stiles’ ad on Hot Men 4 Rent, Derek is… interested. And who is he kidding, he’s read that bio every day since that sad evening with the chocolate chip cookies, and has every facet of it memorized. Stiles, no last name. Eighteen. Student. Good conversationalist. Likes to crack jokes. Fan of junk food but enjoys running. Werewolf-friendly. Werewolf-friendly. And there is his phone number and an email address. Plus all the moles.
  • I Feel the Need (Planted in Me) by wishingonalightningbolt (E, 9k) In which there’s a website that matches up Omegas in heat and others willing to help them out. Also in which Derek is one of those Omegas. Oh, and another thing. StilesS: You’ve never gone through heat with anyone? DerekH: No.

In response to this request, for long fics from early 2015 on, here are a few of the ones I’ve read recently. (With a generous definition of “long” - I’m generally a big fan of anything over 10k.)

I Still Believe | IAmAVeronica | Explicit | 111,412 | 22 August 2015 to 29 November 2015

Fascinating worldbuilding, with political intrigue, a humans vs werewolves war, and some really interesting characterizations and relationship development. Does contain mpreg and typically evil Argents (although I found Kate’s depiction particularly intriguing, and would love to see her handled that way more often in fic). I appreciated, as well, that while Derek was a force to be reckoned with in the werewolf army, he didn’t fall into the possessive Alpha Male stereotype. He’s family-loving, affectionate, conflicted, PTSD-suffering, and considers human!Stiles his absolute equal.

The Waves that Rolled you Under | @troubleiwant​ | Mature | 32,787 | 24 December 2015 to 31 January 2016

Stiles finds a handsome, dark haired, fully naked man lying on a rock on an Irish beach. When he drags the man to his rented cottage to warm him up and bundle him into some clothes, he finds out: his name is Derek; he’s apparently a selkie, who knew those were real; he’s also, to Stiles’s dismay, the love of his life, but he keeps leaving Stiles for the sea.

King of the Road | Stoney ( @itslaurastone ) | Explicit | 30,446 | 14 April 2015 21 January 2016

This one’s been a WIP for a while, but it’s now complete, and it’s fabulous - a roadtrip AU with steamy sex and even more intense emotional development.

Cut It Out And Then Restart | suchfun ( @fishcommander​ ) | Teen | 18,690 | 15 November 2015

Stiles and Derek work together in a newsroom; the problem is, they broke up years earlier, and this is the first time they’ve had to see and interact with each other since. It goes about as well as you’d expect.

From Ashes | @andavs​ | Teen | 13,310 | 09 November 2015

If, at the final moment, Lydia was able to figure out Peter’s game and switch the target, bringing Laura back to life instead: how would their lives have changed? Spoiler: Laura makes everything better. Especially Derek’s lonely, troubled life, and his halting attempts to figure out his feelings for Stiles.

Monsters in the Woods | Omni ( @cursedtruth ) | Explicit | 12,177 | 14 December 2015

This fic should have at least a thousand more kudos, so if y’all don’t start reading it soon, I’m going to feature it again on the Low Kudos Rec List I also keep promising to make. This is a wonderfully creative dark fairy tale, with the sense of a much larger world woven into the central story. Stiles travels across the land dispensing justice, and Derek can’t help being drawn to him, even though Stiles’s role will inevitably take him out of the town that Derek’s responsibilities (and an Alpha!werewolf child) tie him to.

You’re a Mess, But You’re a Catch to Me | jsea | Explicit | 11,634 | 10 November 2015

Derek is a lonely alpha who agrees to take care of omega!Stiles while the Sheriff’s in the hospital. Stiles is irritating, intriguing, and absolutely captivating, as it turns out.

Have Courage, Be Kind… and Get Revenge | rosepetals42 ( @petals42​ ) | Teen | 10,633 | 01 February 2016

Originally posted on tumblr, now available on AO3: a Cinderella!AU with the cheekiest, cleverest Stiles you’ll ever meet, and a prince named Derek who falls head over heels for him but has a hell of a time tracking him down after he flees the ball.

REASONS I WOULD DATE DEREK HALE | Idday ( @iddayidnight​ ) | Teen | 7,284 | 14 August 2015

Okay, I know this one’s under 10k, but I don’t care, because you need to read it immediately. I’m an absolute sucker for Stiles being the utter asshole that he absolutely is in canon, and not enough fics explore this to its full potential. So here’s a world in which Derek’s rough edges even out as he settles into a happier way of life, but it takes Stiles a while to catch up. To realize that Derek, actually, doesn’t want to be aggressively (and offensively) wooed. He just wants to be left alone, or cherished. There’s not really any in between.

Don’t You Wanna Be My Sky? | WhoNatural ( @howlnatural​ ) | Gen | 9,420 | 18 January 2016

Okay, fine, I give up on keeping these only to longer fics, because this Frost Fae Stiles winterfic is funny and delightful and a necessary read if you’re a fan of having joy in your life. It has that perfect balance of thoughtful, intricate worldbuilding and hilarious character moments - you’ll never drink coffee the same way after experiencing Scott and Stiles’s first encounter with it.

It’s Not Easy Being Green | Twice_Shy ( @notboldly​ ) | Gen | 5,301 | 11 January 2016

Stiles tries to cast a true love spell. He turns himself into a frog instead. If that doesn’t sell you on the story, here’s more: Derek takes it upon himself to help him find his True Love’s Kiss, and somehow manages to demonstrate the kind of careful, patient attention he always pays to Stiles, even when the only noises Stiles can make are croaks and some weird shrieking.

200 Followers Fic Rec

Just my way of saying thank you and I love you guys so much! 

  • Easy Alpha by interropunct 4,602 T
    • Easy A/Teen Wolf AU. Wherein, Derek Hale is the high school hussy, Jackson and Scott really need to learn to use their inside voices. And, contrary to popular belief, everyone is still a virgin.
  • He’ll Always Be My One In Ten by gabby227 5,780 Explicit
    • After being used once again, can Stiles show Derek that he really means something to someone? Or will Derek go on thinking that he’s nothing but a pawn in everyone else’s games?
  • Integral to Survival by asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato) / @asocialfauxpas 8,529 M
    • Derek is in the cell for about ten minutes before the lone door opens and a new body is tossed in. The person hits the floor with a grunt, rolls, and stands as the door is clanging shut. “That’s really not the way to treat a guest!”
  • I See Your Face Before Me by jezziejay  9,205 T
    • While Stiles was studying in New York, Scott moved to LA and found a new co-bestie. Stiles can’t wait to meet him. The feeling, however, is far from mutual. AU piece, based somewhat around one of the stories in the movie Love Actually. The end especially.
  • The Best Things in Life are Fully Involved by stileskolpath 11,471 Explicit
    • Stiles is propositioned by a new alpha, who just happens to be the replacement for Ms. Blake at Beacon Hills High School. So what happens? Stiles panics, that’s what happens. And by ‘panic’ I mean he totally may or may not have insinuated that he was currently involved in a totally not-fake relationship with one particularly broody alpha by the name of Derek Hale.
  • Break the Ice by YouRunWithTheWolves / @yourunwiththewolves 11,847 M
    • Stiles gets hit by a spell that makes him extra super duper cold. He needs constant heat to survive until someone finds a cure.
  • Come Fly With Me (Or Don’t) by stilinskisparkles / @felicitysmock 15,325 M
    • Stiles is overworked and stressed out when his flight home gets delayed due to copious amounts of snow. He finds entertainment with one Derek Hale, whom he hasn’t seen since high school but really doesn’t mind getting reacquainted with.
  • A Californian Werewolf in New York by dancinbutterfly, knight_tracer 16,311 Explicit
    • When Derek finally realizes that there’s nothing left for him in Beacon Hills, he goes back to New York, gets a life, falls in love and finds his home. (A podfic/fanfic collaboration)
  • To Have Outlived the Night by stillane 23,448 M
    • Derek steps away from the window. “You helped me. They took that as a declaration.”
  • We’ve Written Volumes (in Blood and Scars and Ink) by notthequiettype / @notthequiettype 25,935 Explicit
    • Stiles is on his back on hard-packed dirt. He’s cold and there are leaves stuck to his neck and there’s a four inch gash in his side that he thinks he can feel his ribs through… .  As his eyes slip shut, the last thing he thinks is, “This is going to kill my dad.”
  • Lock All The Doors Behind You by entanglednow 25,960 M
    • He has no idea what you’re supposed to say when you find one of your…werewolf acquaintances, completely out of their mind, growling like they’re about to see what your insides taste like. There’s no handbook for this. Stiles is thinking that if he survives he might write one.
  • Hide Of A Life War by Etharei / @etharei 26,102 Explicit
    • “We have received confirmation that there is a hostage situation in progress at a warehouse compound two hours out of Los Angeles, following a multiple-vehicle pileup on Highway 101 this morning…” The one in which Stiles has lived to (legal) adulthood and, along the way, become a bit of a badass himself.
  • In This Twilight How Dare You Speak of Grace by secondstar / @attoliancrown  28,712 Explicit
    • Zombies. Stiles always knew the world would end this way.
  • The View From My Window by primroseshows 29,586 
    • Derek is a glassblower on the hunt for new ideas. His assistant Scott has some artist friend named Stiles.
  • King of the Road by Stoney 30,446 Explicit
    • Derek sees the guy–all long lines, furtive glances, hungry–leaning against the diner out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, Derek’s hungry, too. @hoechlindylan made an amazing gifset of this story, right here!
  • DILF by twentysomething 30,871 Explicit
    • “Today is Scott’s first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.”
  • Cupboard Love by mklutz 32,682 G
    • He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain. If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.
  • By Any Other Name by entanglednow 33,090 Explicit
    • He doesn’t know his name, he doesn’t know who he is, and neither does the werewolf he’s on the run with. But he’s pretty sure they hunt monsters, because they seem to be really good at it.
  • Strike Softly (Away From The Body) by qhuinn (tekla) / @qhuinn 34,524 Explicit
    • Derek is a bodyguard and Stiles his spoiled, resistant client.
  • Past The Breakers by thepsychicclam / @thepsychicclam 40,729 Explicit
    • Stiles and Scott get summer jobs at the exclusive Seawolf Beach Resort, and the last thing Stiles expects is to start taking surf lessons from the hot lifeguard.
  • Not Your Disney Romance by tylerfucklin (zimothy) / @zimothy 42,069 M
    • After a long-forgotten agreement of an arranged marriage between Derek and the daughter of another pack’s alpha resurfaces, Stiles takes it upon himself to become the most amazing fake fiancé that a clueless, desperate alpha werewolf could wish for.
  • I’d Lie by dereksstilinski (greyslittlediaries) / @comeonalongwithme 44,189
  • Tide Pulls from the Moon by paintedrecs (bon) / @paintedrecs 45,258 M
    • When Derek left Beacon Hills, finally ripping the tether free and remembering how to breathe, how to live again, it was Stiles who came after him. Stiles, who showed up at his door with blazing eyes, looking like he wanted to punch him in the face, but wrapping his arms around him instead, making him grunt in surprise at the raw strength of his embrace.
  • The Noble Tie That Binds by minusoneday / @sidekickinit 49,548 Explicit
  • Sense of Home by siny / @sinyhale 53,067 Explicit
    • Home can be a place, but it can also be a person. After the events with the Nemeton, Stiles starts suffering the consequences of their sacrifice. A journey he attempts to make on his own, but only becomes worse with every step he takes. In the process he seeks comfort in an unexpected place and it draws him toward an unexpected person.
  • Kaleidoscope by Vendelin / @ljummen 54,223 Explicit
    • Stiles spends a year before college working at the all-night coffee shop in town. It’s nice and quiet, until one dark and brooding Derek starts coming in every morning, ordering coffee so strong that it should not be fit for human consumption. Ever. Stiles tries not to be affected by the mystery guy, but it’s not like anything else happens around here, so really, what did you expect?
  • The Company I Keep by secondstar / @attoliancrown 67,511 Explicit
    • Stiles has a favorite table at the library. Then some asshole comes along and steals it from him.
  • Permanent Fixture by linksofmemories / @erinpond 80,777 Explicit
    • Derek is Scott’s older brother. Stiles is Scott’s best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.
  • No Homo by RemainNameless / @meechwoods 84,064 Explicit
    • Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this: 3 FourLokos + 1 peer-pressuring cat - 1 best bro to end all best bros = 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads "str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”. Derek is the fool who replies.
  • Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin (zimothy) / @zimothy 101,000 Explicit
    • Looking for full day/evening sitter. 2 twin boys age 4. Must have exp. w/werewolves. Must be human. No pedophiles. No teenage girls. Pay negotiable.
  • Hallowed Grounds by damnfancyscotch / @damnfancyscotch 105,518 Explicit
    • … Stiles runs into Erica who’s working at a coffee shop and her boss, the lovely Laura Hale, offers him a job. Oh, and apparently he’s suddenly running a doggie summer camp because they just keep showing up at his house, especially the big black one who has the prettiest fur and the judgiest face on a dog he’s ever seen.
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You by matt4ffx / @mattjolly 124,672 M
    • When Erica and Boyd mysteriously disappear, Derek recruits Scott, Isaac, and Stiles to assist in a rescue mission that reveals new enemies, new alliances, and new relationships that will change Derek and his pack forever.
Dillion Francis Talks To Christopher Thompson From Stoney Roads About Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris
  • Christopher Thompson: Does
  • Calvin Harris know that you're in love with Taylor Swift?
  • Dillon: Am I in love with her?
  • Christopher Thompson: I don't know. There’s that Vine of you and her at the mansion party.
  • Dillon: Man, that was the best. That was so much fun to make that video. I love both of them. I love both of them together, because they're awesome, and then Calvin's just so funny. I love making videos with him, even though they're very rare when they happen, but he's a good director. If I could have Calvin Harris direct all of my instagram and Vines and all of that, I would do it. I don't think he'd do it though.