stoney curtis


Just for fun…

In October of 1965, Tony Curtis ‘appeared’ as Stone Age Movie Star, Stony Curtis, on The Flintstones in the episode called “The Return of Stony Curtis” (Season 6, Episode 3, Oct 1 1965). And check out Stony’s director, Rocko Hemminger!  


“Good Evening Mrs. Flintstone, I’m Stoney Curtis your Slave Boy.”

Darry Cheats on You with a Soc

Mild NSFW mention!

Like everyone, there was a list of things that you were self-conscious of. Your relationship was never among that list. You were never self-conscious of what people thought of you and your boyfriend, or even yourself in front of your boyfriend. You could be you with him, and that was how it should be.
Darry and you had been together for a while, a passionate, whirlwind of a relationship that was somehow always very soothing and calm as well as maddening and vivacious at the same time. You loved Darry, and Darry loved you. You were his, and he was yours. It was as simple as that.
Sure, the two of you had your quarrels that left you often crying tears of frustration and him frowning so hard he barely looked like himself, but your relationship was seemingly untouchable - you always bounced back.
That’s what you figured would happen after one particular fight, where you had argued with Darry about helping pay for Pony and Soda. With Soda working, clearly things weren’t as bad as they could be, but like always, they were pretty bad. You had a job at a local shop and wanted desperately to help start contributing to the household - you practically lived over there anyways. Yet somehow, this had led to an argument, which lead to you both screaming at each other and you running back to your one bedroom house that you barely saw anymore due to your constant presence at the Curtis’ (not that they minded.)

As days had passed, like always, you found yourself missing Darry horribly. After a week of being away, you were ready to forgive him for yelling and talk about the argument rationally.

You walked over to the Curtis house stoney faced, but expecting Darry to immediately embrace you when you walked in the door. Darry was off tonight, and Pony and Soda were more than likely out with the boys.
You walked up to the front door, pushing it open. Pushing it closed behind you, you spoke: “Darry?”

There was no response, but a bang from the bedroom propelled you forward. As you made your way to his room, a sick feeling took root in your gut. What of he was truly done this time? What if he didn’t want you back? A million thoughts raced through your head, and then you heard it.

A prolonged moan and a grunt, followed by the squeaking of the bed frame.
No. No, no, no, no, no. It couldn’t be. It has to be one of the other boys, trying to show off to a girl by bringing her to his ‘pad.’ No, it couldn’t be Darry. You had never broken up, and even if you had, he loved you. You willed yourself forward, and pushed open the door.

Darry was there, thrusting harshly into her. Her. Maybe you looked around the room and saw her mint green cardigan, or maybe you saw her face. You didn’t know how you knew, but you did: this girl was rich; the kind of girl Darry wouldn’t have ended up with if he hadn’t had to raise his brothers. She was a Soc.

Darry had a look of pain mixed with concentration and pleasure. He hadn’t seen you, and neither had the girl, who was still moaning as though neighbors didn’t exist. Finally, you spoke.

“I…” but that’s all that you could manage. It was as though Darry had been waiting for someone to walk in. He whipped around immediately, a look of confusion on his face. Then he saw you, and his eyes grew.

“Y/N…” You shook your head, closing you eyes. You didn’t care that despite the fact that the girl looked like a Soc and you hated Socs, she looked confused and possibly even regretful, having had pieced it together. You kept shaking your head, but slowly opened your eyes.

“No. Don’t you dare,” Your chest shook as you took a quavering breath. “Don’t you fucking dare.” The girl had pulled the sheet up to her chest, and her mouth was open, as though she wanted to say something or apologize, but she couldn’t because it wasn’t her place.

You knew then that you didn’t hate her, and you didn’t hate Darry either. You felt an insane amount of anger towards Darry (How could he? How fucking could he?) but you somehow still didn’t hate him.

But even if you didn’t hate him, you couldn’t even look at him. You turned around, walked out the door, and out of the Curtis house, Darry yelling your name. You didn’t look back.