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But the REAL question is, where is that anchor now?


The zombeesknees/harrietvane Highlander The Series 2015 rewatch:

The Darkness s02e05: I said I wasn’t going to gif this episode, but the point of this post is this: a) ritchie becomes immortal, then immediately b) jettisons all neon and stonewash denim and becomes BLACK-WEARING LONGCOAT BADASS IN TRAINING (longcoat on order). Like, straight away. Looks like Dick Grayson* wants to be called ‘Nightwing’ now, Bruce.     (*oops, Season 5 spoiler)

This #LFW, trainers are on all the most fashionable feet. This stonewash denim and glitter pairing caught our eye. #StreetStyle #OOTD #Trainers