this is a continuation of my other two hogwarts au posts for the sdr2 and ndrv3 kids! this one has more plot, mainly because of junko…

Aoi Asahina

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • quidditch team seeker, of course
  • she’s known for her sleek, flowing movements while flying
  • sneaks off to swim in the great lake whenever she can get away with it
  • good with transfiguration, not a fan of divination

Byakuya Togami

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • the heir to a wealthy pureblood family
  • although he’s pretty much set for life by the time he joins hogwarts, he constantly aims to be the best of the best
  • he has top grades, perfect spellcasting, and a spotless record
  • becomes slytherin head boy
  • kind of becomes friends with naegi after recruiting him to be his “assistant”, but would never admit their friendship to anyone.
  • goes on to become the head of magical law enforcement at the ministry of magic

Celestia Ludenberg

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • pureblood who comes from a very old family
  • makes a small fortune every time there’s a trip to hogsmeade
  • gets away with wearing fancier robes and gigantic hair extensions
  • many students fall into her debt and work as her “servants” to pay off what they owe
  • hifumi is her longest and most loyal servant
  • if you cross her, she will turn you into a pig and make sure your room is filled with unpleasant things
  • high grades, very good at transfiguration

Fujisaki Chihiro

  • sorted into: gryffindor
  • constantly questioning why they’re in gryffindor instead of ravenclaw, because they feel so weak all the time
  • eventually learn to gather up their courage when they really want to change
  • ishimaru and oowada constantly reassure them that they’re where they belong
  • develops AIs using souda’s magical-resistant machinery that can come out of computers and walk around as thought they’re a normal wizard
  • brilliant in transfiguration

Hifumi Yamada

  • sorted into: ravenclaw
  • he’s actually not as foolish as he seems, but he is gullible and disliked by a number of students
  • spends more time focusing on his doujins and figurines than his classes
  • also spends a ridiculous amount of time turning doujin pages into movable pictures

Junko Enoshima

  • sorted into: slytherin ofc
  • seems innocent and trustworthy… but has big plans for the magical world
  • is never proven to be the culprit behind things until long after she has left hogwarts
  • freshman year, she is stopped by naegi kirigiri and togami from taking the sorcerer’s stone
  • second year, she spurrs syo on and causes the attacks against students
  • third year, she sends an escape convict, monokuma, after naegi
  • fourth year, she sneaks naegi’s name into the triwizard tournament cup an sabotages the third task so that he ends up in precarious mortal danger
  • fifth year, she completely bewitches yukizome to turn her into a horrible tyrant, using ‘despair’ magic she invented herself, and sends her followers to steal hagakure’s prediction about herself and naegi. likely kills naegi’s parents. leaves hogwarts to continue her spread of despair and to get away from naegi, kirigiri, and togami
  • by the end of her fifth year, she has spread despair throughout the school, and the sdr2 kids have become her servants
  • sixth year, she forces komaeda to relay information and eventually let powerful dark wizards into the school
  • junko subjugates the ministry of magic at this time and spreads despair throughout the world. while hogwarts is turned into a safe place, she sneaks her way in and erases everyone’s memories before…
  • seventh year, she returns to hogwarts and forces her class into a killing game. only naegi, kirigiri, togami, fukawa, asahina, and hagakure survive.
  • seemingly dies when she loses the killing game…

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • sorted into: ravenclaw
  • becomes prefect & head boy
  • top grades in each class, and has the highest grades in history of magic
  • becomes an unlikely friend of oowada’s after the two have a fight over who could survive in the forbidden forest the longest; afterword, they become close and refer to the other as their ‘brother’
  • other than visiting the forbidden forest during that one fight with oowada, he has never broken a school rule

Kyouko Kirigiri

  • sorted into: ravenclaw
  • was a detective before she agreed to attend hogwarts
  • mostly agreed to attend in order to see the headmaster, her father
  • befriends naegi when he shows an interest in getting to know her and togami as they all foil junko’s scheme to steal the sorcerer’s stone
  • top grades overall, a naturally gifted witch
  • after working for the ministry to set the world back on the right track, she becomes a professor at hogwarts

Leon Kuwata

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • ambitious when it comes to his rock star career, but in school… not as much
  • much to his annoyance, he becomes a star chaser on the slytherin quidditch team instead of a heartthrob musician
  • but he forms a band and does relatively well in popularity with muggles and wizards alike until his death

Makoto Naegi

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • the harry to junko’s voldemort
  • average/normal with everything except for his optimism (and natural aptitude for defense against the dark arts)
  • pure and never loses hope, no matter what junko throws at him
  • just wants to make the world a better place after she is defeated
  • eventually becomes the headmaster of hogwarts

Mondo Oowada

  • sorted into: huffleuff
  • resents being in hogwarts because he can’t ride his bike or even take it with him to the school
  • constantly in a bad mood as a result
  • gets some of his frustrations out during his time as a beater on the hufflepuff quidditch team
  • constantly getting into trouble, although Ishimaru has pardoned him many times
  • pretty low grades; abhors history of magic

Mukuro Ikusaba

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • is actually junko’s twin and a trained wizard combatant (meaning that from a young age she was rigorously trained in offensive/defensive magic and physical fighting tactics)
  • keeps a low profile, but would do anything her sister asks…
  • defense against the dark arts master

Sakura Oogami

  • sorted into: gryffindor
  • sees asahina’s moves in a match and eagerly awaits an opening on the team
  • she becomes the gryffindor team’s seeker as she’s perceptive and powerful enough to snap into action as soon as she sees the golden snitch
  • naturally befriends asahina and the two become inseparable
  • above average in most classes, enjoys potions

Sayaka Maizono

  • sorted into: slytherin
  • starts a singing group and becomes a bit of a hogwarts idol
  • once her groupmate was injured badly enough that she couldn’t perform at a show and sayaka retaliated by forcing the perpetrator into the middle of the forbidden forest alone
  • no one messed with sayaka or her fellow ‘idols’ again
  • charms perfectionist

Touko Fukawa

  • sorted into: ravenclaw
  • was cursed at a very young age by a very powerful dark wizard, as a result she harbors a “demon” inside her: a serial killer that goes by genocider syo
  • fukawa herself still harbors a strong passion for writing; she dedicates four early romance novels to togami
  • causes a panic in their second year because she cannot control syo and students are being attacked
  • just before hogwarts is closed naegi, kirigiri, and togami figure out her secret and get her the help she needs to keep syo from attacking
  • likes astronomy and apparation 

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • sorted into: hufflepuff
  • of course, he’s a divination prodigy and the favorite of the professor
  • seems to be like the professor in that his predictions are rarely accurate, but…
  • he predicts the rise of a certain dark witch and a magical-oriented panic that will shake every corner of the world…
  • bit of a joker and not great in most classes (is good at astronomy, though)