The Frog Saga

So in a nearby college’s science building, a geologist had set up a very interesting display. 

It was his collection of gemstone frogs.

There was a derpy frog!

A judgy orange sunny frog!

A simple frog!

A short frog!

A bumpy toad!

A salty, taunting, tongue-out frog!

And there were even two lizards who had somehow made their way into the collection…here is one of them…

Reminds me of some @orochihigh​ things going down right now…..

There was a super shiny opal frog!

But I took a liking to 2  frogs in particular. 

who is she




I’ve never really had an OTP until now.

Cheap, newbie lithomancy

Ok so I love the idea of divination by throwing things about, and lithomancy is stone divination. Now, you can use your lovely crystals or tumbled stones for this but a. I’m cheap so I don’t have too many and b. I am not gonna be throwing around my precious gem babies. Nooope. 

So, what to do? Go outside and grab a bunch of small to medium stones that appeal to you, you should need about 10-15 depending on what you wanna put on them. Give them a wash and dry. Take paint or use markers (I used gold and silver markers) to add symbols of meaning to each one. Common themes include the planets and elements along with some tarot influence.

Next, take a spare piece of paper and figure out what categories you want, 8 in total. I did: Self, love, money, work, friends, home, magic and health. Now you should make a circle with whatever you can that looks like the below, and place your categories in the 8 sections. Still with me? Cool.

Now here’s the fun part! Shake up your stones and (not too hard) cast them over the circle. They will scatter about and maybe bounce a little. Stones that lie outside the circle or lines are irrelevant and should be put back in the storage while you read. Depending on which section they land in, the stones will have a message about that topic. Stones in the centre circle show past/current events, the middle ring shows things to come and the outer is for future possibilities.

This is super fun, inexpensive and actually pretty accurate so if you get the chance, go do it!!

 Lots of love and good luck, 



Runic Magic or Divination uses stones with alphabetic symbols that are used to predict one´s future. They are from different materials and usually kept in a pouch.

Like Ryley and Ishani found out,  a symbol can mean different things , you need to pick the meaning that applies more to the person who made the question and it also depends on the circle it falls. Be it your “Self”, “Influences”, or “Future Events”. The combination of the runes that fell are the answer to the question. 

✧*:・゚Remember that above all,  it takes time and practice. Remember to be open to different methods and always charge the runes with the energy of the one who asks. *:・゚✧

Different Stones and their Meanings

I gathered together a bunch of stones and their different meanings from a bunch of books and online sources to share with you! I hope this helps you guys!

Agate: Happiness, fertility, children protection

Amazonite: Calm, peace, joy

Amber: Cleansing, positivity, wisdom

Amethyst: Calming, happiness, protection

Aquamarine: Psychic abilities, tranquility, level-headed

Aventurine: Creativity, independence, motivation

Bloodstone: Healing, wealth, courage

Calcite: Luck, business, money

Carnelian: Joy, self-confidence, depression

Citrine: Sleep, cleansing, clear thoughts

Diamond: Generosity, trust, strength

Emerald: Meditation, psychic awareness, balance

Fluorite: Concentration, intellect, reducing emotional involvement

Garnet: Health, patience, love

Goldstone: Hope, protection, wealth

Hematite: Concentration, stress relief, grounding

Howlite: Stress relief, calming, spirituality

Jade: Harmony, wisdom, growth

Jasper: Stability, healing, balance

Jet: Purification, control, divination

Labradorite: Protection, strength, faith

Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, divination, compassion

Malachite: Inspiration, psychic visions, overcoming negativity

Moonstone: Calming, beauty, childbirth

Moss Agate: Gardening, longevity, finding treasures

Obsidian: Grounding, cleansing, clarity

Onyx: Protection, relaxation, scrying

Opal: Eloquence, beauty, clarity

Pearl: Divination, innocence, purity

Peridot: Prosperity, growth, compassion

Petrified Wood: Longevity, wisdom, protection

Clear Quartz: Healing, meditation, magic

Rhodonite: Self-worth, self-esteem, assurance

Rose Quartz: Peace, love, beauty

Ruby: Restful sleep, lust, generosity

Sapphire: Friendship, self-discipline, meditation

Selenite: Intuition, psychic abilities, spirit guides

Serpentine: Visualization, elderly, abundance

Smoky Quartz: Reduces fear and panic, grounding, depression

Snowflake Obsidian: Serenity, absorbs negativity, grounding

Sodalite: Stress relief, learning, clears the mind

Sunstone: Sexual energy, vitality, independence

Tiger’s Eye: Travel protection, stubbornness, emotional balance

Topaz: Clarity, Tranquility, Focus

Tourmaline: Weight loss, attracting love, understanding

Turquoise: Soothing, loyalty, emotional balance

Yellow Aventurine: Money, creativity, abundance

Zircon: Sleep, self-esteem, intellection