stoners den

First content from my new apartment! It’s so fucking amazing to have an entire home to myself. As much as sleeping alone at night is scary, my overall anxiety has gone down sooooo much living alone. It reminds me how much I truly am an introvert when given the chance to be. Can’t wait to share this place with you guys a little more as I keep making it my own 🏡


Today hiked to Spahn Ranch and showed my buds the Manson rock, Looked for and successfully found Stoners Den/Manson Caves, Got lost for 2 Hours 15 feet underground, Helped out by nice Stoner folk, Tried to get home my whole block was barricaded by police on a man hunt, Went to Denny’s realized car had a flat tire due to a 5” steel nail, And after putting the spare in came home and chilled!