In the cluster-fuck of acronyms that people use for the dispensaries around LA, I mistakenly called SCC, Studio City Collective. It is actually called Studio City Caregivers. Whatever.  The place smells of pungent hotelesque perfume in order to drown out the grease filled exhaust In-n-out burger provides only 25 yards away. A table full of free handouts sits in the first chamber of the collective, and then a small interrogation type room with comfy couches accommodates you for the required paperwork a first time patient needs to complete.  A familiar face greets me at the window.

Sometimes the lengths that these places go to secure their establishments can become rather ridiculous. I had to pass through five thick metal doors before I reached the very back room. 

The weed was over-priced for the area (a place down the road charges a forty dollar cap) as I spent forty-five bucks for a strain of weed that didn’t hit the price/quality ratio well. The Mango Maui was an OK Sativa that had a nice sweet smell.  The service was excellent.

I felt that I was treated extra special because The person who helped me happens to be a regular customer at the coffee shop that I work at thirty hours a week.  She threw in a free half-gram of an excellent Afghani Master Hash that I would value somewhere between $30-50 per gram.  It had a beautiful reddish-brown hue to it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually, I still have enough to drape across a few more bowls and will do so by the end of tonight.

A friend’s family member died, and sometimes forgetting terrible events can be eased by good buds. In every sense of the word. Even though SCC wasn’t everything I was looking for in a collective, I can truthfully say that what I had purchased there that day helped someone aside from me.

It may sound naive to say that a mad head rush from the inhale of a thickly rolled cigar full of sativa can ease the pain of a close relative passing. It would be equally dumb to think that it cant help a little;that the time spent socializing with friends in that circle of weed amidst a fat doobie can’t take you away, innocently, from your stressors.

Tangent aside, there are plenty of other collectives in Studio City to visit, and I’m fairly positive this place isn’t even in Studio City.


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Pot porn. That is what this blog is more or less. This strain is called Jedi despite the fact The Spot labeled it as “Jet-i”. It is no surprise to me (hold your racist comments) that a team of “urban” African-Americans running a pot dispensary don’t know exactly what a Jedi is or have ever seen the movie “Star Wars”.  Having said that, this strain was instantly recognizable as the super potent “Jedi” which I used to make trips from Tucson to San Diego in order to get my grubby meat hooks on tit.  I almost lost my life in a quarter-pound deal gone wrong (ended up as a car-jacked-hog-tied-head-cracked-open-in-the-middle-of-the-desert type of day) in the quaint little suburb of Oro Valley, Arizona over this shit.

It really is great weed and I almost am too high right now on it to put anything else terribly important or coherent in this post.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Kushmart(323) 464-6465, Cahuenga/Selma, Open daily 11a-8p

The best part about KushMart is the overall experience. Always under a high volume of patients, the place consistently operates well under pressure. I have even seen a customer get thrown out after throwing a fit, literally, and tossing her medication back over the counter-top. The budtenders took it in stride as this is the nature of selling weed in Hollywood one would imagine.

You can always find a selection of over twenty-five excellent strains at any time, a few different grades of shake, multiple concentrates, wide selection of edibles and beverages, supplies like visine and paraphenelia, and sometimes clones (baby plants). KushMart truly packs a wide selection of product into a small space at a fairly competitive price. Some of their flower (nugs) prices can become pretty steep in comparison with other nearby spots. Seventy-five dollars for an eighth ounce will always make me shudder and can be found constantly at the KushMart.  You can usually find a geat strain at a more reasonable price range of $40-50.  A rewards program that is stellar is another reason to make KushMart a regular stopping point. A %10 portion of every one of your purchases will transfer directly onto the above shown KushMart “KushKard” as I like to call it.  Most purchases at dispensaries are at least $20, so that’s two dollars every time onto the card, and before you know it you will have a free gram or so.

I bought the pictured Grape skunk for $25 a gram.  It was an extremely enjoyable Indica that left behind some wonderful kief in my grinder and usually did a good job of putting me to sleep.  I told the budtender I was looking to treat myself this day and wanted to buy some concentrates.  KushMart usually has more to offer than they did this day as they only had two different kinds of hash for the same $30 per gram price. I bought a half gram of the hybrid OG Skywalker.  The texture and smoke-ability of their hash was great. A little pricey for the taste and the high, I have paid half that price for hashes the same quality.

Snoop Dogg allows his picture to fly all over their webiste and store, and he knows weed well, so at least check this place out.