Album Review: Dune Rats - The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit

Artist: Dune Rats

Album: The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit

Released: February 3rd, 2017

         Brisbane, Australia natives Dune Rats are currently lighting up Australia with their album The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit released via Ratbags Records.They are currently sitting at the Number One spot on the Album charts and also just sold out their Australia tour. I can see why this band is gaining attention pretty quickly. Their upbeat, late 70′s,80′s punk rock tone makes you want to get up and groove. Mix of early Weezer vibes with a carefree attitude of Beastie boys “Fight For Your Right.” These guys definitely deserved their right to party. With songs like “6 Pack”, “Scott Green”,and “Never gonna get high”, they are basically the epitome of the youth of this generation.

           The album opens up with “Don’t Talk” setting up that carefree attitude by stating, “we all are gonna die anyways,” Creating the perfect leading into “6 Pack.” A song that’s a reflection on growing up and having your brother or sister buy you beer or bringing you smokes before you were old enough. It brings back memories of a more carefree time and when you just wanted to escape. “Demolition Derby” and “Braindead” talk about society ignoring you and how you can easily disappear. Two of the darker songs on the album but they still have an upbeat theme to them. “Scott Green” and “Never Gonna Get High” are two songs polar opposite of each other but completely fit together. The first song is about wanting to get high any way you can but never gonna get high is about the social aspect of not wanting to but you need to cause everyone is doing it. Leading into “Like before” which is a song that talks about what happen to your old group of friends after you all grew up. “Counting Sheep” is the song that perfectly describes whats going on in your head when you can’t sleep. “Buzz-kill” is filled with angsty teen hate towards that person that always kills your high. Whether it’s your parents or that one kid you hate, in the end you cave in to make them happy, this song is about how you really feel. The Album ends on a high note of their single “Bullshit.” The song is just their way of saying who cares what society feels, they like it, they want to do it and you can’t tell them how to live their life. A perfect way to end a great album.

    Dune Rats made an album that is relatable no matter how old you are. You can be in high school, or a young adult or even in your 80′s, this album will bring you good times. It makes you want to go party and have fun and not care what people say. If you are older it brings back tons of memories that are nothing but good. It is a must to check it out and kick back or get a group of friends and have a party with this album on repeat. There’s no question why this album is Number One in Australia, upbeat, good times, it has everything you want and didn’t know you wanted in an album. You can pick the album up on Apple music.

Midnight Celebrity
Acid Priest
Midnight Celebrity

Into my wild side
Taking you for a ride

Hitting speeds you’ve never seen
Ripping the skin right off you clean
I can see your life decay
Got a receipt for your death wish day
So it’s ok with me
To sit you in my death machine

I hope you feel the pain
I hope you go insane
I hope you lose your mind
I hope you cannot find
You’ll never walk again 
With your femur sticking out your thigh
You’ll never walk again 
With your lungs melting from inside

Now you’re skin and bones
Just like me
Except you can’t exist
Unlike me

I got your blood on the door
I got your brains on the floor
I got a craving for more
And when it comes to death
That’s all me

I hope you enjoyed the ride
Sitting right next to me
Until your life ran thin
I enjoyed your company