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the voltron awards
  • lance: and the tight-ass award goes to... keith
  • lance: not only because he is everyones favorite stickler
  • lance: but because he has a great caboose
  • keith:
  • lance: so come on down
  • keith: no

Castiel | MCL’s retro/senior’s year AU

//// he kinda looks like a stoner oops

- Has a collection of motorbikes, likes racing and running in the 90′s

- Loves beer and pizza, a very grunge clichè

-  biggest fanboi of Guns&Roses and Nirvana

- lowkey likes black kittens and drawing

- usually gets drunk with Lysander while crying together 

AU suggestion

Hi my name is Bro Shitty Number 42 Knight and I have long brown hair (that’s better than other hockey players’ flow) with a matching mustache that goes down to my lips and eyes that look like fields of weed and a lot of people tell me I look like Steve Buscemi (AN: if u don’t know who that is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Jack Zimmermann but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a hockey player but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white privilege. I’m also a gender studies major and I go to a liberal arts college called Samwell in New England where I’m in my senior year (I’m 22). I’m a stoner (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly nothing. I love zumiez and buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a tshirt with a marijuana on it with matching socks and a floral snapback, adidas slide-ons and an american flag vest. I was walking outside the Haus. A lot of lax bros stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Everything I Hate About You [01]

Masterlist [Namjoon x Reader]

01 |

A/N: My friend mentioned the movie ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ I also touched on some things I feel arn’t in many fanfictions such as bi/pan sexuality

Stories and movies set young girls to believe that we will meet a boy in the mystery section of a bookstore or have a handsome stranger buy us coffee at the local coffee shop, and perhaps thats a possibility but what about the Tinder dates, the floor full of flirtarious men at the club on that random friday night? The outcome of any of these possibilities could be good or bad, no matter the scenerio. Its the guy, the chemistry, the annoying way he thinks you’re cute when your mad, its the long list of things you hate but secretly love about him that makes it all worth it.


You held your cherry flavored sucker effortlessly between your lips, passing familiar faces with usual whispers of whatever new juicy gossip some pathetic try hard decided to spread.

'Lisa’s pregnant?’ 'Chanyeol and Joy finally got together but I heard that she is cheating on him with Choi Minho!’ 'I heard Y/n and Jisoo had a very.. intimate.. couple of meetings. I think she is lesbian!’

The infamous lesbian rumor filing your ears as your black boots hit the tiled floor in a carless strut through the halls of your low class university, full of twenty something year old stoners, try hard, over achievers, and everything in between. As if the gods wanted you to humor those gossip driven asshats, you spotted a familiar petite black haired girl making her way to the front doors of the school. “Jisooo wait up!” Your booming voice slightly startling her as it was so sudden, ignoring the heavy whispers that followed your shout you walked up to her and draped an arm around her shoulder. This action of course came with a cost, a cost of a snide remark from a dumbass kid.

“The lesbians are back at it again.”

“At least I’m getting some,” Oh how you lived for seeing people’s eyes bug out of thier skulls like cartoon characters, and this boy gave you just that, immediately shutting his mouth and crossing his arms. “Have fun with your hand tonight honey.” Jisoo’s soft giggle filled your ears and that only seemed to make this victory all the more great, wrapping her small arm around your waist as yall left the school without a second glance. “Y/n, why must you feed into the gossip?” Jisoo’s voice was soft as she giggled at you like she already knew the answer.“Oh my dear supposed lover, we must give the people what they want.” Jisoo was an aquintence at most, besides a small summer fling of hot make out sessions and alot of roaming hands; you werent limited to loving one gender because love has no gender now does it? “Y/n, you are unlike any other.” Jisoo smiled stepping on her tip toes to place a chaste kiss on your cheek before skipping on down the sidewalk.

Howls and whistles came from the imbeciles not far behind, as if a platonic kiss in the cheek was enough to make thier jeans uncomfortably tight. Without a second look you tossed your sucker behind you before jogging off down the street to your small apartment not far from the school, you had a car. In fact it was your most prized possession but what was the point in driving to hell that was just a few blocks away? Not to mention where a group of kids have zero limits and would show no mercy in doing whatever thier rich little heart desired. The walk was always peaceful after school, shedding off your leather jacket to soak up the cool breeze and slight sunlight of the late afternoon, wind pressing your light material white shirt against your body. The rusted and slightly ruined apartment complex came into view, chipped blue paint, dirty window frames and young kids running around and playing with sticks in the front 'yard’ of the complex. Granted it was alot nicer inside then it looked on the outside, but it was afforable and just enough space for you to be able to sleep, shower, and cook; living on your own and balancing out paying for school plus being a good person and spending money on the lovely ten year old girl you babysit Friday, Saturday and Sunday didnt leave you with enough to live in a big apartment. You were going to see the world someday and if that meant saving up your babysitting money and living in a cramped space then thats what you were going to do; though of course the family you babysit for are pretty wealthy so they pay you 840 Friday-Sunday, and using half for your classes and half in the mason jar in the corner of your closet for an adventure that hasn’t arrived yet.

Incoming call from: Mr. Kwon

You held the phone to your ear while greeting one of your bosses with a cheerful hello, Kwon Jiyong and his wife Kwon Bea were a pretty young couple, and Mr. Kwon liked to call you an hour before you had to be at thier house to take care of little Mina, to make sure you were well and to see if you’d eaten and if you had a good day at uni so he can be sure to have food prepared or not. While Mrs. Kwon texted you daily to wish you a good day at school, they were truly amazing people and you were beyond thankful to be able to work for them. “Hello, Y/n. Just wondering if you’d eaten? We are going to order take out in about thirty minutes.” Rustling on the other end of the line made you smile as you knew he was probably shuffling through the mail stack to find the takeout number and to find my circled order. “No sir I have not, but I was wondering if if would be okay if I took little Mina out for a while tonight?” It was Friday after all, you didnt see why the two of you had stay in. “Of course, you dont need to ask dear. We trust you.” You thanked Jiyong before hanging up the phone and packing your weekend bag before heading off to the Kwon’s, a typical friday. A routine. Nothing out of the ordinary… right?

“Mina, is it okay if we stop by the bookstore before we get ice cream?” She held your hand tightly just like Mrs. Kwon told her to do so she wouldnt get lost in any crowds, the six o’ clock breeze hit her nose softly causing a faint pink tint to color her nose and cheeks. “Yes.” She giggled, as you smiled and pinched her cheek lightly and thanked her for saying yes, granted you probably would have went either way but the point was she was being the sweet little girl she was. She always loved having you around, asking the Kwon’s when she could see you, if you could come to her birthday parties, her school functions and of course you always went; this family had taken you under thier wing, in fact they had offered numerous times to pay for your classes but you kindly denied such an offer.

Mina stood by your side (now holding the hem of your shirt) as you scanned the tables and shelfs for a paticular book and it wasnt until you felt a soft tug on your shirt and small whisper. “Eonni, that boy keeps looking at you.” that your attention directed towards the small brown haired girl beside you. “What are you talking about munchkin?”

“There is a boy standing over there, he keeps looking over here eonni. I think he liiiikes youuu.” Her young mindset sending her voice to a small tease and wiggle of the eyebrows. Your eyes lifted from the small girl and scanned your surroundings when your eyes landed upon a tall boy dressed in all black with a small smirk plastered onto his face. He was handsome to say the least, strikingly sexy smirk that only grew more charming by the deep dimples that came along with it, blonde brushed back hair that showed his dark undercut proudly. You took in his scuffed up black boots, black denim pants, and his slightly over sized leather jacket that fell loosely over his loose fitting black t shirt that was sure to show his collarbones if he were to take off his jacket; your eyes slowly made thier way up his neck and to his smug and almost golden like skin. Your not so settle admiring did not go unnoticed by the handsome man, in fact if only made his smug smirk wider and as if the your careless staring boosted his confidence he sent a small wink in your direction.

Little Mina who was witnessing the whole ordeal buried her face in your stomach and giggled like a mad man. Grabbing the first familiar book in your sights you took Mina’s hand and made your way towards the cashier. 'Who does that guy think he is..’ you whispered to yourself… a bit louder than you anticipated.

“Well I think I’m Kim Namjoon.” A soothing voice rang behind you, startling both you and Mina. Mr. Brown eyed bad boy standing mere inches away from you, smiling softly and you could have sworn that death would have been less painful then looking at his dimples and not being able to touch them. His voice was charming and soft, a voice that could easily put you to sleep given enough time, but the flirtatious smart ass charm he was sporting was not something foreign to you.

“Well Kim Namjoon, do you usually sneak up on people in your spare time or did i just get 'lucky’ today.” To make sure he noted the sarcasm you put finger quotations around the word 'lucky’ but little did you know he was just as flirtatiously snarky as you were. “Depends sweetheart, do you usually check out strangers in bookstores or did 'I’ get lucky?” Before you could even reply Mina looked up at the tall man towering over her smiled big and wide, showing her missing tooth and crinkles near her eyes. “I’m Mina! This is my eonni Y/n.”

“Hello Mina, how are you darling?” Namjoon squated down in front of Mina, holding his book loosly in his big hands; the way his eyes flickered from her to you made your heart flutter ans your cheeks grow hot. “We are going to get ice cream!!” She giggled looking up at you with her one tooth missing grin. “Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” He chuckled gesturing to the book you held in your hand, before holding up his book. “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

“Ah, was that some lame attempt in implying fate Kim Namjoon?”

“Sweetheart, I dont joke when it comes to fate, but I was simply pointing out your food taste… even if you did randomly pick up that book.” Your eyes slightly widened for he knew about your desperate attempt to leave the stare down, but before you could reply to the dark Prince he grabbed the book from your hands, walked around the counter and began jotting down something on a piece of paper before handing the book back to you and heading out the door. “Consider the book a thank you for checking me out sweetheart.” And with that he was out the door.

Did a stranger just buy a book for you? Oh how cliché…

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