stoner men



I’m tired of being invisible in the trans community. There are viable trans people of color and I’m one of them. Almost a year on the juice that made me who I am 💪🏾💉


Stoners Vintage Jeans Co.

The tattered nature of this brand reflects my own style well. It signifies an appreciation for life and experience over a prim and proper look. My partnership with this brand works well because we both put an emphasis on living a life worth living rather than just looking the part. We highlight our “flaws” as they give us character. We both are brands for the people.

Here I’m rocking the new BRICKZ biker denim with the gunmetal SIGNATURE TEE. Up top I’m rocking the corduroy dad hat for good measure. Rock with me.

Stoners Vintage Jeans Co’s aesthetic and spirit really align with my own and i’m proud to work so closely with them.

Keep an eye on their blog as i updated it weekly and run their instagram. New Spring/Summer ‘17 collection will be available soon!

As always,
-Stay Ragged!