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Not-lead characters that I adore beyond reason: An Advent Calendar

Day 3: Mark (Ethan Embry) in Empire Records [1995]

You know something? I fucking love Empire Records. Not in an ironic/guilty pleasure kinda way but just because. And one of the reasons is because I bloody love Mark. There’s a certain type of (film) boy that I just can’t help adoring (think Gary Oldman in R&G): goofy, dopey, funny, scruffy, sweet, pretty uncomplicated, and refreshingly uncynical. Mark is one of those boys. I think I first watched ER because of Rory Cochrane (after watching Dazed and Confused a lot) and yeah, Lucas is great, but Mark is just adorbz.

And let’s not forget that it’s Mark who comes up with the plan to save the Empire. He may only have one ambition (to be in a band) but you know, what’s wrong with that? He’s the least fucked up of them all. He’s kind of a symbol for contentment. Ok he’s a massive stoner, and we can’t stay stoned forever (however hard we try) but it’s nice to revisit those days once in a while.

The other thing about Mark is that he fucking loves music. He works there because he loves music. He and Eddie arguing about Primus vs The Misfits over the end credits is just the best thing. That was always my favourite thing about working in a record shop: hearing new stuff and getting recs and talking for hours about music with people who really fucking cared about it. Good times.