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Hello everyone,

I’m Mario from BoomVaporizer/The Vapor Report with an important announcement. Do you have a passion for vaporizers? Do you want to know about the latest and greatest products first? Do you want free products shipped directly to you at no cost whatsoever? Well then we may have something you’d be interested in. We’re currently looking for Models/Reviewers who can post original reviews, images, and short reaction videos directly through your own media pages. In return for your service all the products received are completely yours to enjoy indefinitely.  

To be eligible you must have 3 of the 5 profiles below with 3000-5000 viewers/followers/subscribers collectively.

- Tumblr

- FaceBook

- Instagram

- Twitter

- YouTube

If this sounds like a project you’d like to work on please feel free to contact me through email which I provided below. More details and any questions you may have will be answered there!

Email Contact:

Also included for your convenience are links to some bloggers who we already work with. Go show their blogs some love and get an idea of what type of work you’d be doing for us!





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