stoner bucket list

stoner bucket list
  1. smoke in all 50 states.
  2. smoke with your favorite stoner celebrity. 
  3. successfully make a cross joint.
  4. smoking with the one you love under the stars. oldddd.
  5. have a different bong for everyday of the month.
  6. legalize it.
  7. have sex high.
  8. go to a renaissance fair, get stoned in the bushes and ride an elephant.
  9. go to amsterdam.
  10. throw your own 420 party.
  11. smoke out a pot virgin.
  12. hot box for an entire road trip.
  13. get high at the grand canyon.
  14. smoke and meditate.
  15. hot box in a car.
  16. smoke with my mom.
  17. smoke with my stoner grandpa.
  18. paint while high.
  19. smoke within 100 feet of the police station.
  20. wake n’ bake.
  21. get blazed on parliament hill.
  22. go back smoke out your first friend.
  23. smoke while watching shows from your childhood.
  24. play board games while high.
  25. learn how to roll my own joints.
  26. play wii tennis while high.
  27. trip out on a roller coaster.
  28. find the perfect stoner soul mate.
  29. find everything i hide when high.
  30. never get caught.
  31. join the mile high club and attending such events while high.
  32. smoke out the president.
  33. smoke on the golden gate bridge.
  34. smoke with arlo guthrie.
  35. smoke with wiz khalifa.
  36. own a head shop.
  37. sky dive high.
  38. backpack through europe with a friend.
  39. smoke with friends you’ve met online.
  40. drive bumper cars.
  41. watch all of harry potter high. (well most of them)
  42. smoke at the original woodstock festival site.
  43. attend a buffet high.
  44. ride the zipper high.

alright, so I want to make sort of a stoner bucket list. instead of posting the entire list, I’m going to start it then let anyone who reblogs it can just add to the list. let’s see how many we can come up with! 😁👌

  1. smoke a blunt with snoop dogg