stoner appreciation


It’s about to get a little corny, but I need to give a very special shoutout to the most important man (besides my dad, of course) in my universe - the love of my life, by other half, my best friend, and my king. Sean.

I am positive that if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am in such a better place mentally, emotionally, and physically because of him. I have become such a happier and healthier person since he came into my life. I wake up in his arms every morning, thankful to have him in my life and for all that he does for me on a daily basis. I wake up every morning wanting to be the best me I can be. We bring out the best in each other. There are no doubts between us. He is the first person I’ve ever felt able to fully trust with my heart. And it is the most beautiful and safest feeling in the world.

So call me old fashion, call me cheesy, say what you will. But there is no doubt in my mind or heart that this man is my true soul mate.

I love you so much, baby.

hey guys

I’m coming up with some great ideas (in my opinion) and I’d like to know yours!

I’m thinking of starting up a shop selling gift boxes with stoner goodies every month!

Each box would be themed (I’m thinking colors or fruit flavors? Maybe animal print, or a monthly related package) I need ideas! and would include a HOMEMADE (thrown on my pottery wheel, they’re honestly so awesome) BONG in each one, and some customized goodies which I’m coming up with!! I also need some ideas for these too (like bowls, stickers, hemp wick, little trinkets etc)

Would you guys buy/subscribe/be interested if I did monthly gift packages for a certain amount every month?! Let me know your concerns in my ask/instant message me :)


I started a sketch book a little over a month ago of places I’ve been. I sketch whatever is in front of me at the current, happy moment in my life that I’d like to remember later on, snap a picture for color reference and then paint it when I get home and write on the back what I did that day. My lil book has got three painted sketches in it so far and I can’t wait to see it filled up eventually🙃🎨🌎