stonehorn dignitary


Ya’ll have been good waiting for me while I post all this non-magic crap, so here’s a lovely lockdown combo for you.

Venser does +2 to bounce Stonehorn dignitary for the turn, and once he returns to play his triggered ability causes the opponent to skip their combat phase, they lose the chance to attack Venser. And since you can use Venser’s ability once a turn every turn, permitting both Venser and Stonehorn are not destroyed, your opponent can’t attack for the rest of the game!

More Underrated Cards for Commander

In my last list I excluded cards that were released in Commander product as newer players were introduced to these cards early on. However, I didn’t feel like that last list truly captured as many cards as I wanted to showcase because of that restriction. Additionally, some of the best cards from Commander products are often overlooked because they seem kind of dorky or underpowered in comparison to some of the flashier cards designed exclusively for Commander or Legacy (we all know True-Name Nemesis wasn’t for Commander). I have also included some more cards that I had thought about later after posting the last article. As such I have decided to do these kinds of card spotlights periodically as I think of more cards that should be played at much higher rates than they are. There are a lot of cards out there and many of them should get more love.

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