And here it is, check it–
My 4th year thesis film of 2017!

Getting to animate my girls was the best part of this whole experience, no doubt.

I’ve been leaving you guys hanging on this new comic so I thought I’d give you an update:

I have been working on it. I decided to host the site through Tumblr again - twice over (You’ll see what I mean when it’s ready) since “devil you know” and all that. I’ve been working on the site pretty steadily but I want to make sure it’s completely ready to go before I start launching the actual comic. The first issue is written and I’m starting to thumbnail it, I’m writing the backstories for the main crew, and I’ve finalized the names. Things are coming along really well and I’m wicked eager to get started on it.

That said, I might have to shelf it for a bit (and it’s killing me). I have a full-time job right now, I’m finishing up my animation certificate (which means a 2+ minute trailer made on my own start-to-finish), and I’m devoting all the time I have leftover developing two complex stories. This trailer is for the animated series I’m writing with a friend, which I hope to pitch to an animation studio later this year, but I really need to give it my full attention if I hope to get it done with the level of professionalism it deserves. 

I’ll try to keep moving forward with the comic, since I’m really eager to make this happen, but I’d be lying if I said I’m okay right now. 

I’ll keep you posted.

midnight-sun-madness  asked:

so this comic you're working on (which I'm realllllyyyyyy excited for btw) is about these characters on a spaceship(?) that you've been showing us snippets of, and you're then going to try and pitch ANOTHER idea to a production company with your friend? (whistles) That's extraordinary! you're so inspiring:D

I’m wicked excited about both stories! Lemme give you a synopsis of each:

Good for Business (the comic I’m working on) is about the crew of the airship BonSecour in an alternative 1957 and their struggle to stay afloat despite a turbulent political climate below. The company towns of the Industrial Revolution, after their expansion and successful usurpation of the Former United States decades before, have finally settled their border disputes with one another and are looking to enlist or destroy the freelance airships that, they feel, are stealing business from them. The crew manages to walk a fine line between doing right by their own business and keeping on the good side of the Commercities but the cost of doing so might be more than the crew is willing to pay.

Stoneholders (the animated series my friend and I are writing) is about 14-year-old Izzy teaching her cousin, Benny, the family tradition: time travel. They have to go back in time to fix anomalies that threaten the timestream.

The problem is, she’s about 2 years too young to be a lead time-traveler and if she gets caught while traveling underage, her Stone (one of many heirloom stones around the world that make time-travel possible) will be confiscated. Luckily for her, she isn’t always the Time Agents’ biggest concern as disappearances threaten the global Stoneholder community.

I’m dying to spend more time on both of these X3