Crystal Herbalism - Court of Faeries (Crystal Kit)

Enter the Unseelie & Seelie Fae Courts through these stones. A mystical combination that illuminates the fae world.

  • Preseli Bluestone: awakens our past lives, strong protection, and roots you to ancient Celtic magick. 
  • Lodestone: access portals to the past, used to anchor you to the moment while you travel throughout time, and heals your energetic field. 

  • Moonstone: a key to dream travel, opens third eye and crown, provided clarity to visions, and gives you the magick sight to see the unseen. 

Access the hidden realms within your mind and other worlds. A powerful Celtic faerie energy, these stones allow you to experience the magick within and around you.

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Ancient stone sites, such as Stonehenge, show the progression of the tropical year by illuminating when the sun is exactly at a solstice or equinox point. It takes the sun to go from the exact winter solstice to the next winter solstice. A “year” later is the tropical year. The zodiac is based on this tropical year has been for thousands of years.

The Sun is represented by the centre of the horoscope, the circle in the middle. This also symbolised the light of Jesus who claimed to be the ‘Son of God’, meaning the ‘Sun of God’, the Sun and the light, with the 12 zodiac signs encircling him

Astrology began here