Hiking in our own backyard. We opted to go for a hike in the hills behind our house instead of another run on our day off.  Along the way we thought it would be fun to get some geocaches so we stopped a few times. See if you can spot the cache! ;-). After our hike we headed to one of our favorite places for some wine, cheese, bread and a nice Caesar salad. Cheers! Happy MLK day!

A great day

Yesterday was indeed a pretty darn good day, with the exception of the Niner’s losing. Anyway Hubby and I woke up a little later than we should have to complete our 4 hour run but we made it happen.

We decided on loops around a nearby lake, Westlake. There are several loops you can do around the lake ranging from 4-6 miles. I opted to go for 3 -6mile loops and hubby decided on 4-5 mile loops. He’s a little faster than me so I didn’t want to hold him back from getting more miles in. We packed the car with an ice chest full of gatorade and also plenty of gu’s and other fuel and used the car as a refueling station. We both took off together and then hubby moved ahead of me and I lost sight of him once he turned the corner after about a mile. I had to make myself slow down since the plan was 18 miles and I didn’t want to be hurting too badly near the end. I returned to my first training plan and used the Galloway intervals, using a 4:1 run walk ratio. I figured that was decent for a relatively flat course. It worked out well. It was smooth going but I lost a bit of time at some lights but enjoyed the breaks. I got to the car after the first 6 miles and ate a banana and then a vanilla powerade gu. It was pretty nasty but I knew I needed it. I think I spent about 3-4 minutes at the car and then hit the road for the 2nd loop. It was funny seeing that hubby had been there by seeing the empty gatorade bottle and empty gu packets. I knew he had made it there and was out there somewhere. So after a half mile I was thinking I needed a pit stop and was trying to remember how to get to a park with a restroom, then it hit me I knew exactly how to get to it. I still had to run another mile and a half to get there but it was worth it to feel more comfortable running. After that pitstop I hit the road again and I’m starting to feel some hip flexor pain and actually it felt better to just keep running but I stuck with the intervals. I almost forgot I was wearing my new Brooks Adrenalines. I thought I’d just do one loop but they felt good so I did the whole run in them.

Edit: This looks long…so read more…..see more pics after the break. You can also read robbsrunning much shorter recap click here.

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