Samwell Students as my Neighbours starring:
  • <p> <b>Bitty:</b> the young russian twink that manages our farmers market<p/><b>Jack:</b> twinks boyfriend , a former con artist and our football little league manager<p/><b>Shitty:</b> our mailman who frequently enters our house without knocking, making himself a teapot<p/><b>Ransom:</b> the strange doctor that always gives flowers to his patients and is passionate bout gardening<p/><b>Holster:</b> WW2 nana that saved two children out of a burning orphanage<p/><b>Nursey:</b> the frontman of our local metal band aka, our priest<p/><b>Dex:</b> farmer Aisse , who trains his birds to annoy people he doesnt like<p/><b>Chowder:</b> our loving village politician, who is way to soft in life and a ruthless mofo at work<p/><b>Lardo:</b> our barmaid, a former millionaire who settled down here to get away from her ''stupid fuck'' family<p/><b>Tango:</b> 5 year old Benjamin, who knows the first 500 numbers of pi<p/><b>Whiskey:</b> the weird stonefigure that strangely attracts all kinds of animals<p/><b>Kent:</b> the stray cat that lives in our dumpster and doesnt want to leave<p/></p>

#BucketList Item No.46 | See the stone figures on Easter Island 

Inspired by @ThatsJustV

Typography by Ilovedus

Even though the story behind them remains largely untold, these stone figures speak volumes about the conquests of the island’s ancestors. Use the miles you could earn with your Venture Card to see what was created to honor the ancient past.