stonefield feelings

You know what’s funny? Joshifer reminds me of Stonefield in sooooo many ways

Andrew & Emma vs Gwen & Peter ; High Line, NYC.

Hold the phone! Have we discussed this & I completely slept through it?? I’ve seen these candids so many times and swooned over them so many times but it only just hit me how those two are standing by the very same tree Gwen & Peter had their moment in the movie. And I would know it’s the same tree since I’m the only dork who has walked the high line in low 30s temps just so I could find that tree, stand there like a dummy and take a picture of said tree lol

All in all, it just shows how much of them made it into tasm2. They have crazy chemistry, but all those touches of ‘realness’ they added to the film make everything all the more incredible imo…this, the unscripted kiss at graduation, their goofy unbelievably adorable personal pics…*sigh* I just love them so lol

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Ilana, Idk but I have a bad feeling about Stonefield. I just went to your archive and they held hands but never smiled in last pics. Maybe it's true they went through a rough path

let me take you for a walk down memory lane

august 2011 just look how miserable they look clearly it’s true they went throught a rough path

october 2011 she’s just holding on to him clearly trying to force things he can’t even look at her

march 2012 i feel bad for andrew really he just can’t be next to emma anymore

abril 2012 just miserable


i can keep going but i think you got the message here