@dabbinyogi and I went on an adventure today and did yoga in all sorts of places. Getting out of town always seems to bring my spirits up. Day 6 of 15 of the #omopener challenger brings the #kingdancerpose and though my leg is not as straight as I know I can get it, this turned into a fun place for a photo shot. Sending lots of love and fun to all you yogis out there. Go you! #yogalife #yoga #yogaanywhere #yogaalldamnday #alliwanttodoisyoga #yogi #yogini #yogiinbloom #yogamakesmehappy #yogigirlsdoitbetter #practicemakesperfect #stonedyoga #yogihippie by earlgirl710

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We hold ourselves back.

I’ve been feeling braver than ever. Thanks to practice and positivity from the #worldreefers I’ve tried so many new things lately. First handstand, first tip toe and outside wheel. Tonight I saw @sarahsamas’s video getting into this pose while taking a bong hit and I was inspired. I gave it a try against the wall, and for a split second, I hovered as pictured away from the wall. It was only a moment, a second, one that if you had asked me 20 minutes ago I would have assured you I wasn’t capable of. I was sure I couldn’t do it while I was doing it, but I tried anyway. I risked failing, and instead have built strength and will wake up tomorrow feeling even braver. Thanks Sarah for the inspiration!

I don’t mean to flood yoga pictures on what has been a predominantly cannabis only feed, but I am glad to be sharing more of my life with y’all. I found yoga a decade ago to heal my body and hip problems, but the courage and curiosity it’s taught me were unexpected.
This picture frustrates me, I want to see my toes touching my head, but today I am acknowledging that I’m only here. My toes don’t touch my head but I can only practice my own pose to it’s completion rather than feel disappointment.
Do you today, be you and know that you’re the best you possible. Tomorrow, you’ll be even better.