Last night...

I was talking on the phone to my girlfriend, and I realized that I was doing something that I haven’t done in years… I was carving in my desk. What did I carve? Her name, uncased with a heart.

Inexpressible emotion.

I always sucked at love poems.

I can sit and write about my thoughts and philosophy all day,

but I can’t ever write about my emotions.

Maybe my emotions are too big to force into a definition,

Maybe I’m just a private person…

But I’ve found something that’s starting to change that.

I love it, I love the way it makes me feel, I love everything about it.

I can’t even describe it as love, because I try to love everybody, but this is so much more.

It’s like all the power in the universe has been forced into my body…

I have no way of describing it.

There are no words.

No Poetry.

No song.

No single work of art can ever express it.

Not even every form of art combined. 

There’s so much more, and such little ways of expressing it.

I would do anything to show it…

it’s the brightest light you’ve every seen.

It’s most beautiful lake.

It’s the calmest ocean.

It’s the clearest river.

It’s the purest love.

So many time’s I’ve talked about a love of mine in riddles…

So what am I talking about this time?

Drugs? Anger? Hate? Infatuation?


I’m talking about the girl I’m in love with.

Kristin Osborne.