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File 11:  雛 実

雛 実 - [Hinami]
Genre: Chillwave

  1. Be Mine (DNTST Rework) - Meiko
  2. For you - Tennyson
  3. Farewell Part A. - AudioTreats
  4. Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation (Zeds Dead Remix)
  5. Bad Things - Meiko
  6. hey I like u - 「yandere」
  7. I’m not yours - Angus & Julia Stone (Patrick Reza Remix)
  8. Butterfly - Bassnectar ft. Mimi Page
  9. Crumb Love (DNTST Rework) - Echocell
  10. Life - Clark Kent & Mimi Page

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A Running List

Public Figures that I admire because they’re talented and genuinely lovely people (They are in no particular order):

Essie Davis - How I’d love to be under her tutelage for acting guidance!

Emma Watson - Because it’s Emma Watson. Need I say more?

Stanley Tucci - He’s just so awesome.

Meryl Streep - Always, Meryl, always.

Dame Maggie Smith - What a lady on stage and screen. 

Helen Mirren - She is one of the top queens in the business. Her performance in The Audience confirmed that.

Hayley Williams - She’s a badass with an amazing set of pipes. Of course I want to meet her! Not to mention she’s in my favorite band.

Elizabeth Henstridge - She seems so much fun to hang out with.

Carey Mulligan - crazy good actress on stage and screen.

David Tennant - No explanation needed.

Tom Hiddleston - The man is practically perfect.

Alan Rickman - Awesome.

Sir Patrick Stewart - Super Awesome. I want to hang out with him and Sir Ian McKellen and adventure through NYC with them.

Emma Stone - I feel like she’d be the best friend I never had.

Scarlett Johansson -  Super strong, confident, and talented person on and off screen/stage.

Judi Dench - She’s so cool, and my height!

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey - Only the two funniest ladies in the business!

Julie Andrews - She’s Mary Poppins, Maria, and the Queen of Genovia, of course I want to hang out with her!

Carol Burnett - Such an amazing woman! super witty to this day, and I’m proud to say I’m from Texas too!

Taylor Swift - She seems so awesome and giving. I would feel privileged to meet her.

Karen Gillan - She is a super committed actress who shaved her hair so she could be a Marvel villain, and she’s super cool, and played Amy Pond.


Ireland: Top two photos are St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Bottom two are the ruins of a cathedral about an hour outside of the city and the view from it. (these are from much earlier today)

Ireland has always been my favorite place to visit and I love it. I’m actually planning on getting a working holiday visa for Ireland within the next year!

Now begins all the fun driving; onwards to the Blarney Stone, Killarney, and the majesty of the Ring of Kerry. We’re making loads of pit-stops so more photos to come!

(original photos and edits are mine)


On this day

July 2nd, 2001

Booker T © vs Buff Bagwell for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
WWF Monday Night Raw at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington.

When Shane McMahon bought WCW, it angered his father, seeing as how close Vince McMahon was to buying the company himself. To get under his Dad’s skin even more, WCW superstars would begin to interrupt WWF shows, including Booker T getting involved in the main event at the 2001 King of the Ring. Shane promised more attacks would take place, as he planned to invade the WWF, and thanks to his own mother, the door was opened wide to help with that invasion….

The attacks would continue, including Booker T popping up to get involved once more. Mr. McMahon was getting annoyed by all this, but promised that no WCW star would ever walk or taint the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden. Yet, Mike Awesome would attack Rhyno backstage, DDP appeared to stalk Undertaker’s wife, before the night ended with Shane taunting his father, allowing Booker T to attack the WWF Chairman, until the WWF locker room ran them out of the building!

Mr. McMahon’s week was about to go from bad to worse, because the following episode of Smackdown, his wife, Linda appeared, and reminded him about his request for a divorce. Vince tried to sweet talk his way around it, but Linda said she was there for other business. First off, Linda suggested that WCW wrestlers should be allowed to work on WWF events. Not just that, but she suggested that the next Pay Per View, WWF Fully Loaded, should be changed to InVasion, a WWF vs WCW event. Reluctantly, Vince agreed, before promising to put WCW out of business once more.

With all that agreed to, the following episode of WWF Monday Night Raw would see WCW take over the main event of the show, as WCW World Champion, Booker T would put the title on the line against Buff Bagwell. Here, in full is that historic moment, as well as the aftermath that took place too!


as i said, tiny teenage Patrick had a thing for dirty lyrics to lovesongs. and for Lauri Ylönen’s voice…

Another 'BlazBlue: Alter Memory' Dubbed Anime Clip Arrives

Another ‘BlazBlue: Alter Memory’ Dubbed Anime Clip Arrives

FUNimation’s release of BlazBlue: Alter Memory came out on June 30th, 2015 and there’s still a bit promotion to be done with the series. The latest comes with another dub clip that has arrived, this time showing off more of the action of the series and some of the more intense …

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2015 Book Reviews (January - June)
Here are my book reviews from January to June of 2015. I decided to break this year into two since I read a considerable amount in half a year (almost the same as ALL of 2014!) All reviews are spoi...
Any 'new drachma' would sink like a stone at first

By Patrick Graham
LONDON (Reuters) - If a ‘No’ in Sunday’s referendum eventually takes Greece out of Europe’s single currency, any “new drachma” or temporary payment unit could be worth as little as a fifth of the euro now in circulation.
In the absence of a flow of new euros from the European Central Bank after a “Grexit”, Athens’ existing stock of hard currency is not expected to be enough to cover the government’s obligations.
Currency experts say that would probably force the state to print some form of interim IOUs or “scrip” to pay wages and pensions and the purchasing power of this on the street or overseas would be a direct proxy for a new currency.
Crude estimates of the sort of devaluation the Greek economy would need to regain international competitiveness are at least 25-30 percent, according to studies by several bank and research firms published over the past six months.
But the likely chaotic financial aftermath and public and private sector defaults would almost guarantee that extending to as much as 80 percent, experts say.
In effect, that means all euro debt or import payments for the government, companies and households would soar at a time when total private and public sector debt is already estimated at three times Greece’s roughly $240 billion (154 billion pound) annual GDP.
“The way you have to look at this is to say it is an FX regime change,” JPMorgan’s head of FX, commodities and international rates strategy, John Normand, said.
Judging by previous currency regime changes - including Russia or Indonesia in the 1990s and more recently Argentina and Iceland - he said that pointed to a range of depreciations of between 40-80 pct.

Normand said that one thing that may cushion a new drachma’s fall is the huge drop in Greek domestic demand and spending over the past five years, which has already delivered the economy a current account surplus.
“Regime changes tend to come from countries that have these unsustainable balance of payments positions, big current account deficits,” he said. “Greece, since (it is) 5 years into a depression, is at least more balanced from that perspective.”
The more detailed economic work on what is needed to restore competitiveness, or create the conditions under which Greece’s private sector will generate enough growth to rebalance the economy, also varies in approach.
Some compare the rise in relative labour costs since Athens took the plunge into the euro in 2001. That increase has dropped off from roughly 40 percent in 2011 to around 10 percent at the end of last year, but is also likely to have been skewed by the huge cuts in demand and employment in the past three years.
Others look at how the costs of its major exports have risen in comparison with international competitors in sectors such as food, tourism and shipping in which Greece specialises. That is now about 15 percent but, again, an imperfect measure.
“We estimate that the drachma would need to fall by about 30 percent in nominal terms to regain competitiveness, although the fall would probably be significantly larger in the short term,” advisory group Oxford Economics economist, Ben May, said.
“We would not be surprised if initially the fall was twice as large.”

A number of economists whose experience dates back to the multi-currency Europe of the 1980s and 1990s, and a series of emerging market currency crises since, say that the drachma was likely to be extremely volatile.
They describe a period of 18 months or longer where the government, by paying pensions and benefits in drachmas, fights to shift more of the economy back into a currency which Greeks on the street will instinctively not want to receive.
“The euro is going to remain the de facto currency for some time to come,” Commerzbank’s Peter Dixon said.
“The sensible strategy will be to put a big devaluation in place to start to compensate for 15 years without one. But it will be a messy transition, that much is clear.”
UBS global economist, Paul Donovan, laid out detailed scenarios in which he said a parallel market in electronic money could begin to evolve if more controls are imposed on banks’ dwindling supply of Greek euros, possibly as early as next week.
He also argues that because much of the Greek economy is about the re-export, or in tourism resale, of imported goods, without steps from Europe to ensure the supply of credit for short-term trade finance, businesses will be crippled.
“You need credit to do trade finance and which bank in their right mind is going to give Greece credit on short term trade finance?” he says. “I would suspect that very few people will be prepared to exchange the drachma for very much.
"If there is significant aid and backing for trade finance then the drachma doesn’t have to depreciate very much. But in a disaster scenario where they’re only really getting Red Cross parcels and the banking system has collapsed, you can declare whatever number you like.”

(Editing by Mike Dolan and Louise Ireland)