stoned karkat

tbh though can I just talk for a second about how much I love that even though karkat has about a thousand things about himself he dislikes and is embarrassed about, his taste in movies and media isn’t one of them?? like damn the boy likes romance and he one hundred percent doesn’t give a fuck what people think about it. I love that he actually got dave to watch a bunch of fucking romcoms like the sheer inertia there, I love that dave just gave up and sat his ass down and watched those movies with him because it doesn’t matter who tries to drag him for it, karkat stone cold does not give a fuck what anyone thinks about him enjoying love stories.

and you know, I like imagining dave just thinking about that, turning that over in his head, he’s dealing with trying to figure out who he is now without bro enforcing all these twisted ideas about masculinity and coolkid conduct on him, right? And his best friend is sitting next to him on a couch with his cheeks all flushed leaning forward slightly while some movie couple declares their undying love for each other, and when dave opens his mouth to give him shit for this all karkat does is emphatically tell him to shut the fuck up without ever taking his eyes off the screen. 

domestic shared hive vantas au in which signless gets stoned with karkat in the middle of the night, and their giggling wakes up kankri.  when the munchies beckon and the boys want to go grab food, kankri insists on accompanying them as “the only responsible adult.”  one (in kankri’s opinion) pan-numbing movie later, kankri winds up trapped in a cuddle pile with his boys snoring in his ears.