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Spirit-Working- Spelled Items

This is a list of spelled items which are of great use to a spirit-worker of any amount of experience, and what they do.

Undry Stone- This simply a river stone which is spelled to collect energy from water and the earth. Open command of you or your spirit friends it can create a energy meal with refreshments. Simple versions are able to replicate simple meals such as beef ribs with a caesar salad, and wine or ale. More complex versions can recreate five course meals, or meals which are not known to the caster. This item recharges through a method known as drilling and welling. This means it draws energy from the earth and from the weather.

Marking Glasses- A pair of glasses which don’t have to be prescription grade. They are enchanted to act similar to a weapons tracking and marking system like the Iron Man Armor has. The marks made by this device last for as long as needed to cast a spell or perform a ritual which affects the target. The marks themselves are similar to a personal sigil and cannot be seen unless one is looking for them. They can be further enchanted to work through the internet as well. This is a form of technomagic.

Copper Converter- Any piece of copper which is enchanted to convert negative energy into positive. The enchantment is designed to use a portion of the converted energy for fuel. This will quickly clear the negative energies from a room. Multiple pieces of copper are needed to affect an entire house.

Connecting Crystals- A small quartz crystal which is enchanted to help you attune to the spirits which are frequently near you if so desired. Carry it with you in a pocket or purse. It must be in contact with your aura to work.

Grave Glass- A stained glass ornament which is hung in a window that receives a lot of sunlight. The enchantment transforms the light going through the ornament into moonlight and once fully charged will also affect the rest of the sunlight coming through the window. Additionally due to its original function it will empower any moonlight that comes through as well. Moonlight often has a healing effect on many spirits which are nocturnal.

Moonmirror- A small mirror especially a compact which is enchanted to store any moonlight which makes contact with the glass. A incredibly efficient way to work with lunar energies during the day or to store the energy from special moons for the future.

Apple for the Dead- A good imitation apple can be enchanted to draw energy from actual apples, store it, and then every so often expell excess to feed slaugh sidhe or other spirits of a fae nature. Apple energy when ingested by such beings heals them and boosts their power. After several years of receiving this energy they may grow quite a bit in magical power.

Obsidian Amulet- Obsidian if you work with its spirit can teach you about sin-eating and similar abilities. Simply enchant it to increase its power and wear it. It will consume the negative energy around you especially from hostile sources. The spirit will cleanse and ground itself.


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Quietus - Prologue

Sequel to Missing - a 707 x MC fan fiction

You pull your coat closer against your neck as the chill of winter bites into your skin.  Thankfully, a black umbrella keeps snow from falling on you and that in itself is some comfort in the bitter cold.  Billows of steam form under your nose as you breathe, your steps tentative as the pavement offered little resistance as a thin sheet of ice threatened to make you slip.

It has been a few months since your brush with an underground organization known as Silence—a name pegged by ethical hackers, since nobody really knew what they called themselves—and things were not exactly peaceful ever since.  

Today, Jumin has assigned two bodyguards to pick you up to attend the RFA meeting in C&R’s penthouse suite.  Although you assured the man that you carry a gun with you at all times, you and your husband welcomed the gesture since extra protection for the members will never hurt.

It has also been a week since you have heard from Vanderwood.  As much as Saeyoung wants to deny it, he finds himself worrying about the man. Vanderwood was tasked to track down the remaining Silence members to ensure the safety of everyone in RFA, and it’s disquieting that there had been no reports since last week.  This prompted the RFA leader to call a meeting in order to ensure RFA’s and its guests’ safety—the association’s yearly party is just a few months away, after all.

Briefly looking at your wristwatch, you feel self-assured by the fact that you will be arriving 5 minutes early.  As you have learned from being with the RFA for more than a year, the C&R director does not take kindly to tardiness.  The familiar entrance of the C&R building welcomed you as you lifted your gaze from the pavement, and you made your way up the steps towards the door.

Once inside you almost sighed in relief as the building’s heating system welcomed you when one of your bodyguards held the door open.  You stepped inside, and was greeted by a pleasant smile by the receptionist.

“Welcome, Mrs. Choi. Mr. Han and the others are waiting in the penthouse,” she greets.

“Thank you, Ji-eun,” you smiled back.  “I love how you did your hair today.”

A slight blush tinted the receptionist’s cheeks and she gave you a genuine smile.  “You are always so kind, Mrs. Choi.”

You waved goodbye as you walked past the receptionist’s, into the elevator waiting area.  The building had very sharp but bright interiors; the walls are mostly made out of glass to allow as much natural light in, frosted in areas where some privacy is needed.  A slight touch of earth tastefully adorns some strategic areas: indoor plants placed in stone walls gave some contrast and texture to the design, and the artistic lighting made glass and stone work so perfectly together.


You immediately turned your attention to the elevator as it opened; one of the bodyguards stepped in first and the other motioned you to follow.  He got into the lift afterwards, tapped his ID card onto the scanner and pressed “P” on the topmost part of the elevator buttons.

Once you reach the penthouse floor, imposing, wooden double-doors welcomed you, and so did an entire fleet of bodyguards, standing on attention. One of them stepped forward and turned to open the door for you.

“Good day, Mrs. Choi. They’re waiting within.”


The door opened to a spacious room with a large, dark wooden table at the center with Jumin and Jaehee standing on either sides of the large LED screen, Yoosung and Zen seated on the left side, and the twins to the right. You could immediately tell that everyone was waiting for you; the tension in the atmosphere was unmistakable.

“Welcome, MC,” Jumin said, and motioned you to sit on the chair beside Saeyoung.  You nod in acknowledgment to the RFA leader and turned to your husband. He smiles at you and you lean down to kiss his forehead before you sat on a chair.  He placed his hand on your thigh under the table, which you gratefully took; your cold fingers warmed with a slight squeeze.  He can tell that you are nervous and do not wish to do what you are about to do, and would honestly just want to pretend that nothing happened—but as friends…no, as family, the RFA deserves more than that.

“I guess everyone’s here,” Jaehee softly broke the silence, sitting beside Yoosung at the left side of the table, while Jumin, as chairman of the RFA, sat at the principal position of the table.

Jumin clears his throat and turns to everyone.  “The reason why I invited everybody in the C&R building, and not somewhere else, is to make everybody understand that whatever that will be discussed in here is to be kept with utmost secrecy.  This is the place wherein C&R discusses our most secret strategies, and I hope bringing you here will make you understand that the information we will discuss is of the same, if not greater, importance,” he stated, leaning his elbows on the table, his fingers interlaced.

Zen and Yoosung looked at each other briefly.  Yoosung looked worried, and Zen looked a little irritated.  “Yes, we know.  What we are just worried about is that why are things being kept secret from us?  I thought we already discussed that there should be no secrets kept within the RFA,” he sternly eyed Jumin, who kept a stoic expression but regarding the actor’s argument with respect.

“I’m afraid the decision is not mine to make,” Jumin replied.

“What do you mean?” Yoosung challenged.  “Jumin-hyung, you know more than anything what secrets made the RFA become.  Why do we still keep doing that?”

You let out a frustrated sigh. “Stop it,” you interrupted. Your eyes were focused on the reflection of the overhead lights on the shiny, polished surface. This tension in the room was just suffocating.  Of all the things that could happen, having suspicions with each other, especially the original people in the RFA, was the last thing you wanted.

Everybody went silent.

“Do I not have a say in this; Zen, Yoosung?” you replied in a soft, controlled tone.  “I chose to keep this secret.  Jumin knows about the same as everybody else in this room…so please do not automatically assume that this is all Jumin’s doing.”

Saeyoung looked over to you worriedly, and gives your hand a light squeeze to assure you.  You squeeze his hand back, and he gently caresses your knuckles with his thumb.

Saeran watches with deep interest.  He has not revealed any of the information he found about you during the picnic a few weeks ago, since the trails he followed all lead to a dead end.  Whoever made this cover-up may have neglected that one simple detail—if that was changed, he may have been convinced that the data was authentic as well.

“I am sorry, MC,” Zen replied.  “I just assumed the jerk knew. We’re just worried for everybody, that’s all.”

You nod, acknowledging their apologies.  Gazing at the two men, you sigh and shake your head.  “I don’t want to cause any rift between any of you, directly or indirectly.”

Looking at everyone in the RFA, you felt your chest clench like a vice. Saeyoung squeezes your hand again in support. “You are all so important to me. The RFA is my only family,” you hear your voice starting to break.  You can see Jaehee’s worried look at the corner of your eye.

Jumin grabs his silk handkerchief from his suit pocket and hands it over to Saeyoung, who in turn wipes your tears.  You smile at both of them thankfully.

“I was hoping I would never have to tell you this,” you stared at the tabletop, trying to find the right words.  

“I…I killed somebody.”

A gasp was heard from you assume Yoosung and Jaehee, but the others were quiet.  If it weren’t for Saeyoung’s reassuring hand you might have relived the nightmare in your mind again and worry everyone even more.  But you braced yourself to continue.  They deserve to know.

“It happened when I was a child,” you managed to blurt out.  “We…my teacher and I…we got attacked by a man on our way back to the orphanage,” you instinctively ran your right hand up and down your left arm, as if brushing a non-existent cold.

“The man…killed her in front of my eyes…so I…”

“Stop,” Saeyoung caught both of your arms, seeing that you were squeezing his so hard and your right hand was brushing way too much. “Breathe, MC. Slowly.”

You took a deep breath, and let out a shaky sigh.  You closed your eyes and gave his hands a light squeeze.  “Thank you, love…I’ll be fine.”

Saeyoung reluctantly lets go of your right hand as he went back to his seat, but he kept holding your left hand under the table.  You are afraid that everyone would stay away from you after this confession, but it was wishful thinking that you could just get on with your lives and go back to how things were after what happened, anyway.

“I didn’t know why I did it,” you started again, but unable to look at anybody in the eye.  “But I killed him.  And shortly afterwards, the man—the Silence leader—grabbed me.  And that’s all I remember from that point.”

You took a deep breath to calm your nerves, and let out a long sigh.  You gripped Saeyoung’s hand a little tighter.  Everybody looked at you expectantly; waiting for you to say something. Closing your eyes and taking another breath to gather your courage, you continued to tell your tale.

“He said he was sure I was dead,” you spoke in a quiet, shaky tone.  “And he was surprised to see me alive all these years when his son stayed dead.”

You finally lift your eyes to look at each and every one in the room.  There was the expected shock in everyone’s faces, but there was also genuine…concern.

“Whoa.  That is some story,” Zen finally leans on the chair, his mind adrift with thoughts.  “You said Silence leader.  Who is Silence?”

“An organized crime syndicate,” Saeyoung answered for you.  “We made an enemy out of them by putting the leader and one of his men behind bars.”

Jumin sighs.  “That explains a lot…and complicates many things.”

“I agree,” Jaehee adds. “and from the looks of it, they seem to be very…influential.”

“Oh yeah?” Zen turns to Jaehee.  “What made you say so?”

“The Prime Minister himself dropped by when I was caught hacking in the facility,” Saeran quietly replied, which prompted Zen to abruptly stand up.  


“Enough, all of you,” Saeyoung interrupted.  “You’re making the situation seem a lot worse than it is.  The Prime Minister thanked us for assisting in catching him, so that’s that.”

Zen sat back in his chair, and Yoosung gingerly spoke.  “So…that means they should be gone, right? I mean, the leader’s gone, so…”

“If only things were that easy,” Jumin spoke.  “I’m pretty sure that a successor would easily take one missing leader’s place.”

The gravity of Jumin’s words hung in the air like a low hanging cloud.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled, “I’ve placed you all in danger—“

“MC, we placed you in an apartment with a bomb,” Zen interrupted.  “I don’t think we’re the one to talk.”

“He’s right,” Yoosung added, “Thank you for telling us, noona. Like you, we will do our best to remain objective on this,” he gives you a warm smile.  “Don’t even think of leaving RFA!”

This surprised you.  How the hell did he know what I was thinking?

“What?! No, why would you leave?” Zen chimed in.

“We should all stick together,” Jaehee added.  

Jumin straightened in his chair.  “I told you, didn’t I?  It will be harder to leave.  We’re your family.  Even if you leave, we will come looking for you.”

Saeyoung turns and grins at you.  “See? I told you they’re very stubborn. Believe me, I’ve tried to get rid of them.

Saeran scoffs.  “And you’re not?”

You felt tears in your eyes roll down your cheeks as you laugh along with everyone.  


The penthouse is quiet once again.  Watching the snow gently fall and collect at the bottom of the window pane, Jumin sits and sips his wine, his eyes staring out in the snow-covered city below.

“Mr. Han,” Jaehee calls to him as she walks into the main conference area from the kitchen.

“What is it?”

“I just noticed that you have been deep in thought the moment MC had told her story,” she sits herself on one of the chairs around the conference table, resting her hands on her lap. “Is there something you need me to look into?”

Jumin looks at her for a moment and gives a brief smile.  “Since when did you care about my thoughts?  You don’t seem this interested when I think about cat projects.”

“Mr. Han.” Jaehee spoke sternly, not picking up the joke.  “Don’t even think about it.”

A light chuckle escaped Jumin’s lips, and then he turns back towards the window, swirling wine in his glass.

“I just…thought her story is familiar.”

Too familiar.


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