stoned girl

I was tagged by @alexturntable, @misscurlyhairtoothemax, and @myownstrawberryfields to do the shuffle game… thanksss 😘

Something // Band of Skulls

She Loves the Way He Loves Her // The Zombies

Zig Zag Wanderer // Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

I’m A King Bee // The Stone Foxes

Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon // Neil Diamond

Willie the Pimp // Frank Zappa

I Haven’t Got My Strange // Arctic Monkeys

Cocaine // Eric Clapton

Friday On My Mind // The Easybeats

Cherry Bomb // The Runaways

WOW this shuffle makes me seem WAY cooler than I actually am hahahaha. 

I’m gonna tag… @mygoldenmove, @train-inthedistance, @babyletsrocknroll, @theyreinsensibleshoes, @wickedhellcat, and @prettyvisitorsinthebakery

I never know who to tag and I’m sure you’ve all done it; so feel free to ignore xx