stoned generosity

Crystal of the Day: Citrine

Appearance: Transparent crystal, may be cloudy

Properties: Citrine is the “stone of prosperity,” attracting wealth and success. It brings happiness and generosity. This stone energizes, invigorates, increases motivation and physical energy, and activates creativity. Citrine dissipates negative energy and promotes an inner calm. Balancing yin and yang, it opens the navel and solar plexus chakras and stimulates the crown chakra. It cleanses the aura and aligns the etheric body with the physical body. Citrine also treats digestive problems, thyroid imbalance, and blood circulation.

Position: Wear on the fingers or at the throat

*Ingredients That Make Up The Signs*

Aries: Lava, Possibility & Spice

Taurus: Berries, Pleasure & Clay

Gemini: Clouds, Intellect & Sea Foam

Cancer: Peach Fuzz, Emotion & Rain Drops

Leo: Sun Rays, Generosity & Whiskers

Virgo: Stone, Remedy & Eyelashes

Libra:  Breath, Harmony & Star Dust

Scorpio: Bite Marks, Perception & Sparks

Sagittarius: Freckles, Enthusiasm & Lightning

Capricorn: Whispers, Structure & Tree Bark

Aquarius: Mist, Rebellion & Poppies

Pisces: Ocean Currents, Passion & Vines

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Citrine is a stone of vitality, creativity, imagination, good fortune, & manifestation. It carries the warming light & energy of the sun, dissipates & grounds negative energy, & cleanses the chakras. 

It is a stone of abundance & generosity, helping us to manifest our dreams into tangibility & draw prosperity to ourselves. 
Citrine imparts joy, smooths discord, helps us overcome depression & fear, & leaves us with a positive attitude. 
It creates mental clarity & motivation. 
Physically, it is warming, recharges & revitalizes the body, & helps reverse the effects of degenerative diseases.