I’ve no shining armor
except these words i wear
that you won’t let rust.

I was born
to give my voice
to you, 

and you’re the starlight
leading me on,
like i’m a world being born.

i know your heart,
a fragile flower
growing through

the hardest of stone.

I’ve got no songs
to sing to you,
but i could try.

i wasn’t a star born
to sing or write,
but you’re my sky,

leading me on,
like gravity and history
shaping me into what

i’m supposed to be, 
for you and
that shield on your heart

made of the hardest of stone.

My heart beats in prose
singing about the only
love that it knows.

You make me feel
like a star alone
in it’s own separate sky,

and i’ve noticed 
that sky looks 
a lot like you. 

i’ve been trying 
to understand
all this space, 

and it’s only 
a matter of time
before i sink into you

made of the hardest of stone.

—  Letter for my Queen LVII. ( The Hardest of Stone. ) 

“Just your wand left - A yeah, and I still haven’t got you a birthday present.” 

Harry felt himself go red. “You don’t have to –”

 "I know I don’t have to. Tell you what, I’ll get your animal. Not a toad, toads went outta fashion years ago, you’d be laughed at - and I don’ like cats, they make me sneeze. I’ll get you an owl. All the kids want owls, they’re dead useful, carry your mail and everything” 


Back when music videos meant something…

Tomahawk - Stone Letter


Daigo goes to the river and finds a small stone to give to Mika. He tells her about “stone-letters”, a story told to him by his father –

“A long time ago, before words were invented, people would give each other stones to express how they were feeling at that point. A smooth stone might mean that you are happy, while a rough one might mean you are worried about them.”

Okuribito (Departures, 2008)


Tomahawk - Stone Letter


Le clip du jour, c'est “Stone Letter” de Tomahawk.

Le nouvel album du groupe de Mike Patton (eh oui, encore et toujours lui), qui s'intitule Oddfellows sortira le 29 janvier 2013 chez Ipecac Recording.


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Tomahawk - Stone Letter (Oddfellows, not yet released)


anonymous asked:

hey i wanted to ask something, ok what do you (or others) think the song stone letter is about?I feel like its a romantic song in some way but im not sure ,what do you think?i didnt see any reviews about the meaning of this song and id love to hear some opinions!thanks-Jana

Hi…. that’s a tough question for me to answer. I speak Spanish, and although my English is pretty decent, it’s not so easy for me to fully understand lyrics all the time… I remember when Oddfellows first came out you couldn’t find lyrics anywhere and I just tried to make out what he was singing, I got most of it right, but the opening line is really hard to understand and there are a lot of different versions out there…
One source says it’s:
“Well I’m set, cause I can check, this like a real line”
another says:
“Well I’m upset, cause I can check, the slack on your line”
another says:
“Well I’m upset, cause I can check, It’s like I’m relying”
WTF? which is it?
I do feel like it’s a romantic thing… like a relationship gone bad or something… I personally wanted to think he was talking to Cristina when he sings “Cause I don’t know you, know you anymore” but who knows! LOL


Tomahawk - “Stone Letter" 

Something newer yet keeping in line with the band’s sound from their latest album Oddfellows from January 2013


Good Morning! With Tomahawk - Stone Letter…


Tomahawk “Stone Letter”

new video promoting their upcoming album “Oddfellows”


Performing 2/19 at the Mayan Theater