❝Me? I’m just lounging around in my red, silk robe, baby.❞


To say Journey’s parents lived and breathed for the return of the 70′s was an understatement. They loved the band Journey so much that they named their only daughter in accordance after all. She grew up dancing to Queen, The Rolling Stones, and everyone else in between. Her parents were always a bit unorthodox, but she loved them nonetheless, even if she never did quite fit in. In the Cross household, a little bit of drugs, sex, and alcohol never hurt anybody, while Journey was always a little less forward, preferring the quiet of her room and a good novel.

While Journey was all for someone being who they were, she had her mind set on school, always staying late for extracurriculars, study groups, and sport teams. Her parents did not exactly agree and see the point in a lot of what the girl enjoyed, but they did love the fact that Journey loved music. They wanted her to live the dream they never did of becoming a famous musician. So, upon hearing her talent at fifteen years of age, they sent her off to live with her aunt in sunny California.

Journey lived the dream for a while, balancing her focus on school and music. However, as graduation lingered, the blonde had no idea what she wanted to do. Going to college seemed like a dream, but to play in a band is what made her feel at home. The decision was made for her however, once her financial aid came in. She just didn’t have enough to attend her dream school. So instead, she put as much effort as she could into the band she formed with a few friends. However, rejection was never something Journey handled all too well. After being told once again, that the talent just wasn’t there, she gave up. She spiraled into a bit of a depression, turning to the things that her parents enjoyed, that she always rather disdained.  

Desperately needing money for her new habits, she partnered up with a friend that was already in the phone sex business. After all, she had the voice, did she not? She figured if she didn’t have enough talent to sing, maybe she had enough for this. Turned out she did, for she rather quickly became addicted to all the money she earned. It was too easy. It could be done at practically any time to, and with the clients she could be anyone they desired her to be. She felt needed, important, something the blonde had never truly felt before.

The last thing she expected was to get a call from her mother. Apparently, her father’s Alzheimer’s, which the man was diagnosed with at a rather early age, was worsening. While Journey hated the idea of going back to her hometown, her love for her father, despite his quirks, drew her back.


Honestly, the girl rather hates it. Growing up, she never thought she’d leave Bayside. Though, now that Journey has gotten a taste for the ‘outside world’ she really didn’t want to ever come back. California felt like home more than Bayside ever did. If it wasn’t for her father’s depreciating health, she probably never would have moved back.


I would love for Journey to get reconnected with old friends from her childhood. That way instead of being so pessimistic about being home, she could find joy in the town again. I’d also eventually like for her to decide between her love of music and school, the outcome of that decision currently unknown. Her father means a great deal to her, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that relationship will pan out, and how the man’s health will effect how she relates and how much she trusts other people. 


Journey currently lives in the basement of her parent’s old home. She turned it into a small little apartment for herself; putting up a curtain to separate her room from the other space she likes to call the living room. She chose not to move back to her old room for she still strives for independence, not to mention she needs as much privacy as she can get when the girl does take her calls. However, she knew it was best to move back home, that was she’d be there whenever the two needed anything.


If she’s not at work in the Inn, Journey can either be seen reading and studying up at Dusty’s Book Shop, or strumming her acoustic guitar at Gazebo Park. As of right now, she’s usually alone, trying to remain as invisible as possible in the small town she used to call home.


✎ Childhood Best Friend | Any Gender/Any FC. 

✎ Old Band Member/Close Friend | Preferably male, Any FC. Would have moved to Bayside to support Journey and to convince her to join the band once again.

✎ Dealer

✎ Frenemy/Enemy

FC: Ashley Benson | Mun: Chelsea (she/her), 21, EST | Character Page