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Stay the Night

Request: 5/6/14 for Wonho (monstax)

5) “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
6) “My nightmares usually involve losing you.”
14) You and your bias have been broken up for over a year when he shows up on your doorstep

Member: Monsta X’s Wonho x Y/N

Type: angst

Warning: Mention of Psychology and Hypnosis (**i am neither a psychologist nor hypnotist, but just a writer doing some cool things with words)

You leaned wearily into your door, your feet angry with you from your day of standing. When you had decided to move to Korea, it seemed like you had your whole life in front of you. You had all of the time in the world to fall in love, make mistakes, and figure yourself out. Unfortunately, with the passing of time came the passing of ambition, and you were just as lost now as you had been when you first set out. 

You pushed your key into the lock, leaning in gently with your shoulder as the door creaked in front of you without even turning the knob. You furrowed your brows, your body freezing up as the blood turned cold in your veins. You could have sworn you locked the door when you left for your shift, just as you did every morning before work or class. You licked your lips and tried to calm your breathing, attempting to think the situation through. You were a Psychology major after all. 

Maybe you had locked it, but forgot to pull the door completely shut on the way. It was an old apartment building after all, so maybe the doors were bowed and it wouldn’t secure sometimes either. A million different thoughts ran across your mind as you stood there in the night’s silence, but one blinking light in your mind’s eye remained. 


As quietly as you could, you palmed your keys, placing one between each knuckle. You nodded to yourself as you had emergency services queued up on your phone screen and ready to go. Why would an intruder target a relatively poor barista/student in an entire building full of young professionals and established couples. It couldn’t be a break in…could it?

The sound of your blood pumping filled your ears and your stomach flopped with nervous energy. You thought about the subject you had last learned in one of your classes; The Bystander Effect, and how if a neighbor heard you struggle with an intruder, there was a high probability that they wouldn’t call for help, as they thought another neighbor would. 

You winced as you took a shaky step into the doorway of your apartment, leaning around a banister to see a warm light flooding out of the living area. You never left anything on. Mostly because of electricity fees, but also because you were immensely paranoid about fire hazards. 

You closed your eyes, silently cursing yourself for even entering your apartment. You’ve seen horror movies. It never ends well in situations similar to this. You took Abnormal Psych, you knew how sick people could be. 

You quietly tiptoed across the hardwood, stretching to get a visual of your living room. You were confused for a moment as you made contact with a messy mop of bleach blonde hair and dark eyes. A handsome face sitting atop a pair of broad shoulders brooded on the edge of your couch, his body slumped forward and fingers fidgeting with one another. 

“Hoseok?” you breathed, standing up straight and emerging from behind a wall. 

“Y/N,” he whispered, his eyes wide as he looked up. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“Fancy seeing me…” you trailed, scrunching your face. You felt a fire ignite in your stomach, signaling your annoyance and anger. “No Hoseok, not fancy seeing me. You say that to someone who you bumped into at the coffee shop, not someone whose home you have broken into!” 

“Technically I used the emergency key you keep under that mat,” Hoseok hummed quietly, looking down to the floor. 

“I could’ve called the police!” you gasped, dropping your bags. “How could you do something so stupid?”

“Well, I thought about how stupid it was once I got in,” he mumbled. “But once I came in, I couldn’t very well go out. That would’ve been even creepier.”

“Creepy is actually thinking it was okay to use my spare key considering you’ve been MIA for the past year of my life,” you spluttered. “What the hell?”

“I understand you’re upset,” he said slowly, his face still showing obvious fear and and some amount of hurt. “But I just…I just…”

“You just what?” you groaned, flopping onto the opposite couch. 

“Need you to do something,” he whispered, finally looking up at you. 

You blew at a tuft of hair that had fallen onto your forehead and sighed as you directed your attention to him as well. Admittedly, you had always had a soft spot for Hoseok. It had been nearly a year since you had seen him last, but you would be lying if you said you didn’t check up on him in all of that time.

Hoseok, or at least the Hoseok that you had known and loved, was fragile. He felt immense things and had difficulty holding in his emotions at times. When you had finally decided to break up due to schedule differences, it was rough for him. It was a difficult time for you as well, but you had to hold it together. You were on your own and couldn’t halt your life for a man who had broken your heart without even trying to. You had to teach Hoseok that it was okay to move on as well. 

You analyzed his familiar face, now painted in a much dimmer light than you had ever remembered seeing it. You sucked in your lip, biting it anxiously as your gaze traced across his prominent jawline and up toward the eyes you could stare into for hours. Just above them sat his perfectly manicured brows, knit with some sort of worry you weren’t aware of. And just below, hid deep bags, evident markers of the lack of sleep he had been getting. 

“You look like shit,” you muttered. 

“Not used to hearing that one,” he chuckled nervously. 

“What do you need?” you sighed, letting your head fall into your hands. “Also what makes you think I’m the one you need it from?”

“I know it’s been…awhile since I last talked to you,” he said slowly, wincing as he spoke. 

“Understatement of the year,” you spat. “We haven’t talked in months…but continue.”

“You haven’t switched majors…have you?” he said quietly and so quickly you almost didn’t catch it. 

“Nope, I only have a semester left until I start applying for Doctoral programs,” you muttered. “Why?” 

“Um…so…I know we were broken up…but did you ever see the program that we were on with the Psychologist?” Hoseok continued. 

Of course you had. You had quite literally watched everything they had appeared on, but he wouldn’t know that. 

“No,” you grumbled spitefully, even knowing you had. 

“Oh…well…”he hummed, his confidence plummeting even lower than before. It broke your heart to see, and you were unsure as to why you were being so difficult. “They brought in this psychologist...and uh, he put Shownu and Jooheoney under hypnosis and-”

“No Hoseok,” you hummed, not even allowing him to go further. You knew where this was going and you didn’t like it. 

“Come on,” he groaned. “I know you were interested in it and even saw you practice a few times. I’ve heard it helps.” 

“Hoseok, I don’t have my license. Hell, I’m not even a Doctor yet. What if something goes wrong. What if-”

“I’m desperate,” he squeaked. “And you’re the only one I trust to do this.”

“How are you desperate?” you argued. “Why do you need to be hypnotized? I can’t help you figure out your past lives or-”

“Hey, you said you didn’t see the episode…” Hoseok pouted. 

“Yeah, well, we’ve both said a lot of things in our time together,” you muttered. 

Hoseok bit his lip and sighed. “I can’t sleep…and it’s starting to effect how I’m performing on stage and in practices. My music is all I have Y/N…you have to help me.”

It was all you have because you decided for it to be that way, you hissed internally. You could never verbalize the words. Not only would they hurt his feelings, but yours as well. 

“I can’t,” you insisted. You knew how desperate he had to have been in order to reach out to you, to show up to your apartment tonight. The bags beneath his eyes were as dark as the stone washed denim he wore. Maybe you had an obligation to help him.


You groaned as you pulled yourself from your sitting position and stomped across the living area. You dimmed the light beside the couch he was sitting on and dropped to your knees beside him. 

“Make sure your hands and feet are uncrossed and get comfortable,” you hummed. You shook your head, trying to ignore how bad of an idea this was as Hoseok adjusted himself accordingly. 

“Thank you so much Y/N…I really didn’t know what else to do. I’ve tried teas, I’ve tried melatonin. I’ve-”

“Focus your eyes on a central point on the ceiling above you,” you interrupted. “Where a tile meets. Now focus on that dot. As your focusing, take a deep breath through your nose. As deep as you can. Now slowly exhale through your mouth. Let go of all your energy.”

You watched carefully as Hoseok did as you instructed, unsure of how this would go. You had studied some facets of hypnosis, but as you had mentioned to him, you were no where near a practicing doctor and could get into an immense amount of trouble if anyone you had classes with knew you were doing this. 

To an idol no less. 

“Begin to relax your body, except for your eyes. Focus on that spot. Everything outside that spot is going to become blurred. Now take a deep breath again and hold. Slowly exhale and blow away all of your tension. Good job.”

After a few more minutes of coaching, you had Hoseok near corpse status on your couch, deep in the stages of hypnosis. 

“You are in control of how little…or how much you are relaxing,” you cooed. “Imagine a scenario. Imagine a place or a person who makes your entire being swell up and feel whole. Your heart is full. Your mind is full. Your lungs are bursting with air. Now take that, take how you’re feeling and contrast it. Now imagine what doesn’t make you happy. What makes you drag your feet as soon as they touch the floor? What makes you see the world in a filter of gray instead of the bright colors you long for? What are your stresses?” 

Hoseok let a small moan escape from his lips as he shifted in the seat, almost stirring awake. You held your breath for a moment as you watched him, unsure if he would break from your hold. 

“I’m scared of not performing well,” he answered weakly. “I’m lacking.”

“But why are you lacking?” you pressed. He furrowed his brows even more, his face near pain as he fought back with whatever he had buried deep down.

“I’m lacking because I can’t rest. My body feels like it hasn’t slept in years,” he groaned. 

“And why can’t you rest?” you continued. 

“I have nightmares,” he whimpered. “And they plague me as soon as I close my eyes.”

“When did you start having nightmares?” you questioned, feeling all of the hairs on your body stand on end. 

“Maybe…maybe a little over a year ago?” he hummed, his head flopping to the side. “I don’t know.”

“We usually experience spontaneous nightmares when something traumatic happens in our lives. What do your nightmares consist of?” you prodded. You weren’t sure if you were prepared to plunge this deeply into your ex boyfriend’s psyche, but you were there, and you couldn’t turn back now. 

“I don’t know,” he said dumbly. A thin layer of sweat was beginning to sprout on his brow as he subconsciously fought you, and himself. His breathing became quicker as well as he flexed his fingers. 

“You do know,” you insisted. “What do your nightmares consist of, Hoseok?”

“My…my nightmares,” he stuttered. “My nightmares usually involve losing you.”

You leaned back on the balls of your feet in shock, jumping away from him as if he was a snake that had lunged for you. You blinked in disbelief as tears began to trickle out of the corners of his eyes and down his cheekbones. He let out a light sob, allowing the emotions he had chosen to secure behind a barrier to emerge before the very person who had spawned them. 

You felt your own lashes grow heavy, tears soon peppering your cheeks as you watched Hoseok. 

“L-losing me?” you managed, your voice shaking. 

“Yes,” he confirmed. 

“Why?” you choked out, trying to hide your emotions. You had to remain calm. You had to remain steady. 

“You are the person who makes me feel whole. I love music and I love Monbebes, but you are what completes that need. You make my heart full. You make me breath easier. Leaving was the worst decision I could make and that is what I dream about every night. Leaving you behind and letting that door slam at my back.”

Your jaw fell open as you watched Hoseok. The furrow between his brows slowly eased and his breathing was once again becoming neutral. His confessions were washing away the anxiety that had plagued his sleep schedule for so long. 

“Um…now when I count to three,” you said, completely thrown from the mindset you should be in. “You will awaken and remember your words, but no longer feel burdened by them. One…two…three.”

Hoseok stirred and began to blink, immediately lifting himself from the couch. You leaned forward, grabbing his shoulder as he emerged from hypnosis. 

“Easy,” you cooed, watching as he looked around, a dazed expression plaguing his lids. “You did well.”

“I…I’m sorry,” he hummed, shaking his head as he attempted to break his stupor. “I didn’t mean to make you feel…”

“Wanted?” you chuckled bitterly. 

“Awkward,” he hummed. “You got it all…didn’t you?”

“Hey, you asked me for this,” you spat, immediately defensive. You would not be made to feel as if you went on an archeological expedition into the caverns of his mind. 

“I know,” he chuckled. He gripped your shoulder and sighed. “Calm down…it was time you heard it anyway.”

“It…it was?” you whispered, this time your turn to be the confused one. 

“I’ve only been ignoring how I felt for a year,” he smirked. “Whether you feel the same or not…at least now I can sleep knowing I’ve told you.”

You nodded slowly, biting your lip as you contemplated your next thought. “You have to be exhausted now. Hypnosis is no small amount of energy…plus your sleep deprivation on top of it.” 

“Dead on my feet,” he admitted, swinging his legs over the side of the couch. He ran a hand through his perfectly disheveled hair and smiled sadly at you. “I guess that’s my cue to get going then.”

You watched with shortened breaths as Hoseok stumbled across the living area, the lack of his presence apparent as soon as he left the room. You swallowed your pride and whatever tears you had left as you sprung up and sprinted toward your entryway. You nearly slammed into Hoseok’s back as he slipped into his shoes, his fingers beginning to turn the knob. 

“Maybe you should stay the night,” you nodded weakly. “And…and we can talk about us…about everything in the morning.” 

“What if I can’t sleep?” he asked, tilting his head. There was a new sparkle in his eyes that hadn’t been there previously. You couldn’t help but smile at it’s appearance, but looked down to your feet as you uttered your next words. 

“You can’t have nightmares about losing me…if I’m right beside you.”

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the signs as the 1975 lyrics

aries: “don’t you wanna take me up in the clouds, pretend that i’m the one and you can show me about” - so far (it’s alright)
taurus: “you’re cold and i burn, i guess i’ll never learn, ‘cause i stay another hour or two” - settle down
gemini: “don’t call it a fight when you know it’s a war, with nothing but your t-shirt on” - the city
cancer: “now i’ll shoot him if that’s what you ask, but if you just take off your mask, you’ll find out everything’s gone wrong” - robbers
leo: “one moment i was tearing off your blouse, now you’re living in my house, what happened to just messing around?” - girls
virgo: “push your lack of chest out, look at my hair, gotta love it when you love yourself” - heart out
libra: “when the smoke is in your eyes, you look so alive, do you fancy sitting down with me?” - fallingforyou
scorpio: “my broken veins say that if my heart stops beating, we’ll bleed the same way” - pressure
sagittarius: “i gave you something you can never give back, don’t you mind” - me
capricorn: “i feel her hand come around, and her stone-wash denim jeans are darker than they seemed” - woman
aquarius: “i can’t exist within my own head, so i insist on haunting your bed” - haunt // bed
pisces: “it’s my party and i’ll cry to the end, you must try harder than kissing all of my friends” - you 

Welcome to the fandom, Bill. We’re not sure if your style is retro, or if that Back to the Future comment means you’re fresh from the 80s. We don’t care, because you have sass, you’re scrappy, and you have a patch on your stone washed denim jacket. You also have good taste in albums.

Now all you need, is a baseball bat.

Style & Fashion Drawings: Dressing for the Rain

The rain in Kobe this past weekend didn’t stop people from coming out. On the contrary, the streets seemed busier than ever, with most people sheltering themselves under colorful canopies and protecting their feet with ankle-length rainboots. Some even matched their umbrellas to their outfits, which made me wonder how many umbrellas they must have at home. Walking around, I spotted more than a few people who managed to look well dressed in spite of the weather. 

This guy sported a 1960s look with his maroon velvet coat and Monkee-esque hair. He paired the coat with a low-key, navy wool sweater and dark grey, skinny-fit jeans, which made his retro-inspired style feel more subtle than overbearing. He reminded me of the Japanese musician Keigo Oyamada (aka Cornelius).

I spotted this man ducking under an awning to catch a smoke. His style was simple, but well executed – a nice, down coat paired with stone washed denim and short rain boots. He was mainly wearing blues and grays, which made the flash of yellow around his collar stand out in a nice way. As he was lighting his cigarette, I noticed that he had a Zippo lighter. 

It’s easy to rely on just blues and grays, even when it’s sunny, but the rain this past weekend didn’t stop this man dressing colorfully. As he was running across the street with his son, I spotted him in a yellow tartan jacket, mustard yellow pants, and a Kelly green sweater. In his hand, he was carrying a fantastically bright, multi-colored umbrella. Maybe it was his brown cap that helped ground everything, or the black boots matching the grey scarf, but his outfit somehow worked. His son was also wearing a clear blue raincoat and bright green boots – colorful choices that either showed his father dressed him or that boldness is genetic. – Graeme


Emergency Rick Owens Drop

You ever go to get your car washed, and are just like, FUCK, I wish there was a donut shop inside this bitch so I could cop a few. No? Really? Me neither… but obviously the folks behind Underwest were really going though it, and decided to do something about it. In what could be the most inconvenient place for everyone who doesn’t own a car, Underwest exists on the west side highway inside of a carwash. This is pretty great if you’re, say an uber or taxi driver. But now I’m really thinking about the possibility of becoming the transporter or like ryan gosling in Drive. I’d rotate between wearing fire suiting and stone wash denim with a jacket that has a deadly insect on the back. I would drive around ALL day, pushing important packages and making emergency Net-a-porter deliveries. When you need that Rick Owens YOU NEED THAT RICK OWENS. Then I can roll up to Underwest, and eat like a dozen donuts. I might even wash my car bc I’m not a monster fam. Life would be super trill.

Underwest Donuts

Tip: coffee is good here.

Tip: get there earlyish, they tend to run out of glazed varieties by 2pm

Pricing: old fashioned $1.50; glazed $2.50, latte $4.25.

When to come here: whenever you get your car washed, when walking or running the west side highway park, anytime you’re near it tbh.

Where: 638 W 47th St New York

Times: Monday-Friday 6:30am-5pm Saturday-7:30-5pm Sunday- 7:30am-3:30pm

Phn: (212) 317-2359