stone tunnels


Check out the view of the granites in the background too.

simplifylivelove Driving through stone tunnels at Custer State Park yesterday on the Needles Highway!! We had such a fabulous time at this beautiful park!

Hey guys so this was my first request, I will be posting the second one latee tonight. This is unedited as it was supposed to be up last night but sadly wasnt due to technical difficulties. Hope this was ok!
Request: 2014!Donatello being a stuttering mess in front of his crush?


Donnie had been in his lab all day, working on a new gadget to add to his bo staff. He needed to get this done for the next mission, to help his brothers, to protect the city, to better keep you safe, to-
Donnie sighed. The real reason he was in there was because he was hiding from you. You always made him feel all jittery and awkward. He would get butterflies every time you met his eye, he would get all shaky every time you came near him, he would start to stutter and mumble everytime you talked to him. It was so embarrassing! He didn’t want to make a fool of himself anymore, so lately he just hid out in his lab or in the dojo, trying to keep his mind off you. That wasn’t really working well for him at the moment. Sighing again, he tried to connect the wires properly, gritting his teeth when they got tangled.


You climbed down the manhole latter, scrunching your nose slightly at the smellof the sewers.No matter how many times you came down here, the smell always made you gag a bit. You walked down the stone tunnels, humming lightly to yourself as you avoided wet spots and pieces of trash. Sometimes you felt bad for the turtles to have to live down hrre, never really getting to escape until nighttime where they had to run and fight most of the night until they came back. They shouldnt have to do this, you thought. Mikey should be out skateboarding with his friends, Raph should be out playing sports, Leo should be out with girls, and Donnie should be in school.
You let out a little sigh at thr thought of Donnie. Sometimes he was such a goofball, the way his eyes would,light up when talking about his,inventions, how he cocked his head to the side when he was confused, the way he would bite his lip when he got nervous, it was just so adorable.
Now you could never tell anyone about these things though. Your friends didnt even know the turtles existed, and the boys would all tease you relentlessly if they found out about your crush on the tallest brother.
As you entered the lair, you saw only saw Mikey, Raph and Leo probably training, while Donnie was most likely in his lab, working on another project. Upon seeing you, Mikey smiled and waved you over to him.
“Hey, dudette,” he said, “What up?”
You shook your head, “Nothing much,” you sat down next to him, “Just thought I should stop by and see you guys.”
“See us? Or see a certain someone?” Mikey waggled his eyebrows suggestively. He had figured out your crush a few weeks ago, even tho you hadn’t told him yes or no yet, he just knew. The little bugger had an intuition like no other.
“No, I came to see all of you,” you stressed the last part.
Mikey merely laughed, throwing his head back. You narrowed your eyes at him before smiling sweetly. You grabbed a pillow and threw it at his face. He stopped laughing and tackled you with a war cry. You landed on the floor with an oomf! He held your arms above your head, eyes glinting maliciously.
“No,” your eyes widened, “No, Mikey please, no.”
He merely shook his head before tickling you, making you let out shrieks of laughter. Tears began to come out of your eyes at his actions, writhing on the floor in an attempt to escape.
“What on earth is-” Donnie came into the room, stopping at seeing your predicament.
At his entrance, Mikey had lessened his attack on you, allowing you to take in some much needed air.
“Donnie, help me!” You called, before Mikey began to tickle you again.
Donnie blushed before coming closer. He pushed Mikey off, grabbing you quickly before running off with you in his arms. He chuckled as you tightened your hold on him, latching onto him like a leech. He put you down before turning and locking the door to the lab so Mikey couldnt get in. Soon after a thud was heard, and Mikey let out a fake wail.
“Noooooo,” he cried, “My prisoner! What shall I do now?”
You laughed at his antics, “I have been rescued! Now off with you, you fiend!”
“No! I shall never-”
“Mikey shut up before I pound you into your shell!” Raph roared. Mikey let out a yelp before running off down the hallway, Raph’s footsteps following after.
You and Donnie looked at each other before collapsing into giggles. After you two had calmed down, Donnie blushed before turning and heading for his work table. He sat down in the chair and began tinkering with his new device.
“Whats that?” You asked, leaning over his shoulder, pointing at the odd object.
He jumped slightly. “O-oh it’s a n-new pro-prototype of my electro-magnetic pulser.” He stuttered.
You just gave him a blank look.
He blushed and tried to explain it more, “It lets out a m-magnetic shock on m-my staff for when I fight.”
“Oh cool,,” you nodded.
Donnie just blushed darker and hunched over the device. He looked up again a few minutes later trying to find his screw driver. You had it in your hands pretending to fight with it as you would a sword. He hated to imterupt your fantasizing, but je really needed that screwdriver.
“Y-Y/N?” He stuttered. You looked over, mid-strike. “I-I kind of n-need that.” You blushed and handed it to him, your fingers accidentally brushing his hand. You looked up,to see him blush again and mutter a quick “Sorry.” Before hunching over again.
Through out the next few hours, Dknnie would ask you to hand him a tool and you comply, “accidentally” brushing your hand with his a few more times. As you spent more time together, he slowly began to grow more confident talking with you, stuttering less and explaining more about his contraption. You hadn’t even realized it was very late until you began to nod off, eventually falling asleep with you head on Donnnie’s shoulder.
Donnie looked down at you, blushing, before picking you up and laying you down on the little couch he had put in there, draping a blanket over you.
“Goodnight Y/N,” he smiled.
He got up and went to work again on his project, smile still on his face. He guessed it wasn’t too bad, not hiding from you.

So I’m really sorry, this ismt my best work and its unedited, but I was supposed to post this last night, but my tumblr wouldn’t let me do anything so I’m posting it today. Hope,it was an ok job, please forgive my spelling errors and terrible writing.


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grey-so-little  asked:

Oh wow I loved your little AU scenarios - I'm such a sucker for mermaid AU's, they're my absolute fav XD so if u ever felt like writing a ficlet on that at some point, consider this a request!! :D

(I’m sorry this one took so long I just really loved the idea and wanted to do my best on it~ I have such a weakness for mermaids and the whole water aesthetic; to be honest, that’s probably why I adore the Zoras and the Zora Kingdom so much~ Anyways enough of me rambling, please enjoy~~)

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Dreamer’s OP4A Sam Challenge

Sam x Reader

Contest listed by @impala-dreamer

A/N: This is my first contest and my first time writing for Sam. All of the stories currently in my queue are for Dean.  It is pretty short, but I had a lot of fun thinking this one up.  I Hope you like it.  As always, I welcome all feedback.  Thank you! 

Warnings: Fluff, danger, kidnapped children, orphan, implied sex

Word Count: 1,261

“This was a bad idea.” You said to yourself as you hung tightly to the metal ladder that lead down into the tunnels.  You glanced down and couldn’t see the bottom, making you even more nervous about what you were going to find down there…wherever that was.

“You okay?”  Sam asked nervously.

“I’m good.”  You answered, although it didn’t sound as convincing as you had hoped.  You could feel the rusty steps wobble every time you moved.  You knew the ladder would never hold Sam or his brother Dean, so you impulsively volunteered to go down first.  ‘What a bright idea that was’  you scolded yourself.

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Sweet Winds

first drabble for this blog, courtesy of me, mod Spectrum, from @onthespectrumwriting.

most will be out of order and based on whatever the mods think up or the followers request.

April swims like she was born for it.

That’s what everyone says, at least.

She can’t remember a time she didn’t swim. Growing up in New York’s floating city, rather than the old world like her dad, means she’s a part of the generation that never knew anything else. The sea is temperamental and dangerous, filled with riptides and sudden squalls- but somehow, she’s never really feared it the same way most adults do.

Majority of her friends are similar, because the water is as much their normality as it is hers. But… at the same time, they don’t seem to have the same sense of ease that she does. It’s been like that since she was old enough to go off on her own, swimming through the cool, salty waves with all the grace of the fish and aquatic mammals beneath the surface.

It feels right, like a second home to her. As equally comfortable as her creaky ship’s bunk.

And April’s never experienced diving sickness, not even once, even though she’s been diving as deep as she could nearly all her life. Bends happen commonly to careless divers, and April is… relatively careless, on occasions. She can’t help it; sometimes the currents just pull her into their flow, and she loses track of the rigid safety rules that have been instilled in them all. But even with that carelessness, she’s never risen too fast or dove too quickly. It’s like she just can’t.

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Devlog Update 155 + Alpha 16

Alpha 16 is now available for download! The full change log is at the end of this post.


The janitors and mechanics got improved a bit to recognize trash and vandalized objects on adjacent tiles instead of only on the tile they’re standing on. Additionally all staff wandering behaviour has been improved a bit to make them less likely to step on tiles they’ve recently visited. This makes them cover their area more uniformly and should increase their efficiency a bit (and makes them seem a bit smarter).

Here’s a test with the old completely random movement. The red squares mark where the employee in this test went:

And here’s the improved one:

We added the Boat Transport ride from this weeks Art Stream:

And we wrote a bunch more explanatory tooltips.


- added Splash Battle ride
- added Boat Transport ride
- added Spooky and Fantasy props, buoys
- added shuttle mode for Monorail, Suspended Monorail transport rides
- added reordering custom color slots using drag & drop (hold Alt to replace instead)
- added tapping shift when building toggles between setting the object height to the last used one and ground level
- added more tooltips
- improved overall performance, especially with many objects on screen (up to ~40%)
- improved staff patrol behaviour
- improved janitors/mechanics to be more aware of nearby trash/vandalism
- improved behaviour when building entrance/exit between tracked ride stations with one tile distance
- improved camera pan speeds
- improved the look of metallic and glass objects
- improved research costs and duration balance
- fixed visualization views not working anymore
- fixed input field arrows misbehaving on Linux with a non-english locale
- fixed boats driving through coaster tunnels, stone paths, transport system tubes, wooden supports
- fixed errors when deleting a boat ride
- fixed sometimes not being able to open a boat ride even though it is placed in a valid location
- fixed some random error messages popping up occasionally when using any UI with a scroll list
- fixed wrong savegame entry being selected by default when saving game