stone tavern

Went to a show in Kent tonight. This band called This Routine Is Hell was there, touring all the way from the Netherlands. Why Kent, OH? Who knows. They were pretty rad though. There was some annoying mosh pitting going on and this drunken 40 year old bald guy started throwing punches and this kid choked him out on the ground. After telling the guy that “we don’t throw punches,” he left holding his fists in the air screaming “ARMY RANGERS”. What a douche. The show was redeemed at the end by The Ground Is Lava.

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There was an audible sigh as Alibaba pressed his back to a wall; the dusty stone surface of a tavern not too far from the edge of the captial city’s limits. Since returning to Balbadd and agreeing to cut ties with Sindria to join the Kou Empire’s first prince as his subordinate, it wasn’t like the former prince of the country got a lot of time to himself. And what little time he did get, was spent milling over the thoughts that seemed to pound the inside of his mind—like now, for instance.

And maybe that’s why Alibaba had let his guard drop for once, lost to his internal conflicts again; completely oblivious to anyone or anything prowling the shadows around him.