stone tavern

The Way of Arles: Chapter I

After her ex-fiance, Costia, passes away suddenly whilst travelling through Europe. Lexa must travel to Arles, France to bring her body home. It’s there she learns from the contents of her rucksack that Costia was walking the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage from the south of France to the shrine of St. James in Santiago, Spain.

Some people walk the Camino in search of God. Others walk the path for spiritual fulfilment. Every winding road is different and after a wasted life stuck behind a desk, Lexa will discover hers as she and Costia take one final walk together.

On the road of travellers, spreading ashes on the way, she meets a girl who reminds her of Costia in all the ways she’d rather forget.

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I accidentally a thing again.

A long thing. Curse thee, fan art and alcohol! And antibiotics! AND EFFIN PIANO MUSIC! *shakes fist* And there’s not enough Iorweth in my life now, so…
Could be loosely tied to this, but works also as a standalone thingy. Huh? Of course it’s nsfw, what kind of question is that?! Fluff? What is fluff? Oooh, it’s that thing that breaks your heart even if you just think about it? No? Well what the frack, I was wrong my whole life 8D
I NEEDED FEELS, OK??? Hence why it’s out of character as fuck, probably, but hey, we all know it would never happen anyway, so what am I even talking about? *screams internally* It hurts :’D
You see any errors, note me. I’ll repay you with cupcakes. Really. Frosting and all. And maybe chocolate chunks. Or cinnamon :B
Also, anyone got an idea for a title? Cause my mind is blank. Does it even need a title?

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something worth leaving behind

Post Ep. 56 of Critical Role: Keyleth panics.  Pike tries to help.  (Grog, too.)

Also here on AO3.

She catches the briefest snatch of Percy’s conversation with Vax – “… is all I’m saying, we’re wasting time and we can’t afford to…” – and the room tilts around her.

At first she thinks it’s the ale, it’s heady and strong the way ale is sometimes, going straight to her head and making her feel a little silly, a little dizzy, a little free from the body she’s felt weighing her down with the expectations of an entire race depending on her.  She puts her mug down on the table, maybe a little too hard, clatters into the din of the room and it seems as though all eyes in the room are on her.

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CS Valentine’s Fic: For the lovely stkaley!

This is a fic for my CS Valentine, stkaley, who wanted angst, blood, and angst. I hope that you enjoy this little bit of sad Killy on this most romantic of days! I apologize for this getting to you so late (there are still a few hours left in Valentine’s Day here), but snow and work tried their best to defeat me. It was so fun getting to talk to you – and please don’t be a stranger in the future. Warm wishes and angsty thoughts your way!

ne m'oubliez pas

He’s never really had a drinking problem, per se, more of a self-loathing problem. And it’s something he really ought to get a handle on, he thinks, as a meaty fist makes sharp, cracking contact with the side of his face.

His head snaps to the side at an alarming rate, and his tongue can feel the painful split in his bottom lip, now coppery with the tang of blood.

He laughs.

“That all you got?”

He’s a burly fellow, like a Cyclops with more hair and a great beard. He’s also quite mad, if the growl at the back of his throat and the huffing gasps are any indication.

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Went to a show in Kent tonight. This band called This Routine Is Hell was there, touring all the way from the Netherlands. Why Kent, OH? Who knows. They were pretty rad though. There was some annoying mosh pitting going on and this drunken 40 year old bald guy started throwing punches and this kid choked him out on the ground. After telling the guy that “we don’t throw punches,” he left holding his fists in the air screaming “ARMY RANGERS”. What a douche. The show was redeemed at the end by The Ground Is Lava.

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There was an audible sigh as Alibaba pressed his back to a wall; the dusty stone surface of a tavern not too far from the edge of the captial city’s limits. Since returning to Balbadd and agreeing to cut ties with Sindria to join the Kou Empire’s first prince as his subordinate, it wasn’t like the former prince of the country got a lot of time to himself. And what little time he did get, was spent milling over the thoughts that seemed to pound the inside of his mind—like now, for instance.

And maybe that’s why Alibaba had let his guard drop for once, lost to his internal conflicts again; completely oblivious to anyone or anything prowling the shadows around him.

Tavern at the End of the Line

Night had come to pass long ago. Merchants had shut down their stands and businesses. The townsfolk had all returned to their homes to spend time with their families before turning in and the local law enforcement patrolled the cobbled streets to make certain the peace was kept for many deals were brokered when the lamps were lit and the pirates came into the Southern section of the town to frequent the taverns.

Among the men out seeking a good time this evening was a young man seated at a rather rowdy table before the taverns enormous stone fireplace. In his hand a mug of the finest ale as he listened to yet another bawdy tale by one of men across from him. Laughter filled the air as the spirits continued to flow. He reached into his coin purse pulling out enough money to pay for the next round of drinks and a bit more for the waitress as a tip for having to put up with them for the past few hours. 

After she was gone Robin cast his gaze towards the fireplace seemingly lost in thought until a toast was made for which he raised his mug to join in. The sleeve of his shirt slid down his forearm revealing the tattoo of his families crest which tended to remind him of less than pleasant thoughts given his falling out with his father before he left home seeking his own path.