stone tattoo

Basic Info About the Miraculous Tattoo AU

- The tattoos appear a lighter tone of the holder’s skin color when in normal lighting.

- In sunlight they’re invisible, but become visible in dimmer light.

- When a miraculous holder first receives their tattoos it is a bit painful.

- Tattoos do not all appear at once, they begin with the writing of their hero name and more details are gained through both victories and loss.

- Loss does not only apply to death and battle ((Even though I might have some fun with this :))))) ))

- Dots and smaller tattoos are considered blemishes, reminding them of a failure.

- The more intricate tattoos are won through victories.

- If a miraculous holder dies, their tattoo flickers out like a light bulb and the unlit tattoo fades into a scar.

- When someone is in danger of being akumatized the tattoos tingle.

- When someone is akumatized the tattoos become warm.

- During transformation the lines spread over their body until they’re engulfed in light and the glowing becomes a solid suit.

- The miraculouses are still the same. (Marinette’s earrings, Adrien’s ring)

- It is possible to make the tattoos disappear if needed.