stone ships

jstor is a wonderful resource, but it’s also dangerous because you’ll start out reading articles related to your lit essay and then before you know it it’s 3am and you’ve wasted the whole night reading about the perceived threat of witchcraft towards fishing vessels in 18th century dorset


Mya’s eyes were her best feature, big and blue. She could be pretty, if she would dress up like a girl. Alayne found herself wondering whether Ser Lothor liked her best in her iron and leather, or dreamed of her gowned in lace and silk.

OTP Prompt

Big, fluffy clumps of snowflakes drift to the ground, disbanding into little puffs of white across the ground. They patter against the sleeves of A’s jacket, the black strikingly dark against the white of the snow and the red of their mittens and scarf. The exposed skin on their nose and ears is rosy, the air having a subtle but refreshing bite, making A alert and awake.

B picks up a smooth, flat stone. With a flick of their wrist, the stone skips and bounces across the iced surface of the pond. A smiles, listening to the clattering and strange noise of the impacts. A silently approaches B’s side, standing close by, observing quietly.

B takes A’s hand, and leans in close, planting a tiny kiss on A’s temple. A blushes, clutching B’s hand back.

In a viking funeral the deceased was laid down on a boat or a stone ship and given offerings and grave goods. The amount and the value of the goods depended on which social group the dead person came from.

A free man was usually given weapons and equipment for riding. An artisan, such as a blacksmith, could receive his entire set of tools. Women were provided with their jewellery and often with tools for female and household activities, although there were plenty of woman warriors. The deceased could be cremated or buried. Cremation was more common. 

but honestly can u believe how gay the road to el dorado is


“I will write a book one day about how I feel about every aspect of Emily Stone, she’s a full genius, or she has found her genius and she’s doing it so beautifully. I think everyone who works with her, everyone who brushes shoulders with her or even makes eye contact with her gets a shot of sunshine.”