stone ruinten

So, I’ve been off beer for a minute, and maybe this all out hops assault on the senses is especially overpowering me, but DAYUM if this isn’t an amaaaaaazing beer.  After the first pour, the intoxicating and boozy aroma was so strong, I got a mini- headache!

Indeed, the full name of this gorgeous brew is RuinTen: A Stage Dive into a Mosh Pit of Hops.  Let me add another DAYUM! here for dramatic effect.

The first sip was strong.  But this bad boy really opens up, revealing layers of complimentary strong flavors: citrus rind, jammy fruit on toast, mango, toffee, grapefruit, malt, and some hops.  Yup, some big ol’ damn hops. 

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Review: Stone RuinTen IPA

RuinTen is this years release of last year’s 10th Anniversary of Ruinition IPA ( I guess it was so good they just had to make it again!). Ruinition was one of the biggest, hoppiest, and boldest IPAs out there when it was first released in 2002. Since then, the hop wars have escalated to produce countless Imperial IPAs that proved similarly ambitious in flavor intensity. Well, I guess Stone wasn’t having any of that so they decided to go even bigger with RuinTen. 

The result is a sticky, bitter bomb of hops with a large caramel malt backbone. There’s a ton of grapefruit and pine, while floral notes are forced to the background. It’s a great beer if you like really bitter, not so drinkable explosions of flavor. If you’re looking for balance, look else where (as Stone would say, you’re not worthy anyway:))